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Paro in a sentence

Sunlight burst through the room as Rani wheeled Paro outside.
Paro shook her head from side to side, it was clear that she wanted Rani to take her.
Paro eyes widened in shock, she stared at her feet then gave Rani a teary yet hopeful look.
Paro burst out with laughter and without realizing, she hoisted herself up from the wheel chair.
Before she could open her mouth, news had broken out that Princess Paro had started talking again.
He was also looking after his younger sisters, Kavita who was 18 and Paro who was 21 and bound to a wheelchair.
Paro sat in the Jeep laughing at Gulab struggling to get off the camel, it was just as funny the first time she climbed on to it.

She was involved in a horrific car accident three years ago in which the Queen lost her life, leaving Paro in a deep state of shock, dumbstruck and totally dependent on a wheel chair.

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