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Organisations in a sentence

1. The International Labour Organisations states:.
2. What people, places, ideas, organisations could.
3. In all networking organisations, it's these informal.
4. They had already learned that another pair of organisations.
5. We all need a McCoy and a Spock in our lives and organisations.
6. Alistair explained at length that the twin organisations known.
7. He’s been a member of a number of organisations including the.

8. For decades, support groups and organisations throughout the West.
9. How to Select Your Networking Organisations in the next chapter.
10. The general opinion over here – at least, in those organisations.
11. She freelanced for dozens of organisations al over the world, she was her.
12. The rewards for organisations that have managers in this mindset are exceptional.
13. The article caused an outcry of indignation from parent and teacher organisations.
14. All of these functions entailed communication with other organisations and parties.
15. The PBF also entered into cooperation agreements with the two Chinese organisations.
16. And then recommend her move to the most secret of intelligence organisations, Section 11.
18. I'm a model and a styling designer from one of the best organisations in the world.
19. Several other prestigious journals and organisations also published articles of the occasion.
20. There are many private organisations that are able to tap into telephones etc even if illegal.
21. My friend has told me that scrambled eggs can be formed their professional organisations tasked with.
22. You should note here that for many organisations the event organiser is likely to be an internal team.
23. This does explain the difference between the two organisations very well, but still did not help me much.
24. If it happens, and she wins, that will be the end of those organisations advocating control of guns and hunting.
25. Finally, I worry that both the leaders of their respective organisations have taken such a public stance in these negotiations.
26. Russia has 9,000 criminal groups, with a 189 criminal active organisations in Moscow alone, according to the Interior Ministry.
27. When I was in the Royal Navy, as with all large organisations, we would often receive memos and they would be of varying priority.
28. It has been a very saddening experience lately to see the state of website of the various Ministries and government organisations.
29. They are wonderful organisations and extricate people from the most appalling situations, but they also advertise their successes.
30. Apart from the two public surveys commissioned by the office there was a huge number of surveys conducted by outside organisations.
31. Once this happens, spirited leaders and employees will know their value and worth as will the organisations that have developed them.
32. Off the top of my head, I can’t envisage any scheme that would deprive all the terrorist organisations of their considerable funds.
33. Almost immediately, the police were able to put on show more weapons, this time seized from two of the unionist paramilitary organisations.
34. You will need to be ready to brief, when asked, on where the top people are in all the major organisations, and how they can best be got at.
35. But I must tell you first that he is in charge of one of this country’s most secret organisations, which you will not have heard of before.
36. There will be enormous debate from religious organisations and ill informed others but that debate must happen in a public forum, not in secret.
37. It’s kind of all the organisations who use the hall regularly to invite me to participate in their festivities, but it is starting to wear me down.
38. She hung on the line while her friend contacted the major breakdown organisations to see whether any VW Golf breakdowns in the area had been reported.
39. Computer software providers, especially the ones that specialise in handling the data needs of organisations, are prime examples of these volatile companies.
40. In other words, he can provide the moral justification for the elimination of sufficient people to leave their organisations totally leaderless and impotent.
41. I understand that you went through great difficulties, and indeed you and your brother were almost killed in the process of Mr Simpson's organisations 'revenge'.
42. By bending the talents, energy and time of the mass of people to their will, such individuals and organisations seek to profit with minimum effort on their part.
43. Some of the later organisations that sprang up in imitation of the Boy Scouts, such as the Hitler Youth or Mussolini’s Ballila, had a rather different philosophy.
44. Running organisations along market-oriented business principles often creates a natural tension with their goals of pursuing objectives for the political and public good [.
45. Ordinary people around the world set up their own branches of the League of Nations Union and other organisations to try to keep the political leaders on the path to peace.
46. This is why the World Bank, IFC and USAID organisations are all promoting and facilitating the development of efficient and capable Credit Bureau services around the world.
47. Jim was the current elected head of the Jupiter Trade Bureau, a loose union of the various private trade organisations working in a wide range of orbits around the gas giant Jupiter.
48. International businesses and organisations that needed to transmit information and data securely and reliably over the Internet depended on Global Crossroads to provide that service.
49. The ringleaders on such occasions are generally rather remarkable fellows, not only in convict establishments, but among all large organisations of workmen, military detachments, etc.
50. We either know, or can find out, exactly what’s going on within the Government and official organisations like the civil service and the military, as well as major businesses like the banks.
51. But I am convinced that he is well enough informed to be able to bring forward adequate evidence to prove, to any reasonable man, the guilt of most of the top people in all these organisations.
52. During lunch, at their quiet corner table at the rear of the restaurant, the three men discussed the next moves in the bid to rid the terrorist organisations of the money they needed to operate.
53. As my traditional wedding approached, I went to my father to enquire about the essence of such ceremony; and why it is different from the white garment wedding conducted by priests of religious organisations.
54. He has been able to infiltrate every one of the terrorist organisations, and in one or two cases their political wings as well, either by getting members of his own team into them, or by turning existing members.
55. There are also companies and organisations offering free autoresponder services, but my advice would be to steer clear of these, as you will be disappointed by the quality of the service you’ll receive from them.
56. Looking at them from my place in the crowd, I am overcome with pride for them as they stand near the stone cross in the churchyard watching as representatives of the local organisations lay wreaths around its steps.
57. Normally fool proof and impenetrable procedures would have to be thwarted if he was ever going to be able to siphon off the vast reserves of cash built up by all the terrorist organisations operating in Northern Ireland.
58. Clayton is convinced that, on past experience, the terrorists’ organisations themselves will help us in this task of elimination, particularly of the lower level members, by mounting tit-for-tat operations of their own.
59. This has led to the establishment of a number of Young Earth creation science organisations, such as the Institute for Creation Research, Creation Research Society, Creation Ministries International and Answers in Genesis.
60. Organisations that allow for differences of opinion are better at developing innovation, better at solving problems, and better at avoiding groupthink – they are inherently better at fostering positive negotiating behaviour.
61. Today there are hundreds of versions of the Bible based on various interpretations of the Hebrew and Greek, by people and organisations holding specific views about the information they were translating from the original texts.
62. He also knew that, even if the UK Government believed it could prove Russian involvement in the man’s death, they would take no action whatsoever, because if they did, one of their own Top Secret organisations would be blown wide open.
63. In America, for example, NORAID has been wound up and, with effect from tonight, will be declared an illegal organisation, as will any other body or individual on either side of the Atlantic found providing funds to terrorist organisations.
64. This could be the reason they are doing everything within their powers to re-enact the abominable acts that characterised the moribund Sodomic era, including sponsoring false religious organisations that engage in Sodomic ecstasy during worships.
65. The Prime Minister: No decision has yet been taken, Mr Speaker, although I am hoping that we shall soon be able to announce that this famous column will be replaced, using money taken from the accounts of the IRA and other terrorist organisations.
66. For it is scarcely possible that two organisations should be compounded into one, without some disturbance occurring in the development, or periodical action, or mutual relations of the different parts and organs one to another or to the conditions of life.
67. If it comes off, there may be other commissions … there are lots of organisations like the Foundation which were established through the blood, sweat and sheer determination of individuals, it’s a rather English thing, I think, though I may be wrong there.
68. What he will do, though, and in one or two cases already has done at our subsequent private meetings at Chequers, is to present us with sufficient evidence to convince us of the guilt of known terrorists and others in the political wings of the terrorist organisations.
69. Like the government, and other organisations for whom Bill’s company provided facilities, the banks’ major need was for security and privacy, but given the differing global timescales in which the banking community operated, they also required total 24-hour reliability.
70. We will discuss the meaning and interpretation of controversial verses in the Bible, and learn what biblical scholars and academics say about how we can, as individuals and organisations, alternatively read and interpret such complex ambiguous writings in ‘Sacred Scripture’.
71. It wasn’t simply that the banks concerned were facing unexplained transactions within their supposedly secure systems, it was also because the individuals and organisations that were the victims of those transactions were, as they say, ‘making a fuss’: in some cases, a lot of fuss.
72. All that I have attempted to show is, that in two cases, in some respects allied, sterility is the common result—in the one case from the conditions of life having been disturbed, in the other case from the organisation having been disturbed by two organisations being compounded into one.
73. Not only has the leadership of these organisations been either disposed of in some way or dispersed, and not only have we effectively been able to disarm them in a way which would not otherwise have been possible, we have also jointly been able to close their access to all their sources of funding.
74. The Nazis set up a number of organisations to run different sections of German life: The Hitler Youth and the League of German Maidens for young people, Nazi organisations for lawyers, teachers, and doctors, and a labour corps for workers (no trade unions were allowed, of course – far too socialist).
75. These ‘professionals’ interact with and assess a particular client in a way that is inherently influenced and biased toward the particular agenda of those individuals or organisations that have commissioned such ‘professional’ interaction, and who will remunerate them for this ‘professional’ interpersonal assessment and communication.
76. We have seen no evidence of it for some considerable time now, and all our information is that the terrorist organisations are now without arms, without a leadership, without the large reserves of cash they once enjoyed which would enable them to re-arm, and indeed, in many cases they are also without members who are any more prepared to continue their sectarian violence.
77. Hence when we find that hybrids produced by a cross between two distinct species are few in number, owing to their perishing soon after conception or at a very early age, or if surviving that they are rendered more or less sterile, it seems highly probable that this result is due to their having been in fact subjected to a great change in their conditions of life, from being compounded of two distinct organisations.
78. And dames of fine organisations,.
79. My own job was to co-ordinate the activities of those who had the ultimate responsibility for counter-espionage, for national security and for criminal investigation, which is why the Heads of those organisations are here now,.

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