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Outweighed in a sentence

His anticipation far outweighed his worry of.
His offer outweighed even the prestige of Conan.
Needless to say, the bad has outweighed the good.
The craving to eat far outweighed his craving for sex.
At this time fear outweighed in him every other feeling.
He was my height and outweighed me by at least a hundred pounds.
They agreed that the benefits outweighed the significant problems.

However, their concerns were outweighed by the sheer numbers involved.
Yet his words reflected mental suffering that outweighed physical pain.
They survived all the odds until the odds finally outweighed them both.
But what did he do it for? Maybe, somehow, the benefits outweighed the costs.
More privileges, more money and a better car only just outweighed the increased.
She probably outweighed Charlie, but it was all kind of pushed to the right places.
There were no wins, only scenarios where the rewards slightly outweighed the risks.
The benefits of such a fleet outweighed the potential setbacks, Lazano had assured him.
Thinking it all over, and finding, with a heavy heart, that the cons outweighed the pros.
Merthin had continued to work with him, feeling that the emergency outweighed their quarrel.
Her patience far outweighed his although he was a neat painter because of his artistic skills.
No, the risks definitely outweighed the slim chance that he would find anything of significance.
Colin outweighed Lester by forty pounds, and he felt Lester’s ribs crack as they hit the ground.
Since the advantages you could get from it would be a outweighed a thousand-fold by the disadvantages.
Despite the circumstances, he was a teacher and his duties outweighed any other feelings he might have.
The estrangement between him and Margaret Ashton outweighed success in this case and even in the election.
The savings of switching to a lower-priced competitor would be outweighed by the additional training time.
But he soon had his revenge upon me, for when it came to influencing my brother he outweighed me every time.
Naturally, most women were willing to become part of the harem – the advantages outweighed the risks by far.
And yet he showed every evidence of wanting to get out and murder a bear that outweighed him a thousand to one.
Rationally he hated the pills and knew the costs outweighed the benefits, but he came back to them all the same.
Hammersmith was correct in his assessment that what they did not know about the system outweighed what they did know.
McCutcheon was in his early forties, nearly as tall as Puller, and outweighed him by about twenty pounds, all of it muscle.
Alyosha's whole soul turned to the monastery, to his dying saint, but the necessity of seeing Dmitri outweighed everything.
After a few seconds his urge for the truth outweighed his urge to wound so he released the man and waited for the information.
I know I should feel guilty for what I put her through, and I do kind of, but the anger over what she did outweighed that guilt.
Yet she reckoned the advantages of sitting here at home outweighed the risk, and she did take all the security precautions she could.
She didn’t want to be here at that point, when the burdens, both emotional and financial, grossly outweighed any benefit of sticking around.
He slowly changed back into his original self; either the poison was not strong enough or the love Sam had in his heart outweighed his hatred.
The cost of registering with local authorities should be outweighed by benefits the small business owner receives for registering, for example.
I thought he was in his late thirties, and if I were to guess, he outweighed me by forty or fifty pounds, but he hadn’t let himself go to flab.
Nonetheless, we trusted that our intentions would secure our place in heaven, or put another way, we hoped our good karma outweighed our bad karma.
The baby Cuckoo becomes a huge: far outweighing the small frantic mother that is driven to feed the monster growing in its own nest.
Eighteen million dollars was a powerful amount of money and still the number one motive for this crime far outweighing the likelihood of revenge.
In the negligible gravity of this iceberg, those tons of devices, outweighing the bot by many times and much larger in size, could be simply strapped to its back and carried along.
Suzy holds his arm tenderly, the concern for her friend outweighing the need for her home and her own safety; Lewis what do you want me to do? she almost screams, her voice is so shrill and loud.
Wherefore would our Capital be such a Pleasure Fair without the Trade that issues from our fine Plantations in the West Indies, which, lying in a Climate near as hot as the Coast of Guinea, the Negroes are fitter to cultivate the Lands there than the White People? In a Word, from this Trade proceed Benefits, far outweighing all, either real or pretended, Mischiefs and Inconveniences.
Youth of mind far outweighs youth of body.
Evil outweighs Good by a hundred or a million to one.
In fact it is not a balance at all: the connectivity of a tree far outweighs its separations.
As a result: its destructiveness far outweighs any other form of human addiction on this planet.
The manager’s ability to write calls as a hedge apparently outweighs the speculative effect on the upside.
Mallika, your brain far outweighs your might, you will triumph many battles with your intellect child.
If the former grossly outweighs the latter then this may be an indication that odds will moveout and vice versa.
On the other hand, we get to see more of a country that way, and sometimes that outweighs the cost issues for us.
Someone who loves to win is willing to take a lot of risks because the euphoria of winning outweighs the bad outcomes.
Francesca is very tall, large and outweighs me by double, and that day she was very agitated…’ he said, looking scared.
If she desired to go, she might: the nuisance of her presence outweighs the gratification to be derived from tormenting her!’.
You can also see that OI on the call side outweighs OI on the put side and the most popular call strike is the 900 call in both months from the OI.
Unless the potential rewards of a strategy are vastly higher than the market, the emotional toll of high-risk strategies always outweighs their benefits.
If we look to the fact, and contrast the efficiency of the two, we shall find that the superior efficiency of the sailor greatly outweighs the additional expense.
With this sport, it doesn't matter if you have many fish in your bucket, what matters is that you catch the fish that outweighs all other fish caught by other anglers.
I cannot but again repeat, because I think it of the last importance, that the security which these small vessels gives us greatly outweighs all disadvantages of expense.
Great shall be our consolation soon, as the Apostle Paul said of every earthly trial, For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.
One smallest new fact obtained in the laboratory, one brick built into the temple of science, far outweighs any second-hand exposition which passes an idle hour, but can leave no useful result behind it.
The genetic wisdom accumulated over 4 billion years of experience that has been collated and integrated and simplified into our genetic code by far outweighs the paltry tool-wisdom our species has managed to accumulate over 100,00 years of its newfound existence.
In value investing, there usually is no risk-to-reward ratio simply because price of the issue becomes so important that it outweighs the risk-to-reward equation that appears to be valid insofar as an analysis is based on an assumption of the existence of a price equilibrium, so that the only factors to weigh are quality of the issuer and the terms of the issue.
To be plain and logical: put all of the so-called advantages which science has given us… and weigh them against the nuclear bomb: which one weighs more in your conscience? Which one matters more? Which one outweighs the other? What good are paper napkins if the entire fucking planet is a radioactive gravesite? Killing trees so you can have paper napkins is not an intelligent way to live.
To begin with; you must recognize that humans are a single species, and as a single species, their genetic commonality over-arches, and outweighs every other specialized, separated, segmented form of normality… from language, to culture, to religion, to ethnicity, etc… Only when civilization is made to adhere to the genetic, biological and physical Laws of the Universe, over and above any form of legality… only then can you get a civilized society that is not in conflict with itself.

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You’re outnumbered, even if you do outweigh us.
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
Barely, just that your greed will always outweigh your sense.
Aim to outweigh the costs of audience participation with your added value.
Doesn’t the risk of unlimited losses outweigh the income they generate?
When rationally evaluated, the benefit of war must outweigh the losses of war.
In my opinion the benefits outweigh the workload you have to put into the whole.
Surely, but in extracting that silver, your expenses would outweigh your profits.
That is, the expected reward should far outweigh any possible adverse consequences.
Will your love for your wife outweigh your love for humanity? That is the issue here.
NO then either costs or detriments will outweigh benefits so the invention should be.
He knew she was worried about the battle, but her confidence in fighting seemed to outweigh it.
Although it is my opinion that a protein skimmer's positives far outweigh the negatives I still.
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few was the maxim she learned from the gestalt of minds.
Now, let us examine whether there exists any reason sufficiently powerful to outweigh these considerations.
But you’re one of our most gifted pilots, so in your case, I was told the benefits would outweigh the risks.
Gradually, the waking moments outweigh the dozing ones and I decide that I ought to get up and try something solid.
The response may far outweigh the benefits and there is no doubt that too much irritation can damage relationships.
I’m almost a foot taller than you and outweigh you easily by 100 pounds, Finn said as he cracked his knuckles.
Shane knew some with a strong natural ability seemed to outweigh the enhanced even when the blocker was unaware of it.
On their right sleeves a small rectangular flash of white with the words, The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
Many spreads are impractical for use by individual investors and can have costs that often outweigh the benefits or safety they may provide.
Although any option spread will have its drawbacks, the ratio spread has proven, at least to me, that its advantages far outweigh its shortfalls.
Most professional traders and poker players lose a majority of the time, but they allow their profitable trades and hands to outweigh the losers.
A year and a half of declining business was sufficient to outweigh the beneficial influence of 30 years of practically continuous reinvestment of profits.
In our opinion, it is likely that increases in productivity from the repeal of Section 382 would far outweigh the losses of tax revenue for the government.
He feared that Bonaparte’s genius might outweigh all the courage of the Russian troops, and at the same time could not admit the idea of his hero being disgraced.
Even though we may be correct in our bullish sentiment, the volatility characteristics of the position will eventually outweigh any considerations of market direction.
There were at the time as many reasons for the step as against it, and there was no overbalancing consideration to outweigh his invariable rule of abstaining when in doubt.
But--regardless of any such consequence, a man's moral responsibility should far outweigh any desire to fit into the pieces of a puzzle, or in this case, be plucked from it.
In the first place, what may be called the mechanics of speculation involves serious handicaps to the speculator, which may outweigh the benefits conferred by analytical study.
The value that the audience extracts from their participation in your presentation has to outweigh the costs that they incur in their attendance–time, travel and reputation costs.
However, just because a long option expires with Intrinsic Value does not mean it will result in a profit for the option buyer; Intrinsic Value does not always outweigh value lost to Theta.
How long this caution lasts and whether the advancements discussed above will ultimately outweigh the potential negative consequences of China’s investment in Africa remains to be seen’.
But should the man’s heart be shown to outweigh the ostrich feather, his soul might be cast into a fiery hell or be eaten by the Devouress, a combination creature with the jaws of a crocodile on the.
We feel that the dangers we may encounter because we’re not properly equipped for this study outweigh the benefits of learning sooner what a better equipped and staffed mission will learn in their own time.
Also, if you own Calls on a stock that is about to go ex-dividend, you might consider exercising them early even if they are out-of-the-money if you expect the dividend to outweigh the loss of the remaining time premium.
We focus on the wrong endpoints; participants and coinvestigators see through our blinding schemes; the effects of neglected and unobserved confounding factors overwhelm and outweigh the effects of our variables of interest.
I could feel a restraint of sorts from Adrinius as he drank and sucked but I also knew that for a vampire such as him, his insane bodily need to kill me would far outweigh any smidgens of sisterly love he may have held for me.
While fitness over 40 can demand some of your time and attention that you might not want to surrender to it, the rewards in overall health, fitness health� and enjoyment of life will far outweigh any investment you put into it.

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