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Paws in a sentence

paws of a bear.
pads of my paws.
hands or paws on it.
whose paws they were.
Cats use paws as hands.
Now with his small paws.
paws to dig burrows with.

He stood up on four paws.
My paws began to shiver.
As soon as his paws were.
Wings and paws were shaken.
trembling of his front paws.
with the white paws the best.
he put his paws over his nose.
His gouty paws plumped chords.
down a little on his front paws.
The kitty had dirt on his paws.
I had my paws full with my own.
Theakston stretched out his paws.
his front paws with a heavy sigh.
The bulky one with the paws spoke.
I gagged myself using both my paws.
his massive paws all over the mech.
splattering my paws with his blood.
leather paws on his hands and feet.
front paws and took a drink from it.
paws resting on the driver’s door.
paws were used as a weapon of anger.
my paws and kissed her several times.
Now Toad was very proud of his paws.
resting my paws on the steering wheel.
he'll start pawing at the towel.
Ingwe snarled, pawing at the reeds.
through her top and started pawing her.
The bull-man grunted, pawing the ground.
Her statement, accusing him of pawing.
After each pawing, I glanced over at the.
He was pawing Emma, like an animal in heat.
He bit at the glass and returned to pawing.
Patches is on the ground, pawing at his lap.
of food is not because of the action of pawing.
strong connection in its head between the pawing.
Davidson pawing at her breast and rubbing her thighs.
He wasn’t pawing at her and he didn’t have his 189.
Adele was jolted to the grass by a crowd of zombies pawing her.
I moved closer to it, pawing the stone until I found a divot on.
BLOOM: (Pawing the heather abjectly) O, I have been a perfect pig.
was the term you used, my hand pawing at you? How in the hell do.
One of them stopped, pawing at his eyes, but the other kept coming.
screen whilst on the next couch his boss was pawing away at his wife.
slowly, pawing towards Frodo, and then was drawn back with a jerk as.
Every movement uphill gained by the animal's rapidly pawing hooves also.
last horrible moments: the pawing hands, the hot breath, and the dreadful.
eyes into an orc again, leering and pawing at his treasure, a foul little.
He reined in so suddenly the horse went back on its haunches, pawing the air.
Douglas and Lambert were pawing along the floor, trying to reach their guns.
Clydie pawed the.
He pawed at the air.
gently pawed his face.
The bul pawed the floor.
Gripped! Pawed, rather.
pawed the sand nervously.
He pawed through the contents.
In response, I pawed her face.
So, she gently pawed Cynthia's face.
foreleg and then gently pawed my face.
Andrew stretched and pawed at the air.
to Lydia’s room then pawed on the door.
My mother gently bit it then pawed it away.
pawed her face and told her that I love her.
Sparky came over to him and pawed at his leg.
they pawed the air in seeming playfulness.
He pawed up the hay until it partly covered her.
Again he pawed, and again the window inched down.
My mother gently pawed, and patted Cynthia's chin.
pawed the air, the chair came naturally to his hand.
He pawed the ground several times and snorted again.
My mother gently pawed and patted Cynthia's face for.
I gently pawed her face, then licked her face, then.
were slow to heal because of how the sailors pawed me.
The horses pawed nervously at the tension in the air.
The boar grunted and pawed the ground, ready to charge.
I pawed her face and gave her a light kiss on the chin.
I gently pawed his right cheek, drying his tears in the.
I leaped onto Cynthia's chest then gently pawed her left.
My mother pawed Cynthia's face then she gently rubbed the.
Give the paw.
to paw her face.
Give us the paw.
paw with my hand.
they grab my paw.
nose with his paw.
by body with his paw.
Nightfall waved a paw.
Bear with a sore paw.
time with its left paw.
Sometimes it was a paw.
then he began to paw me.
I tied that paw for him.
put a big paw on the bed.
Georgia Wolf Paw.
paw and then began to read.
smiled, sticking out a paw.
started to paw at his ears.
a paw and beckoned him over.
I stomped my right paw on.
I couldnt put my paw on it.
began to gently paw her face.
Thorns in the paw of the lion.
He laid full length, one paw.
left paw and then turned on the.
It was shaped like a large paw.
Soffen grabbed his paw excitedly.
I felt the Beast paw at the door.

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