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Pah in a sentence

Mortals, pah! Morgana snarled, useless creatures.
Daring to fly through my domain … pah! I should have blasted him out of the sky for his impudence.
Sandwiches and a thermos of coffee tasted great on a hired rowboat on the Serpentine, having padlocked the wheelchair to the railings, then an ‘oom pah pah’ brass band in the rotunda with not a microphone or amplifier in sight, rounded off a perfect afternoon.
Pah! don’t ask me about it! It was all right, I don’t doubt; but when I left the corner and started up the hill, that wonderful sentimental feeling had entirely left me! There was only a wretched nausea—a complete sense of how far away I had gone from the simplicity of the whole thing, and I don’t say that I congratulated myself.

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