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Ozone in a sentence | ozone example sentences

  1. Catalyst greenhouse into bite the ozone.
  2. Ozone, the cause of the electro-chemical odor, C.
  3. There was a smell of ozone in the air as all the.
  4. The EPA would set acceptable ozone levels between 0.
  5. Jack would tell you the smell is ozone, said Thorn.

  6. You almost ripped a hole in your atmosphere and ozone layer.
  7. As I got nearer to him, the air crackled and smelled of ozone.
  8. Eyes meet, cold and grey under the cloudless pillars of ozone.
  9. It was a sudden, deafening bang and the cabin reeked of ozone.
  10. The ozone story, although a part of the GHG story, was simpler.
  11. The launch slapped the waves and the tang of ozone bit the air.
  12. I later learned he was the organizer of the Ozone 222 Jamboree.
  13. I zipped through the little wide spot in the road called Ozone.
  14. That stuff is so bad for the ozone layer, said Abigail.
  15. Tomorrow morning we would be retracing our steps back to Ozone.

  16. This 254-nm wavelength is also useful in the destruction of ozone.
  17. Arctic and Antarctic ice caps, the reduction of the ozone layer, the.
  18. As a result it was said the ozone shield would be healed by 2060.
  19. If there is a head for them to go after, it is here in Ozone where Bob is.
  20. I picked him up on the road at the post office in Ozone as we had planned.
  21. Child labor in Guatemala, the WTO, big business, the fucking ozone layer.
  22. Because of potential problems with employee safety, ozone was removed from.
  23. The disappearing ozone layer is an example of technology used irresponsibly.
  24. It would take a couple of days for the atmosphere and ozone to repair itself.
  25. It became known in the 1970s that ozone in the atmosphere was being depleted by.

  26. The facts about ozone were clear enough to bring about a rational global remedy.
  27. So what happened to you guys at Ozone? This I directed to Samania and Ivania.
  28. Specifically, EPA is proposing to strengthen the 8-hour "primary" ozone standard.
  29. In 1992, the Antarctic Ozone hole was larger than the continent of North America.
  30. Ozone was getting too much attention and I felt it was jeopardizing our operation.
  31. Ozone blocked UV light, so with ozone depletion more UV reached the earth than before.
  32. Meanwhile, states are in the midst of planning to meet the 2008 ozone standard, while.
  33. I didn’t mean we fixed the whole ozone layer, I meant the thing with aerosol cans.
  34. Mom and Dad both smoke enough cigarettes in a day, to penetrate a hole in the ozone layer.
  35. One such gathering is taking place today on a private farm near the town of Ozone, Arkansas.
  36. He never told me where he had been, or why he happened to be in Ozone on the day of the bust.
  37. Great whiffs of ozone filled the rainy air, and smoke blew away and was broken up by the rain.
  38. Long before the ozone layer thinned out and exposure to the sun made you prone to skin cancer.
  39. France continued to test nuclear bombs even though they knew it was harmful to the ozone layer.
  40. On October 4, 2010 Human Events reported that the EPA was considering lowering ozone standards.
  41. At that future time we would have to figure out how to produce an ozone layer on Mars that would.
  42. There was that ozone smell you often get from an energy weapon mixed with the smell of burned flesh.
  43. We were active in that we reallocated our resources from the Ozone compound to more secure locations.
  44. The harm done to the life expectancy and health of individuals by the ozone holes is less of an issue.
  45. EPA recently announced that it is delaying the announcement of the new ozone standards until late.
  46. This proposal comes on the heels of the revised 2008 ozone standard, which was lowered significantly.
  47. The new rules seek to reduce ozone pollution from factories and cars; coal ash waste from power plants;.
  48. By the end of August, Ozone had become a seemingly quiet backwater compared to what was happening elsewhere.
  49. My first action was to direct Richard to notify the 222 movement that Bob was not among those arrested in Ozone.
  50. There was a taste of ozone and a sense of disjoining, of something being pried loose as the blue hit the eretics.
  51. He kept his head buried in the pillow during our helicopter flight and slipped off to bed once we arrived at Ozone.
  52. Available oxygen in the ozone status and oxygen in the molecules of water are an additional source of blue photons.
  53. The best sign of improvement so far though is that an ozone layer is beginning to form and some of the UV rays are.
  54. Zeus's lightning bolt appeared in his hand, a shaft of electricity that filled the whole room with the smell of ozone.
  55. The rain stopped about an hour before we went out, but the air still hung heavy with the ozone from the lightning storm.
  56. Richard flashed his identification at the police checkpoint outside the Jamboree in Ozone and made a beeline to the compound.
  57. I could smell only the sharp ozone after a lightning storm even though I brought my arm up to my nose and stuck in into the flesh.
  58. The same conditions today would explain the existence of the Ozone layer which is found to form at a specific height above the Earth.
  59. Leo just wanted to be left alone so he could take care of his little piece of the world that he bought for next to nothing near Ozone.
  60. The rate, at which this layer of Ozone is diminishing, could also be attributed to some degree to the Earth’s magnetic field weakening.
  61. The argument sharpened when it was discovered that there was a hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole that hadn’t been noted before.
  62. Turner surmised that something cataclysmic had damaged the ozone layer to the point where the animals had developed second degree sunburns.
  63. Where the Ozone layer has been depleted it leads to an increased rate of sunburn, skin disease and skin cancers in people who live in those regions.
  64. Today we have discovered that there is an Ozone layer which is very effective in preventing harmful UV-B radiation reaching the surface of the planet.
  65. We’re still at it to this day – out there in the ozone somewhere she and I are still carrying on this pine barrens life as if nothing had happened.
  66. Meanwhile, states are in the midst of planning to meet the 2008 ozone standard, while some communities are not yet in compliance with the 1997 standard.
  67. He’d spent the night in a diner in Ozone Park, Queens, drinking refill after refill of coffee, watching the sun come up over the old textile factories.
  68. As Danas nears your solar system, the atmosphere of your planet will be bombarded with increased radiation that your ozone layer will be unable to absorb.
  69. Politics, wars, poverty, injustice, the ecological deterioration, the depletion of the ozone layer and imminent world shortage of water did not concern him.
  70. Even though things were quieting down at Ozone, every day brought new information to us that indicated that the 222 Revolution was gaining worldwide momentum.
  71. I have no clue where Bob was all summer, but when I stole Trenland’s camper, I ran into Bob, of all people, eating a hamburger at the burger shack in Ozone.
  72. Duncan, they call him D Cubed, just had a press conference in Little Rock saying that he is working on the release of the four people that were arrested in Ozone.
  73. On October 4, 2010 Human Events reported that the EPA was considering lowering ozone standards again to levels that are at or below what occurs naturally in the air.
  74. That and the several videos Rogerdonia made of Bob giving his lectures from the grove should be enough for us to carry on the illusion that Bob is still here in Ozone.
  75. The report covers new regulations concerning industrial boilers, greenhouse gas emitters and ozone levels issued in June of 2010 has been examined by industry and the Congress.
  76. Global Nation, founders for the group ‘A Sustainable Planet’, blamed the red colour on global warming caused by environmental pollution destroying the Earth’s ozone layer.
  77. I felt I had bought some time, at least a week or two that would give us the opportunity to manage the situation in Ozone while watching what direction things would move in next.
  78. Or perhaps he knows that once caught by the lure of the hills, once having tasted the tang of mountainous ozone, we will always go back—he has rare intuitions, has Sir Christopher.
  79. The ozone molecules have specific properties that are impacted by gravity, the electromagnetic field that is generated by the Earth, as well as the current composition of the atmosphere.
  80. Nonetheless, the message was getting out, and had been getting out for quite some time as evidenced by the growing mass of people that continued to flock to Ozone over the next few weeks.
  81. The world was using up energy and emitting carbon into the atmosphere at such a rate that it was eroding the earth’s protective ozone layer, the only thing between us and the full force of the sun.
  82. Even the ozone layer… the most delicate atmospheric skin of this living planet; is being systematically destroyed and poisoned by the concept of a human civilization that is supposed to be immaculate.
  83. The New American issue of July 23, 2007 states, ― In June of 2007 the EPA has announced its new rule for a reduction in federally acceptable ozone levels from 84 parts per billion to 70 or 75 parts per billion.
  84. If only from the warming of the polar ice caps at the unheard of rate of 5 degrees in one year due to fluorocarbons released into the atmosphere: thus producing an ozone hole over the south pole larger than the Antarctic continent.
  85. We know that today our atmosphere and a thin layer of Ozone alone, consisting of gases only, in conjunction with the magnetic field that is generated by the Earth, protects us from a reasonable amount of the harmful effects of the sun.
  86. Not long after, Nox News, and the other networks were breaking in on their broadcast to announce that Bob of Boblovian had been taken into Federal custody along with many other leaders of the Boblovian 222 Revolution in Ozone, Arkansas.
  87. For two days, the mainstream media ignored the fact that Bob wasn’t one of those arrested in Ozone, even though, the 222 sites all gave a description of Badger’s arrest and stated that Bob had not been in Ozone when the Feds made their raid.
  88. Brubaker quickly absorbed the rest of the article, the gist of which was that in a study commissioned by the environment ministry, Lennox was the city with the highest levels in the entire province in terms of ozone and fine particulate matter, the prime constituents of smog.
  89. The sun-climate hypothesis said that tiny variations in the sun’s irradiance were amplified into major climate changes on Earth by at least two factors: 1) cosmic rays creating more or fewer of the low, cooling clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere; and 2) solar-driven ozone changes in the stratosphere.
  90. The guide-book is enthusiastic about Baabe, and says--after explaining its rather odd name as meaning _Die Einsame_, the Lonely One--that it has a pine forest, a pure sea air with ozone in it, a climate both mild and salubrious, and that it works wonders on people who have anything the matter with their chests.
  91. Note that some of the decisions, that is, the branch points in the tree shown in the figure, seem to be made on the basis of a single predictor—Gamble; others utilized the values of two predictors—Gamble and Fashion; and still others utilized the values of Gamble, Fashion, and Ozone, the equivalent of three separate linear regression models.
  92. Other groups complained about ―dozens of other proposed and existing regulations including the agency‘s plans to tighten limits on emissions of some pollutants from industrial boilers, ground-level ozone, mountain – top mining cooling water intake structures , the level of pollutants in Florida waters, and pollutants in the Chesapeake Bay.
  93. Mass child-murders; ecological pillage and plunder of all sorts; genocide in several colors on behalf of several versions of Lord, God Almighty; individual rape, torture and killing incidents; plus wars of all sizes leaving countless victims of all sizes—all of it left her wishing for more earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions and holes in the ozone layer.
  94. These harmful gases are the main cause which rise the global warming, and also deflect the ozone layer (the protective layer of our planet Earth) which protect us from the harmful ultra-violet rays of Sun, once it penetrates by these harmful gases and chemicals, God knows, how many living creature would be survive in our planet Earth; it might be the end of our beautiful planet.
  95. The orderly old wilderness would split for a huge slab of rock down whose face tumbled a falls, and here, in the light, on the sun-bleached rock, with the breaking water in his ears and the ozone of peaking vegetation in his nose, he was granted what he’d hoped for those first days after his arrival: he was no one, with no past and no future, nothing beyond the now and now and now of the white water surging into the clear.
  96. After an exhaustive review of more than three years of hearings, appeals, grand jury “findings” and assorted, repetitively negative “conclusions”—around twenty pounds of paper—even the unanointed, devoid of any law degree or judicial robes, can see holes bigger than the one in our ozone layer over Antarctica, in the Kentucky Supreme Court’s “reasoning” in handing down its decision on the mother’s appeal for relief.
  97. The trip would benefit health on account of the bracing ozone and be in every way thoroughly pleasurable, especially for a chap whose liver was out of order, seeing the different places along the route, Plymouth, Falmouth, Southampton and so on culminating in an instructive tour of the sights of the great metropolis, the spectacle of our modern Babylon where doubtless he would see the greatest improvement, tower, abbey, wealth of Park lane to renew acquaintance with.

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