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Pac in a sentence | pac example sentences

  1. The PAC report states:.
  2. The PAC report further states:.
  3. The PAC report has mentioned a list of things that lead to the scam.
  4. The PAC report has mentioned a list of reasons that lead to the scam.
  5. When the PAC inquired about this, the Private Secretary to the Finance Minister.

  6. He had already hired a battery of Ivy League lawyers with PAC money that was impossible for even her to trace.
  7. Hey, are you guys going to help us here? This plane is going to stall any second and I have a pac man trying to eat me up here.
  8. Besides these natural disasters that are bumps in the road, I should also add a few words on another thorn in our sides: the Political Action Committee (PAC.
  9. The PAC and other contributions by special interest groups likely to be favored after an election are largely responsible for the growth in campaign spending.
  10. I heard someone at the table in the far corner by the Pac Man ‘sit down’ arcade game yell, Whose smoking a doobie ‘round here? … Without me, he had added with chagrin.
  11. Pac had just signed with Death Row after spending nearly a year locked up so I was hyped to get my hands on the album which also happened to be the first hip hop double cd in history.
  12. Ok, said Charles, suppose that ten percent, or $6 million, of the $60 million in benefits goes to the politicians as PAC contributions, free dinners at nice restaurants, and so on.
  13. We had even been loud enough that we could see Hazy, who was still inside of the Laundromat playing Pac Man, was grooving his shoulders, boppin’ his head along, and mouthing the words to, Din Daa Daa as he rocked his game.
  14. Bruiser pulled up to the Laundromat and I tried to see if they were there yet, but I could barely see inside the fogged up glass windows, except for the yellow cabinet of the Pac Man machine, a neon sign that was in the shape of a hanger, along with another neon sign that was flickering, OPEN.
  15. Charles continued, Remember our special interest example of the project that was worth $60 million to a small number of people but had a cost to all of us of $100 million? The reason that such projects could get passed, after a party has been elected, is that some of the benefits could be passed on to the politicians in the form of PAC contributions and the like.

  16. The controversial PAC report on the 2G spectrum, however,.

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