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Payload in a sentence | payload example sentences

  1. Now, what could the payload possibly be?
  2. If they're willing to dump that kind of payload.
  3. Did you have any trouble deploying the payload?
  4. Yet, Project ORBITER’s payload isn’t much larger.
  5. But a lighter payload could be sent all the way to Mars.

  6. Altogether, the payload was worth upward of five and a half million.
  7. The harmless shimmy, caused by a minor fuel mixture imbalance, rattled the payload.
  8. Just before he erupted she spun around and greedily swallowed up his creamy payload.
  9. Doctor Von Braun, what is the projected weight of your Project ORBITER’s payload?
  10. It would have made no difference if I would have refuse to fire the payload, someone else would have.
  11. Two hours later, again on cue, Ingrid opened the doors of the payload bay and released the satellite.
  12. But, General Dows, you just said that you killed Project VANGUARD because its payload was too small.
  13. Yes sir! It was designed to bring a crew of two and a payload of about five tons up to low Earth orbit.
  14. This feature detects errors in the ATM header only; there is no error control of the payload at this layer.
  15. This field contains padding to expand the size of the payload data to the boundary of the next 4-byte word.

  16. And when could you have it attempt to attain orbit, ideally with an actual payload, at the earliest?
  17. The only system that reads the information in the payload is the computer possessing the destination address.
  18. I knelt, tethered, at the end of my chain, straining to hear the sound of a carbine loosing its deathly payload.
  19. That made it more efficient and had allowed a marked increase in the final mass of the payload carried by the rocket.
  20. The fourth and final stage soon ignited properly as its small payload was already past the limits of Earth’s stratosphere.
  21. Dows would not be content with a half success and more than probably had that missile fired with a full-weight inert payload.
  22. We estimate that each one of those Dreadnaught Spheres is carrying a payload of approximately one billion individual drones.
  23. With a mass of 22,753 kg (50,161 lb), the Chandra telescope also represents the heaviest payload launched by the Space Shuttle.
  24. The next step was to release the satellite stored in the payload bay of her space plane, situated five meters behind her cockpit.
  25. As such, the emphasis went on its ruggedness, reliability and payload, rather than on pure speed and advanced electronic systems.

  26. I don’t have two fucking years you prick! I need another payload bug! What about the baby? Can we use it to our advantage?
  27. Do we know what kind of payload that missile could carry, Field Marshall? Can it cover such a distance with a nuclear warhead?
  28. In essence, I want you to design a one-person recompression chamber that could fit as a payload in our SPS-10A prototype space plane.
  29. Rather, it was a massive Caterpillar 797 haul truck boasting a payload of 400 short tons and standing more than 50 feet (15 meters) high.
  30. Take cover! Coenter shouted, diving behind the edge of the roof top as the second set of Cyries swooped by with a payload of bullets.
  31. Using equation ax2 + bx + c = 0, the ruthless AI propels a payload of predetermined mass (m) along a downward-opening parabolic trajectory.
  32. Uh, our instrument payload will be about ten pounds but, with the final rocket stage attached to it, the weight in orbit will be about thirty pounds.
  33. Unlike AH, the ESP protocol completely encapsulates the payload contained in each datagram, using both header and footer fields, as shown in Figure 23-7.
  34. The initial calculations of our scientists show that this same missile could send a payload of close to a ton into orbit, enough for a small, one-man capsule.
  35. Node quickly took back control and steadied the Roller, as the men in the back opened fire at the soldiers, then ducked beneath the counter payload of bullets.
  36. While that operation went well, a light on her instruments panel lit up just after a gentle shake announced the ejection of the satellite from the payload bay.
  37. Thirty pounds isn’t enough for me to qualify as a useful military orbital payload but there are political considerations at play here on top of military ones.
  38. To prevent the heat of the exploding rocket at the top of its trajectory from damaging the payload, the glass test tube containers would shatter away from the heat.
  39. To a data link layer protocol, the data within the frame is treated as payload only, just as postal employees have no idea what is inside the envelopes they process.
  40. In the same way, the protocols operating at the other layers are conscious of their own header information but are unaware of what data is being carried in the payload.
  41. At this point, the packet consists of a datagram—that is, a network layer protocol header and a payload that was generated by the transport layer protocol on the source system.
  42. One of the reasons why we still have nothing in orbit is because everybody is trying hard with rocket boosters that have insufficient efficiency to put a meaningful payload into orbit.
  43. That computer then either passes the network layer protocol data contained in the payload up through its protocol stack or uses that data to determine what the next destination of the packet should be.
  44. With its very long range, which will be up to 6,900 miles with a normal payload of 55 tons, and its cruising speed of 635 miles per hour, the VC-200 will be ideal for the overseas trips of the President.
  45. The only solution when using a classic rocket booster is to have the most efficient design possible and to have enough raw power to carry what will be in essence a proportionally very small payload into orbit.
  46. The network layer protocol then receives the PDU from the transport layer and encapsulates it within its own PDU by adding a header and using the entire transport layer PDU (including the application layer data) as its payload.
  47. The packages and bags of smaller items had been hurled about by the landing, and Siri used his machete to begin the task of examining the entire payload for anything that might be of use in their attempt to survive and reach safety.
  48. Consequently, in the early hours of August 6th 1945 the Superfortress B 29 bomber Enola Gay piloted by Colonel Paul Tibbets took off from the Marianas and headed towards Hiroshima to deliver her fatal payload of uranium 235 code named little boy.

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