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Pavers in a sentence

pebbles outlined by the red brown pavers.
Leaning down I ripped several pavers away to reveal a clasp.
I made an appointment for later that evening and she rattled away, leaving a patch of rust on the new pavers.
Gazzy started choking, forgetting to keep himself aloft, and I drifted down beside him as he landed on the broken granite pavers and rubble.
I gave it a good yank and with a hydraulic his of sound the center of the paver patio popped away as a large oblong box popped up through it sending pavers flying.
Perhaps the guys had their beers in an esky out on the terrace and weren‘t coming inside? Finally the sound of a deck chair sliding on the pavers and someone grumbling as he crossed to the kitchen.
Arranged along the back boundary were piles of pavers and bricks, small mountains of gravel, sand, bark-chips and sugar cane residue - everything anyone could possible require to create the garden beautiful.

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