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Philosophically in a sentence

1. Ronald pondered the situation philosophically.
2. Philosophically, the contents of the jar gave no advice.
3. Philosophically, there can be no watered-down half measure in.
4. Things are taken in stride – philosophically, not personally.
5. Alas, Horatio is right, Lancelot sigh’d philosophically.
6. It is all he has left to barter with, replied Marc philosophically.
7. Philosophically, the implications of quantum mechanics are mind blowing.

8. The beginning is always a good place, said Catherine, philosophically.
9. The spirit of good is philosophically feminine, hence Maat (Truth and.
10. The same hambone can yield up lots of meals, said a man philosophically.
11. It’s a good thing that you take it philosophically, at all events, said Varia.
12. Philosophy is not something you can learn, but you can learn to think philosophically.
13. Their creations have benefited mankind artistically, philosophically, and scientifically.
14. How marvelous it was not just to believe that philosophically, but to experience it directly.
15. Philosophically, they are identical; in the absence of the one you can commune with the other.
16. The result is total confusion in the mind of any thinking person, philosophically trained or not.
17. The girls’ faces turned to her, startled and questioning, and Gerald wagged his head philosophically.
18. It was all over one leg of his smartly pressed trousers, and he had not taken this very philosophically.
19. Well, it keeps the ‘shoals of money’ in the family! said Phil, philosophically, and then he howled.
20. Because sometimes it best to stay so far away from other human beings replied Mikhail philosophically.
21. So the final stretch of the season would be interesting, and philosophically speaking, every one of them deserved to win.
22. And so it was with Adam, who philosophically accepted her as a friend and felt mighty lucky just to get to share time with her.
23. Philosophically speaking, it occurred to Ben that in the long run, evil cannot win, because evil always annihilates whatever it touches.
24. When Anthony knocked at the tent, however, they’d shout, You can't come in, we’re naked! He seemed to accept this philosophically.
25. Dantes gazed on the man who could thus philosophically resign hopes so long and ardently nourished with an astonishment mingled with admiration.
26. Although he was an autocrat, he was philosophically liberal, and, accordingly, the universities produced a large number of academics who were not.
27. No matter which angle you approach it on, philosophically, politically, or economically, Earth barely made it through that time period alive, and not without several wars.
28. She thought philosophically that the flies would probably result in dysentery but she knew what to do about that; she had plenty of sulphatriad to see her through the week.
29. Sure, I am philosophically open to the idea proposed in the Desiderata that the Universe is unfolding as it should be, but not because someone, or something, is driving it.
30. Philosophically considered, therefore, the two passions seem essentially the same, except that one happens to be seen in a celestial radiance, and the other in a dusky and lurid glow.
31. The interpretation of the superficial or accidentals of the situation was inaccurate, to speak philosophically, but the substance was right on target, dead center--time, place, the whole deal.
32. The fifth lamented the loss of a perfectly good cricket shed, but ended philosophically with the cliché about God moving in mysterious ways, and was dated the last day of the previous school term.
33. At first diverse, scattered geographically, philosophically, and practically, the Civil War against America grew slowly but steadily, became more conscious of itself as such, and inevitably more subversive.
34. Nonetheless the investor would do well to recognize, and to accept as philosophically as he can, that the old package of good profit possibilities combined with small ultimate risk is no longer available to him.
35. This means that all living Creatures and Nature around them are united with each other not theoretically, philosophically, but by definition — as different-qualitative Forms of the general dynamics of Energy-Plasma.
36. So long as I hoped you were working for the good of our house and for the fortune of our daughter, I philosophically closed my eyes; but as you have transformed that house into a vast ruin I will not be the foundation of another man's fortune.
37. In what do these demands consist? On what are they based? In order that these principles should be incontrovertible, it is necessary either that they be proved philosophically, incontrovertibly, or that, at least, all educated people should be agreed on them.
38. Once past the frontier, Andrea proposed making money of his diamonds; and by uniting the proceeds to ten bank-notes he always carried about with him in case of accident, he would then find himself possessor of about 50,000 livres, which he philosophically considered as no very deplorable condition after all.
39. She philosophically noted dates as they came past in the revolution of the year; the disastrous night of her undoing at Trantridge with its dark background of The Chase; also the dates of the baby's birth and death; also her own birthday; and every other day individualized by incidents in which she had taken some share.
40. But you know how the theologians in their collegiate chairs, and philosophers in their controversies, occasionally say cruel truths; let us suppose for the moment that we are theologizing in a social way, or even philosophically, and I will say to you, rude as it may seem, 'My brother, you sacrifice greatly to pride; you may be above others, but above you there is God.
41. They insisted I stay for a few days in their headquarters where they recited poetry, we listened to music, and they talked deep into the night about revolution, the meaning of life, and the nature of humans – I gained the impression that Arabs are far better educated culturally, philosophically and politically than young people in New Zealand and other British commonwealth countries.
42. And still later, when Ingeborg had left off pretending or trying to be anything at all, when courage and unselfishness and stoicism and a desire to please Robert--who was Robert?--were like toys for drawing-room games, shoved aside in these grips with death, Frau Dosch nodded her head philosophically while she ate and drank from the trays Ilse kept on bringing her, and said at regular intervals, _Ja, ja_--was sein muss sein muss.

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