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Paydays in a sentence

You have nice paydays on the 6th and 21st.
There are nice paydays on the 6th and 22nd.
This brings happy romantic meetings and nice paydays.
Most paydays he got the check from the general manager, who could.
The full Moon of the 8th and the new Moon of the 24th are nice paydays.
lot of time, effort, and energy that goes into creating those big paydays.
Although he made good money, he had a problem going directly home on paydays.

Finances are excellent from the 21st onwards as we have mentioned, but you have nice paydays on the full Moon of the 13th and the new Moon of the 27th.
There is no more cynical waste of a company’s cash—since the real purpose of that maneuver is to enable top executives to reap multimillion-dollar paydays by selling their own stock options in the name of enhancing shareholder value.

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