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Payed in a sentence

She had payed just over 400.
This is on a payed website,.
,all bought and payed for by his own.
We were payed at top wage, which was.
and my utility bills had not been payed.
They have been led that to be only payed.
he hadn’t payed for a single one of them.

Here in America, while we payed the nearly.
half of the homes, he payed off the remaining half.
equipment, all being effectively payed for with pure,.
were payed to follow through on repetition according to.
body payed them any attention, but the stories kept on coming.
accounts payed into, their children s' college accounts payed up.
tutors who traveled door to door and were payed by the day or the.
those taxes have to be payed, plus penalty, plus the charges that.
there have their health insurance payed for them, their retirement.
None of these payed them any attention and they drifted along after Yarin.
I payed your father a visit like I told you and he told me your life’s story.
Someone out there probably would have payed good money for an old piece of crap.
On top of the cards there was often a chess comp that payed reasonably well but was very hard to win.
41 And all the surplus, which the officers payed not in as in former time, from now on shall be given toward.
41 And all the surplus which the officers payed not in as in former time from now on shall be given toward the works of the temple.
These were the same waterways where Captain Denham, aboard the Herald, payed out 14,000 meters of sounding line without finding bottom.
So the idea has come forth, that everything, in the world according to peoples needs, are free, but in return, the people work together, in unity, to each persons occupation, the money then goes to the Government, in Trust, and he pays the big bill, like if the electricity bill, was payed with one large bill, so as other bills, by the Government, comparison to weather a worker, or workers, can afford it, those that can, pay more, to make the deference, those that can not pay, pay what they can, as the Government collects, all the pay, and pays all expenses, and that the unemployed, look for work, as we take it in turns to work, if there is less work, if there is more, we try to do what we can, until it is finished.

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