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Pawnshop in a sentence

There was a pawnshop around the corner and he might get a few.
The pawnshop had sold the plates of his Flora after the expiration of thirteen months.
It was almost eleven fifteen when I parked in front of Black Diamond Pawnbrokers, the pawnshop that Josh owned.
I checked the perimeter for any strange people or suspicious activity once I stepped out of the car, and Bull followed my lead as we walked toward the pawnshop.
There was a pawnshop around the corner and he might get a few pounds for it, he thought, so he took the phone out of his jacket and gave it a cursory inspection.
Our first stop was a pawnshop on Polk called Gold ’n’ Things, a shop piled high with outdated electronics and musical instruments, and a half-dozen glass cases filled with tacky bling.
The proprietor was Rudy Vitale, an obese man with thick glasses and thin hair, a marginal fence who used the pawnshop as his office while making his real deals in cars and bars, anywhere but here.

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