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Outings in a sentence

I love these outings.
On previous outings Helga.
outings for us in the Bay area.
Bulow than just innocent boat outings.
outings, which had only yielded fish once.
As a family we had always enjoyed outings.
Commander Lewis had two outings in Rover 2.

I had regular outings and visits with my clients.
rentals are available for those who have outings.
The only outings they had were to the local shops.
Usually, they avoided local outings by water or air.
That was the end of my outings to the house of ill repute.
Thus, his outings with his wife were reduced to mere bus rides.
outings with your friends and you want him to come along, but at.
It was one of the few social outings they had in their busy lives.
She started organizing her life, her outings and parties without me.
On the first day, they had so many fun, feast, outings, and boyfriends.
understanding and seemed to enjoy having me share their life and outings.
Do try to limit these outings to once a month as they can add up quickly.
Such outings would usually happen on a Sunday, as they would socialise in the.
So strong was his urge to obtain this means for happy Sunday outings, that he.
They invariably include in their outings a stop for lunch at a local restaurant.
She was the epitome of politeness during any of their outings and would always say.
Lambert and attended social outings, training sessions and children's sports events.
They go on all the Seniors" Club outings, try hang-gliding, ballooning – everything that"s going.
She knew that many outings on the lake were longer than one would expect of a manand a married woman.
I could not share the outings at the nightclubs, the girls they courted, their excursions and escapades.
Bob casually mentioned that he was aware of Gerard’s and Monica’s outings to the Osaka swinger’s club.
Lovely Bai didn’t stop me from my regular outings and visits with my clients in different places and locations.
He told me that there would be times that his mother would arrange to take him and his brother on weekend outings.
They became an inseparable trio in their outings and their tastes in theatre, music, films and books largely coincided.

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