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Pani in a sentence

Auntie and Pani had met in the theatre.
I thought I heard Pani murmuring my name, but it might have been the wind.
I saw one of Auntie making faces at the camera and laughing with Uncle Pani, arms round shoulders, happy.
For every trifle he ran to Katerina Ivanovna, even hunting her out at the bazaar, at every instant called her Pani.
'Godfrey, my lad, there's something I've been trying to tell you ever since Pani died but it was never the right time.
Suppose someone says that the thing is not jal but pani, or that it is not pani but water, or that it is not water but jal.
Then, before I could protest, he ordered two glasses of the tropical yellow delight Uncle Pani used to make and we sat and sipped in silence.

At a farmer’s market a few blocks from the square, they asked directions to somewhere to stay and were told that old Pani Macziewsie took in boarders and might have a vacancy in her house.
Rahul had done some good work in the area—most notably, a women’s self-help group project—but UP’s perennial issues, especially bijli, sadak, pani and shiksha troubled the residents here as well.

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