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Pagers in a sentence

I'm worried about the pagers.
The Bravo pagers were one of the.
are you worried about the pagers?.
pagers to detonate bombs all the time.
pagers, or other combinations of those devices.
purchased 5 Bravo pagers and that's what I'm worried.
laborious in that Trist’s letters were often fifty pagers.

few pagers that you could not only set an alarm for a specific.
His job was to call on the resellers of the pagers which his company supplied.
guys to tell one of their girlfriends the story and pretty soon cell phones and pagers.
There was one reseller in almost each suburb as the pagers were now a very popular product.
before Sunday Mass in most churches, the greeter implores the congregation to turn off all cell phones and pagers or put them in vibrator mode.

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