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Pct in a sentence

Now the PCT and I were tied.
The PCT was just beyond it.
I wondered where the PCT was.
After I’m done with the PCT.
By noon I didn’t even see the PCT.
The PCT had taught me what a mile was.

The Queen of the PCT, said Richie.
It was a woman who first thought of the PCT.
Are you, by chance, hiking the PCT?
It meant I’d followed the path of the PCT.
We picked the wrong year to hike the PCT.
But hiking the PCT was hard in a different way.
I couldn’t allow even a line of it now on the PCT.
By nightfall four other PCT hikers joined my encampment.
The radical aloneness of the PCT had altered that sense.
You a PCT hiker? the woman behind the counter asked.
Didn’t know, even, that there was a PCT hiker vernacular.
I’d planned to put them all to rest while hiking the PCT.
I’d last been home the week before I left to hike the PCT.
I wanted to hike the PCT, but I couldn’t! It was socked in!.
It was me against the PCT when it came to my toenails, I realized.
The amount I had left over was the amount I could spend on the PCT.
They weren’t gearheads or backpacking experts or PCT know-it-alls.
I knew in an instant that he was a PCT hiker by the drag of his gait.
If I walked up to the PCT as planned, I’d be walking into more snow.
When I told him about hiking the PCT, he insisted on washing my clothes.
If all went as planned, in another fifty days I’d be done with the PCT.
It hadn’t affected the PCT so far, but he’d told them to be on alert.
I’d used it only a few times experimentally before I took it on the PCT.
You a PCT hiker? the man who stood behind the cash register asked me.
The PCT had gotten easier for me, but that was different from it getting easy.
I hadn’t been so far from my pack since I began the PCT, and it felt strange.
When I told her I was hiking the PCT, she offered to give me a ride to the trail.
So when I was packing for the PCT, I’d decided to give the book another chance.
It occurred to me that I could ask her for a job for the summer and quit the PCT.
I still didn’t know precisely where I was, but at least I knew I was on the PCT.
The PCT was just beyond it, the women had told me as I’d climbed out of their van.
I’d planned to leave them in the PCT hiker free box as soon as my new boots arrived.
It was early but hot already as I walked the road to the place where the PCT crossed it.

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