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Pealed in a sentence

1. LanCoste pealed neatly out of his tunic.
2. High, a high note pealed in the treble clear.
3. Then Sue pealed off the piece of paper and set the pad and pen down.
4. Only the rattle and clank of pots and pans pealed in the background.
5. An intense dull pain pealed in his head and a sharp, stinging pain in his left hand.
6. It pealed time and time again, inhuman, cold laughter that chilled Ambrosius to his bones.
7. Within the church, it had hardly been kept down; beneath the sky, it pealed upward to the zenith.

8. Her voice, as it pealed out her pain, might be as high and pretty as the whitest clouds on a summer’s day.
9. She tugged upon the rope and the bell rocked in its cradle as it pealed a mellow tone with a long resonant after hum.
10. Police radios and cell phones beckoned for more help as church bells from the area houses of worship pealed in the background.
11. I got all the buttons undone to where the shirt was tucked into his jeans, and I pealed it off of him, to leave it hanging from the waistband.
12. And then all the bells in the tower of every church, convent, or chapel in town, even those that had remained shut up for years, pealed out together with a crash.
13. The mighty gates between the huge towers of the outer wall clanged open, and the king rode into his capital between lines of glittering spearmen, while fifty trumpets pealed salute.
14. She waked with a beating heart; wheels stopped in the street, her gate clicked, there were footsteps coming up her path—bold, hurried steps; they reached the veranda—the bell pealed.
15. She tried to infect him with her own ambition, and he suddenly began making a toy church: the pastor came out to preach the sermon, the congregation listened with their hands before them, one lady was drying her tears with her handkerchief, one old gentleman was blowing his nose; finally the organ pealed forth.
16. Edgar, flashing with fury, dominated all the others with his clearer voice; Ashton hurled homicidal provocations at him in deep notes; Lucie uttered her shrill plaint, Arthur at one side, his modulated tones in the middle register, and the bass of the minister pealed forth like an organ, while the voices of the women repeating his words took them up in chorus delightfully.
1. All at once they heard a rather complicated pealing from.
2. The wallpaper was pealing off and the paint was chipped in several areas.
3. The air was agitated by the pealing of the church-bells summoning the people to mass.
4. And then there came out upon the air the sound of voices and the pealing anthem of the organ.
5. Children ran everywhere along the glowing sidewalks, their laughter pealing through the evening air.
6. It bombarded him with images of his people; their flesh pealing, their bodies ruptured and torn to pieces.
7. Occasionally her eye would wander into the scenery above, from which a broken rain of pealing screams fell, born of some thrill ride over the trees.
8. Occasionally her eye would wonder into the scenery above, from which a broken rain of pealing screams fell, born of some thrill ride over the trees.
9. As I made my way down the hallway I could hear Mother chattering to Andrew, her voice half pealing bells and half choking back the sobs which still lingered.
10. This continued until the entire carcass was stripped of the blubber from head to tail, just like pealing an orange in one continuous strip, one strip at a time.
11. The air vibrated with the pealing and clanging of church bells, that were calling the people to attend to a service like that which was now being conducted in the prison.
12. When he heard those words – which came to his ears like pealing thunder, and which swept away his evil and falseness – he said nothing and uttered not a single word more.
13. He was confident that when he rang the church's tower bell its musical quality would sound unlike any of its past pealing and there was a very simple reason why that would be so.
14. In accordance with his arrangements there was no music, no fireworks, no pealing bells, no shouts of victory, or any other manifestation that might alter the mournful character of the armistice.
15. One drop came down, then another; then they came drumming on the dock leaves and on the iron of the roof, and all the air was filled by a bright flash, and before Nekhludoff could count three a fearful crash sounded over head and spread pealing all over the sky.
16. This ended, in prolonged solemn tones, like the continual tolling of a bell in a ship that is foundering at sea in a fog—in such tones he commenced reading the following hymn; but changing his manner towards the concluding stanzas, burst forth with a pealing exultation and joy—.
17. The interpreter made no answer, but went on to say, There was no want of idle eyes, that see everything, to see Melisendra come down and mount, and word was brought to King Marsilio, who at once gave orders to sound the alarm; and see what a stir there is, and how the city is drowned with the sound of the bells pealing in the towers of all the mosques.
1. Peals of laughter echoed from the turrets.
2. But you do not understand any of the peals?
3. Peals of thunder sounded out in rapid intervals.
4. He had them in peals of laughter with his antics.
5. Peals of laughter from the other end of the table.
6. Peals of laughter rippled throughout the crowd as.
7. Peals of laughter rang out when Thomas butchered a.
8. Sonia shook her head and burst into loud peals of laughter.
9. Out of his mouth came peals of thunder and sparks of lightning.
10. Another pause, and then peals of laughter billowed from behind the curtain.
11. Convulsing into peals of laughter, he started shaking so uncontrollably that he.
12. After a time he joined her faintly in a deep-toned and distant echo of her peals.
13. Laughter broke in loud peals overhead as a translucent beam fell toward Narasimha.
14. From above came the peals of the old prince’s voice, and the chuckle of Katavasov.
15. She threw back her head and let out peals of seductive teasing laughter into his ear.
16. As she u sed to say between peals of laughter, she was the only free woman in the province.
17. All he wanted for Fern was to make her laugh, be there to hear the peals of it as it rang out.
18. As I entered the anteroom I heard Andrusha’s peals of laughter and that meant that all was well.
19. And they both broke into such peals of laughter that Maryanka's mother shouted to them to be quiet.
20. As I entered the anteroom I heard Andrúsha’s peals of laughter and that meant that all was well.
21. She could put it away! It brought on the giggles and the peals of laughter, insinuations and merriment.
22. Murray looked at her waiting for the punch line followed by peals of laughter but she kept a straight face.
23. Kerim pointed towards Cristal and said something that caused the lady to burst out into peals of laughter.
24. Here was the secret of her blanched face, her shaken nerves, her peals of hysterical laughter on the next morning.
25. The queen looked down at Mathion, her thoughts resonating with power, layered like the fading peals of a ringing bell.
26. Guess what happened? We both burst into peals of laughter! We must have laughed nonstop for a couple of minutes at least.
27. I explain and she bursts into peals of laughter causing one or two of the other browsers in the shop to look at us sharply.
28. And then, a little after ten, as the last peals of the courthouse clock faded away on the night air, they heard the noises.
29. Its old gloomy walls seemed to shake in the acclamations that rent the air and covered the crashing peals of the cathedral bells.
30. With peals of distant ironical laughter at every word I have written, Pointing in silence to these songs, and then to the sand beneath.
31. Now and then the cloud was rent by flashes of lightning, and peals of thunder mingled more and more often with the rattling of the train.
32. A very merry lunch it was, for everything seemed fresh and funny, and frequent peals of laughter startled a venerable horse who fed near by.
33. One of them pointed towards the children, and then he whispered something to the other four, and all five of them burst into peals of laughter.
34. Jimmy's nails dig deeper into her shoulders, but instead of groans of agony, he is surprised to hear peals of laughter beginning to bubble up through her.
35. After the psalmodies, the bells, the peals, and knells and offices, the sound of these little girls burst forth on a sudden more sweetly than the noise of bees.
36. As he spoke, they heard peals of distant laughter, and saw six or seven of the people who had been boating scampering across the moonlit lawn toward the nearest park gates.
37. Pandora throws her column shifter in reverse, peals back away from the bewildered heaps that rammed her, then turns away, down the street, abandoning the scene of the accident.
38. At that moment in one of the intervals of profound darkness, following the flashes, a voice was heard at his side; and almost at the same instant a volley of thunder peals rolled overhead.
39. When he recommended the player not to saw the air thus, the sulky man said, "And don't you do it, neither; you're a deal worse than him!" And I grieve to add that peals of laughter greeted Mr.
40. That's the question of an enfant terrible, and Betsy obviously tried to restrain herself, but could not, and went off into peals of that infectious laughter that people laugh who do not laugh often.

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A fourth peal burst out.
A peal of thunder came.
Peal the old cry once more.
She let out a peal of laughter.
A third peal created a diversion.
A peal of laughter from Jo, Amy, Mrs.
Each person and each thing had its own peal.
And Seryozha went off into a peal of laughter.
The second peal had been louder, and still nobody came.
Then there was a great peal of laughter, beginning near.
At this question the crags trembled with the shock of a thundering peal.
The fairy only answered with a peal of laughter, and when at length she had.
There were running footsteps above her head and a peal of girlish laughter.
One blinding flash after another came, and peal on peal of deafening thunder.
The sound of the peal of the hour of the night by the chime of the bells in the.
The peal which orders the doctor for the dead to be summoned has already been rung.
Denisov smiled, and Petya burst into a peal of merry laughter in which Tikhon himself joined.
Denísov smiled, and Pétya burst into a peal of merry laughter in which Tíkhon himself joined.
There was a great rumble from within the fish, and a peal of thunder that seamed to come from without.
He swaggered up the path as if the place belonged to him, and we heard his loud, confident peal at the bell.
He swaggered up a path as if as if the place belonged to him, and we heard his loud, confident peal at the bell.
The thunder burst again—a short, abrupt peal, as if the egis had fallen from the weakened hand of the thunderer.
The contrast was so ludicrous that Rosemary was afraid she would go off into a peal of hysterical laughter over it.
Visitors from abroad wandered the Peal of the Orient, the famous shoppers’ paradise, wondering what had gone wrong.
A deep peal of thunder went rolling and tumbling down the heavens and lost itself in sullen rumblings in the distance.
Then into the silence fell Helen’s laugh from the floor above, a long peal of mirth that spoke clearly of companionship.
The peal of laughter which followed Gabriel's imitation of the incident was interrupted by a resounding knock at the hall door.
The bell of Monte Citorio, which only sounds on the pope's decease and the opening of the Carnival, was ringing a joyous peal.
Instantly the air vibrated with a peal of terror, whether from the stairs, the altar, or the crystal itself he could not tell.
The moment was short-lived as a peal of thunder deafened us, and our thoughts snapped back to the plight of our missing family.
With the next peal of thunder, a fine layer of dust drifted down from the roof as the walls of the Great Chamber shook in response.
Half an hour later, a peal of thunder rips through the joyous din, and the clouds that have been swelling all afternoon spill open.
It was followed in quick succession by several more, each blending together into a long, loud peal of sound like late summer thunder.
Amid Anne's peal of laughter Phil came downstairs, trailing clouds of glory, and surveyed herself in the long oval mirror on the wall.
There was a nervous suspense over us all, as though overhead some dread bell would peal out powerfully when we should least expect it.
Oak threw his head back in a peal of laughter and Detroit slammed his fist upon the table gaining the attention of the others across the room.
Carried away by the grotesque horror of this picture, the minister, unawares, and to his own infinite alarm, burst into a great peal of laughter.
Come, there goes another peal, that is to order the porter to go and inform the municipality that the dead-doctor is to come here and view a corpse.
She broke out into a peal of laughter and glanced at her husband, whose admiring and happy eyes had been wandering from her dress to her face and hair.
A great peal thunder reverberated and echoed over the island, as if the heavens themselves were registering a lament over the death of such a noted figure.

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