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Patterns in a sentence

Their patterns, which are surely.
The problem is not failed patterns.
In the patterns on butterfly wings.
While the shorter-term patterns (i.
But no, the patterns were different.
Diamond patterns are relatively rare.
Your job is to learn those patterns.

It creates patterns you can observe.
You can do it by looking at patterns.
These patterns are not unique to 2008.
I sense of the patterns of the world.
Price Patterns Produced by Insolvency.
Patterns emerge with this hot sector.
These interference patterns are the.
Look at all the patterns he is using.
All three patterns look very similar.
She looked back to the gold patterns.
None of those patterns are objective.
Know the weather patterns of the area.
Lots of patterns in coloured stone.
Catalysts are powerful price patterns.
How to observe patterns of behaviors:.
He will be sure to have patterns enough.
We don’t see any patterns developing.
Chart Patterns & What They Mean To You.
Again, the random interference patterns.
But you’re not sure about the patterns.
It looks for patterns to store and goes.
Patterns will form for hot sector stocks.
Even his coughs and sneezes had patterns.
And new patterns are forming all the time.
Burns identifies several common patterns.
But why should I invent patterns of crea-.
And this is why we look for these patterns.
Learn to Observe Your Patterns of Behavior.
Be selective in choosing patterns to trade.
Creating new synapses and thought patterns.
These can be treacherous patterns to trade.
Such patterns of MACD Lines are quite rare.
Notice the repeating patterns of 11 again?
Then the patterning on the cane, the shape of the constellations, began to glow.
But there is no rule for choosing the point of patterning – it takes experience.
In terms of the content of the patterning, it is important to know where boundaries should.
Simon felt sick to the mind and gripped the cane more strongly, patterning the shape of it against his skin.
Our brains are patterning machines and are constantly seeking to make sense of the world through the discovery of patterns.
His younger son Aris was his right hand, and in later years, did most of the crucial tasks such as the geometrical patterning and the cutting of the cloth.
He had even mapped the cycle of their activity; developed a mathematical formula of dynamic patterning that could predict a future action with ninety-eight per cent accuracy.
Through this approach, one begins to discover an ease, clarity, openness and flexibility that is realized to be present, regardless of the particular ways the body-mind may be moving, shaping or patterning itself in any given moment.
Tiger stripes patterned its head and face.
A random patterned mind need muscles to work.
Surely there are ROV’s patterned in the.
Square farms patterned the strips of shore-land.
And the heron it was patterned after went extinct.
The rug on the floor was patterned with yellow roses.
A small diamond stickpin held his patterned tie in place.
The rustic silver ring is crafted with a leaf patterned band.
Its skin was patterned with darker-colored, donut-shaped blotches.
The air was alive with a vivid explosion of vibrant patterned colour.
On both sides, the slopes were patterned with grids of darkened vines.
The civet had a stylish patterned coat, a muted grey in the headlights.
Gale was wearing a sundress patterned in an array of colors and flowers.
God uses no molds, though all are patterned after the image of the Father.
Melly sold useless stuff to men Scarlett patterned her conduct on Melly’s.
I can still remember the smoke damaged, rose patterned shade that covered it.
Looking up, he caught sight of a familiar patterned sweater passing the flat.
Maybe later, he said, peering across at the patterned trinkets of gold.
In his hand the mind-cane hummed suddenly and its vibration patterned his skin.
He wears bell-bottomed jeans with a soft cotton shirt, patterned in hippie art.
The bed consisted of nothing but a large elaborately patterned burgundy cushion.
I noticed the embroidery was intricately patterned; it looked like it was handmade.
The rooms were covered in floral patterned wallpaper that made Ruth feel nauseous.
He was dressed in blue slacks, leather shoes with no socks, and a patterned shirt.
Patterned couches, melon-colored walls, a tufted leather ottoman for a coffee table.
Dark woods, patterned curtains and deep burgundy walls make it feel cosy and traditional.
The varying nighttime sky with twinkling stars and highlighted planets and patterned moon.
The white walls are almost the same shade as the large sofas dressed with patterned cushions.
He was dressed in a subtly patterned satin nightcoat with nothing under it, but it was belted shut.
This menorah is clearly patterned after the one described to Moses, but there are obvious differences.
Its voice reached into his head as if patterned in the form of pain: ‘You will tell us everything, Torbin.
The walls of the room came alive as runes were highlighted in patterned sequences everywhere the eyes strayed.
One stood smiling graciously with warmth, she was petite, tanned and was wearing a jade patterned, chiffon sari.
I would surmise that you have taken very seriously this concept of reaching beyond patterned constraints?
As Leona walks across the twenty-year-old paisley patterned carpet to the kitchen she says, I'm leaving home today.
It was all done in finely cast marble, lit by silent mantled lanterns and upholstered in brightly patterned velvets.
Expensive oil paintings of the seashore from a few miles up the coast adorn the lavishly purple patterned wallpaper.
The room was full of different saris- silk, net, satin, chiffon, crepe, plain and patterned, stylish and glamorous prints.
The helmet reminded me of the entrance to the temple of Quetzalcoatl and I wondered if it had been patterned after the helmet.
Merthin had dressed in a richly patterned Italian coat, chestnut brown with gold threads, and had seemed to glow with happiness.

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It is a good pattern.
No set pattern at all.
Try and find a pattern.
It had a lovely pattern.
Based on its pattern of.
There is a pattern, Kyle.
A pattern of success and.
I am fond of that pattern.
There had to be a pattern.
Jesus is the pattern for us.
It is a Trade2Hold pattern.
That was the usual pattern.
It had got to be a pattern.
Since there was a pattern.
That is the Switch Pattern.
There is a pattern in this.
The growth pattern of the.
They would read his pattern.
This is a pure pattern play.
But, look at the pattern.
This was a lifelong pattern.
They follow the same pattern.
It was the pattern of things.
Is there some pattern here?
I love this kind of pattern:.
Both Pattern and Logus waited.
That light is making a pattern.
The diamond is our next pattern.
Both Pattern and Logrus waited.
There’s no pattern to follow.
Following the pattern of these.
Another pattern within a pattern.
I have had a pattern in my hand.
If there were a pattern our.
She broke that pattern only once.
So that's the pattern of success.
Together, there may be a pattern.
The pattern had fit so seamlessly.
A pattern was emerging, pros and.
David could see a pattern forming.

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