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Payload in a sentence

Now, what could the payload possibly be?.
If they're willing to dump that kind of payload.
Did you have any trouble deploying the payload?.
Yet, Project ORBITER’s payload isn’t much larger.
But a lighter payload could be sent all the way to Mars.
a payload in orbit that could generate this kind of power.
• Payload Length (1 byte) Specifies the length of the AH header.

Altogether, the payload was worth upward of five and a half million.
The harmless shimmy, caused by a minor fuel mixture imbalance, rattled the payload.
Just before he erupted she spun around and greedily swallowed up his creamy payload.
• Message body [optional] Contains the payload being transmitted to the other system.
“About the payload,” a reporter asked, “I hear there’s more than just food?”.
Doctor Von Braun, what is the projected weight of your Project ORBITER’s payload?.
Two hours later, again on cue, Ingrid opened the doors of the payload bay and released the satellite.
It would have made no difference if I would have refuse to fire the payload, someone else would have.
But, General Dows, you just said that you killed Project VANGUARD because its payload was too small.
Yes sir! It was designed to bring a crew of two and a payload of about five tons up to low Earth orbit.
This feature detects errors in the ATM header only; there is no error control of the payload at this layer.
And when could you have it attempt to attain orbit, ideally with an actual payload, at the earliest?.
This field contains padding to expand the size of the payload data to the boundary of the next 4-byte word.
The only system that reads the information in the payload is the computer possessing the destination address.
I knelt, tethered, at the end of my chain, straining to hear the sound of a carbine loosing its deathly payload.
• Bit 3 When the cell contains user data, specifies whether the payload contains the last segment of an AAL-5 PDU.
That made it more efficient and had allowed a marked increase in the final mass of the payload carried by the rocket.
The fourth and final stage soon ignited properly as its small payload was already past the limits of Earth’s stratosphere.
� The normal payload was one passenger and a piece of luggage, but this time it had to cram two aviators in the back seat.
Dows would not be content with a half success and more than probably had that missile fired with a full-weight inert payload.
We estimate that each one of those Dreadnaught Spheres is carrying a payload of approximately one billion individual drones.
The next step was to release the satellite stored in the payload bay of her space plane, situated five meters behind her cockpit.
With a mass of 22,753 kg (50,161 lb), the Chandra telescope also represents the heaviest payload launched by the Space Shuttle.
As such, the emphasis went on its ruggedness, reliability and payload, rather than on pure speed and advanced electronic systems.

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cargo consignment freight lading load loading payload shipment warhead