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The pavilions of the besiegers dotted the plain.
Their hotel turned out to be one of the larger glass pavilions.
She thought of the rows and rows of beautiful produce at Pavilions.
At last an evening came when from the walls the pavilions could be seen.
He went towards the pavilions at the most favorable moment for escaping attention.

You ideally need about three days to visit all of these pavilions in order to enjoy all.
The wall was removed, and the wavelets rippled placidly between the two pavilions on the lake.
The parade ended at a rather large park where pavilions and tents had already been raised the day before.
Most of the pavilions were dark, their owners long asleep, but here and there a few candles still burned.
The invaders had crossed the river; their pavilions stood in the narrow plain between the city and the hills.
In this valley were magnificent gardens planted by Hassen-ben-Sabah, and in these gardens isolated pavilions.
The orchestra is really worth hearing this year—too good, indeed, for the crowd that goes to the pavilions.
It was embraced by the two arms of the colonnade; beyond the pavilions groves of lime led to the wooded hillsides.
The café itself was a cluster of white pavilions floating on a lake with citrus groves visible through the screens.
Some of his neighbors were still awake, the silken walls of their pavilions glowing like colored lanterns in the night.
In the glare of the hot sun the walk was empty, but in the grateful coolness of the pavilions many had gathered to hear the music.
He glimpsed walls with ornamental copings, lattices of carven stone that might once have served as the walls of pleasure pavilions.
Behind them the gay pavilions of the lords and knights and the drab tents of the common soldiers stretched back almost to the river.
Vronsky intentionally avoided that select crowd of the upper world, which was moving and talking with discreet freedom before the pavilions.
While some sauntered in and out of the pavilions, erected by the government departments, others filled the private stalls, of consumer goods.
I followed him up the green marble pathway through a contiguous line of pyramidal teak pavilions to the entrance of what Hal called the main.
And then Aragorn stood up, and all the host arose, and they passed to pavilions made ready, to eat and drink and make merry while the day lasted.
The rest of the guests had their choice between a straw pallet in the cellar or a spot of ground beneath the western walls to raise their pavilions.
From the sheds he could see a perfect sea of carriages, and people on foot, soldiers surrounding the race course, and pavilions swarming with people.
The water was so deep that the wall was supported on a series of arches, through which the water flowed freely, reflecting upon its placid surface the rival pavilions.
And there in the midst of the fields they set up their pavilions and awaited the morning; for it was the Eve of May, and the King would enter his gates with the rising of the Sun.
Into these pavilions he admitted the elect, and there, says Marco Polo, gave them to eat a certain herb, which transported them to Paradise, in the midst of ever-blooming shrubs, ever-ripe fruit, and ever-lovely virgins.
The defenders of Shamar had made a desperate sortie, cut down the men masking the gates, and were raging among the tents of the besiegers, cutting down the camp followers, burning the pavilions, and destroying the siege engines.
The whole of the property, consisting of an immense workshop, two pavilions at the bottom of the garden, and the garden itself, had been purchased by Emmanuel, who had seen at a glance that he could make of it a profitable speculation.
Hundreds contributed effort to that presentation! In fact, there is a separate listing for them, as well as a listing of those who helped with the decorations and the feasts, and one for those who volunteered with each of the pavilions outside the chapel!.
M’lord, I… How could he share a camp with such as these? Their serving men would raise their pavilions, their grooms would curry their horses, their cooks would serve them each a capon or a joint of beef, whilst Dunk and Egg gnawed on strips of hard salt beef.
A vagrant thought crossed her mind as she climbed, in which she mentally compared her former master with the kozak chief with whom—by compulsion—she had shamelessly flirted in the pavilions of the camp by Fort Ghori, where the Hyrkanian lords had parleyed with the warriors of the steppes.
Everyone else is here! And I don’t mind telling you that I find it deeply ironic that the wedding of a human and an elf should have such a hugely unifying effect on elvenkind! Things are happening tonight, both here in the chapel and without, as advantage is taken of this unique opportunity to meet and get to know any other elf, to sign trade agreements and settle disputes, to re-acquaint with seldom seen friends and relatives, to experiment with other cultures’ ways of feasting and celebrating, to make new friends, to play with new lovers, to fall in love with someone exotic from far away! You simply must find time tonight to stroll around the valley! Every elven people have brought their own pavilions to showcase their lifestyle and celebrations! Every product in the world can be had here tonight, for sale or barter or for just a smile!.

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Indian Pavilion at the, 105.
Let us adjourn to my pavilion.
Algerian Pavilion at the, 105.
Forestry Pavilion at the, 105.
Cochin-Chinese Pavilion at the, 106.
He was at the pavilion that afternoon.
And Zoe followed her out of the pavilion.
He was sitting at the bar of the pavilion.
This was held in the great pavilion with.
He did not glance toward Yasmela's pavilion.
Chiron's hoof thundered on the pavilion floor.
The pavilion was almost her villa in miniature.
They were the only people left in the pavilion.
Amy smiled; then walked over to the large pavilion.
He clutched his stomach and headed toward the pavilion.
They’re going to be by the big pavilion near the lake.
On my run, there’s a secluded cricket pavilion I pass.
At the pavilion, torches blazed around the marble columns.
At that moment a tall general walked through the pavilion.
To the left of the pool was another Bali-inspired pavilion.
I left the pavilion and walked into a recess gloomed by firs.
The air temperature plummeted as she dashed for the pavilion.
Meanwhile, you have the golf pavilion to keep you occupied.
She walked back to the pavilion, to rest and enjoy the storm.
The great barrier stood just in front of the imperial pavilion.
The Pavilion Mall or educational institution formerly known as.
I could see the dining pavilion and cabins and the amphitheater.
Amalric left his pavilion and strode restlessly through the camp.
He displayed all his great works in the pavilion: The Man with.
The dance was held in the pavilion in front of the administration.
I could barely see in the pavilion, and I put the ring on my finger.
He's looking for his wife, and she's in the middle of the pavilion.
Then, at the edge of the pavilion, a young man stepped into the light.
Yesterday morning on the pavilion, I said, before I could stop myself.
Echoing the cry, Pallantides wheeled and rushed back into the pavilion.
Siri entered the pavilion and locked himself in one of toilet cubicles.
The Faubourg Saint-Germain and the pavilion de Marsan wished to have M.
In the inner part of the pavilion was a small space, curtained off with.
If only she goes into the pavilion, there could be an opening for me then.
The line coming from the right side of the judgment pavilion was much better.

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