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Penetrated in a sentence

word penetrated her mind.
The drill had penetrated.
penetrated the hedge maze.
If AM penetrated down here.
penetrated his thin poloneck.
She had penetrated the KGB.
penetrated among the mandarins.

The trendline is penetrated.
the trendline was penetrated.
was penetrated March 19 2001.
I had penetrated some distance.
Voices penetrated the thin walls.
penetrated and we buy at $23.
that sound penetrated proud hearts.
He penetrated to Cosette's bedroom.
penetrated every corner of the room.
He penetrated even deeper, but he.
was penetrated by more than 5%.
psychologically penetrated my libido.
they have penetrated the disguise?'.
when the line was penetrated by.
Gabriel’s words penetrated my haze.
He tried again, and penetrated further.
Any harder and it would have penetrated.
Their souls were penetrated by the Light.
when the trendline is penetrated by.
The trendline was penetrated by more.
head when her question penetrated his head.
His look was penetrating.
penetrating his or her soul.
youth penetrating the moment.
a penetrating contemplation.
stranger penetrating his wife.
body part they were penetrating.
Raw and penetrating was the fog.
She gives him a penetrating stare.
Standing in the penetrating heat.
The music was more penetrating now.
His eyes were beady and penetrating.
Thomas gave Robert a penetrating stare.
The look was a penetrating accusation.
His eyes are wild, deeply penetrating.
to ward off the dagger penetrating cold.
His eyes were black, hard and penetrating.
they had at it and nothing was penetrating.
pointed head, penetrating gold-flecked eyes.
This ball had an acrid and penetrating odor.
He fixed a penetrating glance on the stranger.
moon is full, intense with a penetrating gaze.
Penetrating every fibre of his being, he was.
rays, his hand glowed red, each ray penetrating.
Her face was calm and her eyes were penetrating.
realization as to where the water is penetrating.
He hid his cringes from Hiss’ penetrating eyes.
Her shrewd green eyes gave him a penetrating stare.
gray at the temples and his penetrating blue eyes.
Ned Land observed the sea with his penetrating eyes.
Hazel looked at the seer with level penetrating eyes.
He also penetrates.
His flashlight barely penetrates.
Be the fire that penetrates the page.
the kind that penetrates to the soul,.
A collective shriek penetrates the air.
A little light penetrates towards mid-day.
Be the fire that penetrates the page bible.
which both penetrates and exceeds everything.
This ray strikes, touches, and penetrates them.
This matter of sound is one that penetrates very deeply.
The bible is the sword of the Spirit because penetrates.
Therefore, if a negative thought form penetrates into a.
Contemplation penetrates the surface to reveal the truth.
(a) he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth.
The half that penetrates my being and makes my heart sing,.
(a) penetrates the genital organs of another person with -.
But heaven only when it penetrates the choice of his words.
During waking consciousness penetrates deep into the cortex.
health is renewed as the word of God penetrates into their soul.
Besides, this cleaving let the sunrays enter and the air penetrates.
penetrates the numbed human psyche, as the Novocain begins to wear off.
Love?… An invented lie… Nothing penetrates the armor… except….
No thought rises in the mind, no volitions from out side penetrates only.
nature, and my industry, strong to aid him, he pierces, penetrates, and at.
This teaching lies upon the surface, and penetrates the depths of Scripture.
The Talmud is a Flame that Penetrates the Mind and throbs within the body.
original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.
him to penetrate her.
to penetrate the wall.
penetrate into the room.
Penetrate the morning fogs.
None penetrate his Shields.
Penetrate the most wanted:.
to penetrate the United States.
penetrate and stab the concrete.
begin to penetrate the passages.
By loving God, I penetrate him.
I couldn't penetrate his thoughts.
Your thoughts will slowly penetrate.
preventing the sperm to penetrate it.
The insects penetrate your clothing.
penetrate the soul of the one you want.
They seemed to penetrate his very soul.
Claire felt some of the horror penetrate.
It took some time for that to penetrate.
he attempted to penetrate Ross’ psyche.
Electrical signals can’t penetrate it.
they can neither penetrate nor be penetrated.
It will not penetrate the thicker crust here.
"A sword won't penetrate that hide," he yelled.
He heard a mumbling sound trying to penetrate.
had been the only thing to penetrate his lethargy.
He was about to penetrate her when she muttered,.
They penetrate deep into the hearts of the hearers.
Dark steel grey eyes attempt to penetrate the blur.

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