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Payer in a sentence

a single payer system.
Urals, Mount Neradnsya, and to the north was Mount Payer.
Perhaps someday the United States will have a single payer system.
The Electronic Medical Record: Must it Cost Billions to the Tax Payer?.
If you are a piper, it is a good idea to be on good terms with the payer.
These increases in private payer costs were $632,000/hospital/year totaling.
The tax payer has to be the corrector in silence without having clue about it.

When he re-issued them, we went together to the payer bank and cashed them for folding money.
As there is no healthy plant without roots, there can be no life of payer without the sacraments,.
With sliding, adjustable handles so no payer will have an advantage of ‘reach’ over their opponent.
A one payer system would also really simplify the health care claims process: one set of rules, one set of forms.
Administrative costs will be 2% or less of money’s allocated for Health Care service using single payer administration.
A government single payer then does it considerably cheaper than industry, dealing with the same vast number of private providers.
Hence we have every NGO racket and scam known to man operating here with your tax payer money for most do not really have private funding.
Designed to provide a safety net for fiscal mismanagement, this egregious measure undermines financial planning while deflating tax payer morale.
The elimination of mal practice insurance and the implementation of single payer health care insurance are key to real savings in overall health care.
Of course it has been aided along by tax payer money, which is what the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP bailout, was as I’m sure you may remember from 2008.
"Who should it be," said Sancho, "but Don Quixote of La Mancha himself, who will make good all he has said and all he will say; for pledges don't trouble a good payer.
Other things being equal, the common stock whose issuer is a low dividend payer would be the better buy for investors seeking market appreciation, rather than a cash-carry.
When we were first transferred to this new state of the art 65 million dollar waste of tax payer money, the cell door would come open all by itself a half dozen times a day.
In competition with this industry I would demand a single payer, government administered plan with amped up fraud detection and recovery units; this would save at least $150Billion a year.
A more appropriate emphasis would be not on where a stock would sell in the near future because of its dividend, but rather on which stock—the low dividend payer or the high dividend payer—is more attractive to which type of investor.
"That is true," replied Sancho; "but pledges don't distress a good payer, and in a house where there's plenty supper is soon cooked; I mean there's no need of telling or warning me about anything; for I'm ready for everything and know a little of everything.
Most of the others were on benefits, so were happy to claim housing benefit and split the difference between what they claimed and what they actually paid with Brodie; a win/win situation for all concerned (except the tax payer of course, but they were a separate species altogether).
As Graham and Dodd agree, of two companies with the same earning power and with the same general position in the industry, the lower dividend company should tend to sell at the lower price; this, by itself, should make the lower dividend payer a more attractive buy for many investors.
* We have the absurdity today (all nice Human Rights orientated of course) that someone shot by the police (mostly with good reason), are treated in private hospitals at tremendous cost to the tax payer but their victims, shot by the gangsters, is treated wherever his medical aid demands.
That’s what the media should be forced to say, because it’s the truth, and they have been running all the confusing and lying anti-single payer information on our air waves in place of the truth, so they need to make an editorial correction during prime time and around the clock for a couple of weeks.
It describes an individual, benefitting from the infrastructure of an invented amateur game evolving into a lucrative professional sport, who is both dependent and contingent upon everyone who coached practices, reffed games, bought tickets, sold concessions, made uniforms, and cleaned the stadium – which is paid for and maintained by tax payer dollars.
And so saying he stood up and laid his hand on his sword, waiting to see what the Knight of the Grove would do, who in an equally calm voice said in reply, Pledges don't distress a good payer; he who has succeeded in vanquishing you once when transformed, Sir Don Quixote, may fairly hope to subdue you in your own proper shape; but as it is not becoming for knights to perform their feats of arms in the dark, like highwaymen and bullies, let us wait till daylight, that the sun may behold our deeds; and the conditions of our combat shall be that the vanquished shall be at the victor's disposal, to do all that he may enjoin, provided the injunction be such as shall be becoming a knight.

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