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Payee in a sentence

to pay money to the payee.
The payee is always certain.
Both the drawer and payee may be.
A cheque was then sent by NBS to the payee and an.
It is only credited to the bank account of the payee.
In course of transfer of a promissory note by payee and others, the.
or a promissory note is not complete till it is delivered to its payee.

demand at another branch of its own to the payee beneficiary named therein.
simply to the bearer (as bearer instruments are), but rather the payee must endorse.
What we have is a payoff with the promise of the payee keeping his mouth shut and not suing, ever.
Miss Cartwright, to rouse her, for she appeared to have fallen into an abstraction, suggested that perhaps she could give her some clue as to where in Bethnal Green she might most fruitfully search for the payee, and Fanny, after gazing at her a moment collecting her thoughts, gave her the brother--a priest in a cassock, she said; explaining that everyone was sure to know where he lived, because he stood on chairs in the street and preached.

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