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Oppositions in a sentence

1. There is always a need for an orderly presentation of suggestions and oppositions.
2. You have had some challenges or long standing oppositions that have now been conquered.
3. But by only taking transiting conjunctions and oppositions into account we are obeying Dr.
4. The details, the hesitations, little possible oppositions, were swallowed up in that vast and luminous fact.
5. He had to face many oppositions, such as lies, and even his own ego, before God could use him in a mighty way.
6. The perfect love and divine light of the Holy Spirit removes contradictions and oppositions from their lives and teachings.
7. Only transiting conjunctions and oppositions are taken into account here; not because other aspects cannot be effective –.

8. Transiting Planets: In a general way, the transiting conjunctions and oppositions of Uranus and Saturn, respectively, are the most effective.
9. That opposition to the New Fever Hospital which Lydgate had sketched to Dorothea was, like other oppositions, to be viewed in many different lights.
10. But oppositions have the illimitable range of objections at command, which need never stop short at the boundary of knowledge, but can draw forever on the vasts of ignorance.
11. Grand Cross: A rectangular formation consisting of at least four planets in hard aspect to one another—it involves both squares and oppositions between planets in the same sign type: cardinal, fixed, or mutable.
12. But in all this variety of circumstances is the man at unity with himself-- or rather, as in the instance of sight there was confusion and opposition in his opinions about the same things, so here also is there not strife and inconsistency in his life? Though I need hardly raise the question again, for I remember that all this has been already admitted; and the soul has been acknowledged by us to be full of these and ten thousand similar oppositions occurring at the same moment?

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