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Outlawing in a sentence

The first outlawing of Sati occurred in 1829.
Europeans were too dangerously close to outlawing many inhuman obsolete form of evil.
One of the marketing angles she chose was that the outlawing of pornography and violence on T.
This the rebellion they are outlawing: you cannot boycott the for-profit insurance companies –.
You’d be outlawing cars, scissors, matches, crossing streets, surfing, bad thoughts, all kinds of choices.
Hamilton was a staunch antislavery man and played a role in New York’s eventual outlawing the use of slaves.
Hector fought this but even with the passage of numerous laws outlawing it, there was little if any enforcement.
Now, Judge, you know as well as I do that outlawing something does not guarantee that it ceases to exist, he said.
Who is Squire Trelawney? He is the newer Law outlawing the older Pirate Law of the English sailing culture: a bluff fool easily duped by Silver.
They then find a marketing angle whereby they can state that outlawing this particular activity would be for ‘the good of the majority’ - e.
Guatemala, trying its first timid reforms, was smeared as Communist and then its government overthrown in 1954 simply for no longer outlawing Communists.
Functional outlawing of hostile takeovers through political action and ‘creative’ lawyers has reduced entrepreneurial risk-taking and dynamic management to the point of reducing.
Modern humanity has tried to solve this dilemma by outlawing capital punishment and refusing to kill any living human no matter how horrible their crimes may be… they have the right idea.
What: The outlawing of some drugs that were legal for centuries and the resulting deaths caused by drug prohibition, while many other drugs remained legal though they caused far more deaths.
After centuries of forcing one religion upon the populace, the empire pulled the rug out from under people by switching religions and then outlawing what they’d been trained and forced to do.
President Truman had made a start on the civil rights issue by outlawing segregation in the armed forces and government service and setting up a commission to report on racial discrimination in the rest of society.
The federal statute outlawing sexual assault tracks the general principles of sexual assault discussed above, and prohibits any sexual act that occurs as a result of the actor threatening or placing the victim in fear.
You, the wealthy entities of persons and corporatenisms backed by highest bidder courts and lobby sponsored Congresses, have driven us guerilla by outlawing our voices, criminalizing our dreams, and prosecuting our lifestyles.
Furthermore, draconian legislation had been passed outlawing several groups in England and Wales, increasing stop and search provisions and the ability to lock people up for up to 80 days if they were suspected of any terrorism links.
Whilst in power, the Khmer Rouge carried out a radical program that included isolating the country from foreign influence, closing schools, hospitals and factories, abolishing banking, finance and currency, outlawing all religions, confiscating all private property and relocating people from urban areas to collective farms where forced labour was widespread.

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