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Opposites in a sentence

1. It's a fusion of opposites.
2. Yes, he said, they are opposites.
3. The merging of complete opposites.
4. All kinds of opposites attracting.
5. You’d think these are opposites.
6. Any spin of any story has opposites.
7. Opposites are a coward or a wise man.

8. Complete opposites: yet eerily alike.
9. There are opposites, but no opposi-.
10. This is known as the law of opposites.
11. All existence is the play of opposites.
12. This is the pair of opposites present.
13. They are not enemies; they are opposites.
14. The most telling fact about opposites, is.
15. The opposites that must be unified are many.
16. Light never carry opposites equal to the truth.
17. Free of the pairs of opposites, and free.
18. Concepts are always formed in pairs of opposites.
19. Opposites are easily seen in the physical world.
20. Doubt and fear are the opposites of faith, and.
21. The war between the two polar opposites of the.
22. This attraction of opposites: why does it exist?
23. But sexual fantasies were projections of opposites.
24. They are so far apart that they might be opposites.
25. What works is the logic of the presence of opposites.
26. The two are opposites to secure their formidability.
27. Mystical experience is beyond the realm of opposites.
28. Two more opposites had never sat at one table before.
29. THE TEMPERANCE CARD is one of integration of opposites.
30. One of the laws of the universe is the law of opposites.
31. The death Christ died and his resurrection are opposites.
33. For this we need the opposites and their apparent sepa-.
34. They are polar opposites, granted, but they are alike as poles.
35. The water-tub and the black cypress were opposites and enemies.
36. Creating connections between matched polar opposites creates Love.
37. It was a match of opposites whom no one or thing could put asunder.
38. Things are not brought into being by thinking about their opposites.
39. From the synthesis of two opposites, where fusion is a synthesis of.
40. Therefore, we affirm that both opposites themselves and the art of.

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