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Payroll in a sentence

She was on his payroll.
the payroll where I work.
―Who‘s on your payroll.
This guy was on the payroll.
on their payroll, one at a time.
I’ll have Payroll cut your check.
he drives away with all the payroll.

You’re on the payroll until then.
You see they are under my payroll.
State of Nevada had him on his payroll.
Plus the judge was on Beck’s payroll.
9% payroll deduction with Social Security.
This one’s on the government payroll.
he’s ever had a hit woman on his payroll.
God forbid his payroll would have to go up.
Always check payroll stubs for tax deductions.
My main problem was the payroll of the foundry.
I kept him on standby for the Saturday payroll.
Says who? You’re on the payroll, ‘Jack’.
contained on the master file layouts for payroll.
The total withheld balanced to the payroll but the.
The locksmith was on the payroll for several other.
(they were on the payroll) without Tony’s knowledge.
The Masked Bandits were stealing the military payroll.
‘That rock opera was long before I went on the payroll.
At this time the colonel was on His Majesty’s payroll.
fortunate that he had two expert painters on the payroll.
He had been on the CIA payroll since the Eisenhower years.
benefit of this credit by reductions in their payroll tax.
She would no longer be on the payroll of 20th Century-Fox.

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