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Patterns in a sentence

7% of all patterns.
patterns of the past.
Patterns of the past.
patterns a bit better.
see the same patterns.
patterns of, 359, 404.
The weather patterns.

patterns were all wrong.
Searching for patterns.
and all of its patterns.
They looked for patterns.
They made frantic patterns.
patterns into your lifestyle.
Into those wintery patterns.
*Opt for solids over patterns.
generate such string patterns.
Both patterns are identified.
habit patterns we have created.
and patterns of investing, 359.
He noticed disturbing patterns.
Thought patterns are ritualized.
you as you observe those patterns.
into patterns – like butterflies.
Their patterns, which are surely.
and the patterns they are based on.
sleep patterns and relieves stress.
above the patterns beneath his feet.
the weather patterns of the seasons.
but the broad patterns are similar.
Then the patterning on the cane, the shape of the constellations, began to glow.
But there is no rule for choosing the point of patterning – it takes experience.
In terms of the content of the patterning, it is important to know where boundaries should.
Simon felt sick to the mind and gripped the cane more strongly, patterning the shape of it against his skin.
Our brains are patterning machines and are constantly seeking to make sense of the world through the discovery of patterns.
His younger son Aris was his right hand, and in later years, did most of the crucial tasks such as the geometrical patterning and the cutting of the cloth.
He had even mapped the cycle of their activity; developed a mathematical formula of dynamic patterning that could predict a future action with ninety-eight per cent accuracy.
Through this approach, one begins to discover an ease, clarity, openness and flexibility that is realized to be present, regardless of the particular ways the body-mind may be moving, shaping or patterning itself in any given moment.
of patterned, reactive ways.
Tiger stripes patterned its head and face.
A random patterned mind need muscles to work.
Surely there are ROV’s patterned in the.
(This is all patterned after stop and go lights.
Square farms patterned the strips of shore-land.
And the heron it was patterned after went extinct.
popguns and girls play with floral patterned tea sets.
The rug on the floor was patterned with yellow roses.
A small diamond stickpin held his patterned tie in place.
The rustic silver ring is crafted with a leaf patterned band.
unusually patterned pair of slacks and some water stained loafers.
Its skin was patterned with darker-colored, donut-shaped blotches.
the leaf patterned window they could see the sun setting in the west.
The air was alive with a vivid explosion of vibrant patterned colour.
On both sides, the slopes were patterned with grids of darkened vines.
The civet had a stylish patterned coat, a muted grey in the headlights.
Gale was wearing a sundress patterned in an array of colors and flowers.
circular wall was splashed with patterned colours of both flower and leaf.
God uses no molds, though all are patterned after the image of the Father.
patterned my life after him but I am afraid he was completely wrong about.
Melly sold useless stuff to men Scarlett patterned her conduct on Melly’s.
I can still remember the smoke damaged, rose patterned shade that covered it.
Looking up, he caught sight of a familiar patterned sweater passing the flat.
Maybe later, he said, peering across at the patterned trinkets of gold.
In his hand the mind-cane hummed suddenly and its vibration patterned his skin.
He wears bell-bottomed jeans with a soft cotton shirt, patterned in hippie art.
The bed consisted of nothing but a large elaborately patterned burgundy cushion.
I noticed the embroidery was intricately patterned; it looked like it was handmade.
The pattern of.
This pattern of.
As did the pattern.
There was a pattern.
A military pattern.
It fits his pattern.
The pattern is too.
pattern to his moods.
It was the pattern.
Notice the pattern.
There’s no pattern.
in a rhythmic pattern.
In this pattern the.
This is the pattern.
This intake pattern.
In a holding pattern.
It is a good pattern.
See the pattern below.
No set pattern at all.
in a spiraling pattern.
the pattern of seasons.
The divine pattern is.
Try and find a pattern.
This pattern tends to.
a pattern like the BB's.
That was our pattern,.
can there be a pattern?.
The pattern had changed.
‘I can see the pattern.

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