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Outhouses in a sentence

away my waste and fumigate my outhouses,.
I’ve set him up in one of the outhouses.
build the houses, car garages, and outhouses.
my waste and fumigate my outhouses, another army.
This is one of the outhouses of the inn, monsieur.
Beyond the fields, homes and outhouses shimmered into view.
There was this small clay slope going down to the outhouses.

Mostly used to build the houses, car garages, and outhouses.
I had to go to the outhouse (yes, the bars still had outhouses).
But of course, we all know what outhouses are really about: depth.
Out in the countryside, barn roofs and entire outhouses flew away.
-Ada has a collective force:"the yard and its contents" (of outhouses, etc.
In all, I had a total of six outhouses, each with two pierced chairs, built for my inn.
Both were built like brick outhouses but clad in pinstriped black with matching gray fedoras.
The water well had to go deeper, past the bedrock, and into the fresh water table that exists below the bedrock outhouses.
The ground level of these outhouses are also covered with mounds of earth in order to cut on the smell and provide some extra insulation in Winter.
The homestead consisted of a threshing floor, outhouses, stables, a bathhouse, a lodge, and a large brick house with semicircular facade still in course of construction.
Each had a small garden with quaint wooden fences, various sheds and outhouses cluttered the yards, and all had stacks of logs neatly lined up and protected from the snow by lean-tos.
The wind blew straight across from the sunset through Lucy's coat, wrap herself in it as tightly as she might, while they loitered among outhouses and examined the durability of the railings.
The next invasion brought even more insane examples of Romans hiding in outhouses, up to their knees in their own feces trying to escape their killers as they found them while pissing into their faces… and then nailing the hole shut so they died a horrible, humiliating death.
Outhouses? Or the great outdoors without benefit of well-furnished terrace or balcony? Forget it! So—who could explain her decision to go #1 outside to save water and holding tank space? Or explain her leaving a luxurious, 5-level, park-girded townhouse to her 18-year-old daughter, replete with lynx, mink, diamonds, sapphires, artwork, antiques, and even precious antiquities, to go off and live in a 9’x29’ road-abode in the middle of nowheres everywhere! Go figure.

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