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Pockets in a sentence

1. She takes it and pockets it.
2. Her hands are in her pockets.
3. I was as empty as my pockets.
4. Thus far, my pockets are empty.
5. He rummaged through his pockets.
6. He has two front shirt pockets.
7. I slide my hands into my pockets.

8. Mama reached into Ish's pockets.
9. I fumbled eagerly in my pockets.
10. Then he searched my back pockets.
11. But into their own pockets.
12. I stuffed my pockets with rocks.
13. He fished through his jean pockets.
14. One of the inside pockets of the.
15. Not a thing in any of his pockets.
16. She tucks her hands in her pockets.
17. Going to need some more pockets.
18. Label the pockets with categories.
19. Brand had his hands in his pockets.
20. Gas pockets in the basalt flows in.
21. Urit's hands found his pockets again.
22. She placed it in one of her pockets.
23. We had $500 cash in our pockets to.
24. She put the contents of her pockets.
25. She feels for the cans in her pockets.
26. It had a couple button up pockets on.
27. Who has more pockets than a magician?
28. Oh, yes, I col ect the pockets of.
29. His hands flutter between his pockets.
30. He dug in his pockets for his matches.
31. Schulz put his hands into his pockets.
32. Look in the coat pockets, I said.
33. Bill thrust his hands into his pockets.
34. Patting her pockets, she feels nothing.
35. He rifled through the Pole’s pockets.
36. He dug in his pockets and found a few.
37. Watch yourself and your pockets, Nathan.
38. The one that checked Roman’s pockets.
39. My fists worked in my pockets, squeezing.
40. Will plunged his hands into his pockets.
41. TONY-LEE puts his hands into his pockets.
42. He dug his hands deeper into his pockets.
43. He put the tub in one of his pockets too.
44. The atmosphere is isolated into pockets.
45. Click! I was empty! I searched my pockets.
46. I check all my pockets, but I can't find it.
47. I counted the money in my pockets: one mark.
48. He took his hands from his trouser pockets.
49. His pockets are ripped and his pouch lies.
50. She stared at the two leather pockets that.
51. These pockets only got larger as Batistuta.
52. Hicks patted his pockets and shook his head.
53. I saw pockets of violence begin to break out.
54. As they all rested, Doug searched his pockets.
55. Hastings put his hands in his pockets, coolly.
56. Many of the group had their pockets full too.
57. There were still individual pockets of Arab.
58. Marius hid the pistols in his trousers pockets.
59. So they can stuff more money in their pockets.
60. Joey stood up and put his hands in his pockets.
61. He stuck his hands in his pockets and chuckled.
62. Tearing up Mother Earth to line their pockets.
63. His pockets filled quickly as did the satchel.
64. Terence shoved his hands in his jacket pockets.
65. She nodded and sunk her hands into her pockets.
66. O'Connor, beginning to search his pockets for.
67. Devon Lyre stands with his hands in his pockets.
68. She bites her lip and pockets the device again.
69. Bois D’Arc going though his coverall pockets.
70. Let's put it into one of the peasants' pockets.
71. He patted the empty pockets of his dusty jeans.
72. Thank God, Shrank did not pat his pockets again.
73. Embarrassed, he pretended to search his pockets.
74. And from one of his pockets he drew forth a sou.
75. Shot after shot, mailing balls into the pockets.
76. Money is always there but the pockets change.
77. She stuck her hands deep into her front pockets.
78. He stuck his thumbs into the tops of his pockets.
79. Further, we're using it to cut pockets in 6061.
80. He slid them into his waistcoat pockets instead.
81. Quick drying, zipper pockets, no-lift gusseted.
82. Hands in pockets, he strolls casually up the walk.
83. Her pockets were undoubtedly and piteously light.
84. The blue jean pockets were puffed out innocently.
85. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his smock.
86. Pockets of air shift the metal pieces from their.
87. Junya fondled in his pockets and searched for a.
88. The next one turned up with his pockets full of.
89. Sprugs were actually in the pockets of the Devil.
90. He fumbled in his pockets for the keys to his car.
91. Godwyn had heard talk that there were pockets of.
92. But the bright pockets of light were like magnets.
93. Titters arose in little pockets around the gallery.
94. He rushed over to the bush and patted the pockets.
95. I looked in the front pockets, but both were empty.
96. She put it on and shoved her hands in the pockets.
97. And he did, in fact, begin turning out his pockets.
98. She emptied her pockets of mud and turned to Janet.
99. These are the ones with the plastic pockets in them.
100. Holy cow, men carry a lot of crap in their pockets.
1. Pocketing the card, she bid Gerald farewell.
2. Pocketing the tiny box, she entered the hallway.
3. Pocketing the condom, the writer stood, picked up the coffee carafe.
4. Terry wiped his hand on the grass and stood up, pocketing his knife.
5. Pocketing the item, Taher faced the direction that Morgan had come from.
6. I rose and inspected the sacks, pocketing a few choice beans as souvenirs.
7. When pocketing, our limitation will be the smallest inside radius we have to.
8. He held it for a moment, rubbing his thumb over the cover before pocketing it.
9. It had been a fun night and I had ended up pocketing some great tips for the night.
10. Pocketing back his radio, Erik then resumed his observation of the fleeing cargo ship.
11. Finally he wrapped it up and came back to the kitchen’s entrance, pocketing his phone.
12. After pocketing the offending ticket, Loofah surveyed the carriage without much interest.
13. The choice thus boils down to picking up your share of the loot or gaping at those pocketing it.
14. Crossing to a stainless steel trolley, he dug out some sterile dressings, quickly pocketing them.
15. After pocketing what little coins he had on him, she pulled his backpack from beside him and wondered at how light it was.
16. Thinking about something, she went to the nose compartment containing her gun camera and took the film out of it, pocketing it.
17. Sure, mademoiselle! Said the boy, pocketing quickly the coin and then grabbing two big bags Nancy was pulling out of the cart.
18. Storing back in place the camera and pocketing the pen, Ingrid next sucked in some water and nutrient from the tubes inside her helmet.
19. Her hand flying up at a lightning speed, she grabbed back her passport and then took one step back while pocketing quickly her passport.
20. And the taxi-driver who brought her from Paddington had hardly done pocketing his money when there she was again, and he was taking her somewhere else.
21. She stood in a small courtyard of hard-packed earth, she slipped her cloak off and pocketing the brooch she threw the cloak over the chestnut’s withers.
22. When he saw prisoners violating the rules by eating vegetables in the garden area, or pocketing mussels at low tide outside the camp, he talked the guards into looking the other way.
23. Water was then lowered down to them, and a couple of handfuls of biscuit were tossed after it; when again turning the key upon them and pocketing it, the Captain returned to the quarter-deck.
24. When this young relative returned several months later, richer by far by pocketing most of the excessive funding for his travels, he presented my father with his massive collection of photographs.
25. When he was only six years old, Warren Buffett purchased six-packs of Coca-Cola from his grandfather's grocery store for twenty five cents and resold each of the bottles for five cents, pocketing a five cent profit.
26. For most people, this is a natural and intuitive concept: buying something relatively cheaply, planning to sell it later for a higher price, and pocketing the difference (minus any costs of financing or insurance incurred in the interim).
27. At one point, after pocketing their money and their komboloi beads, they performed a remarkable piece of coordinated percussion by tapping their feet and fingertips on the table tops in time to a tune hummed by Zacharias, their Sophian eyes a-shining.
28. Retrieving and pocketing her Lebanese passport and her wallet, which were contained in water-tight plastic bags, Farah then armed herself, finally slinging the small haversack containing her satellite telephone, her GPS locator unit and spare ammunition.
29. Taking out the film cassette of her gun camera and pocketing it, she left orders with her ground crew to service and check her P-38NC, then elected to walk all the way to her headquarters building, 300 meters away, in order to wind down and stretch her legs.
30. Garvey thought that white America was so deeply prejudiced that black Americans would be better off moving back to Africa and he collected a lot of money to finance his ‘Republic of Africa’, until it turned out he’d been pocketing it, which rather ruined his image.
31. I read all the uninteresting details of his political lack of spine vis-à-vis the English overlords, of his pocketing of commissions on every national deal, of his purchase of defective arms which caused the 1948 defeat of Egypt at the hands of the newly created state of Israel.
32. Oh, let us have no gestures, no screams, no modern drama, or you will oblige me to tell you that I see Debray leave here, pocketing the whole of the 500,000 livres you have handed over to him this year, while he smiles to himself, saying that he has found what the most skilful players have never discovered—that is, a roulette where he wins without playing, and is no loser when he loses.
33. Baines stood, checked the wad again before pocketing it,.
1. The marshal pocketed the coins.
2. Fritz pocketed the winning ball.
3. The phantom board pocketed his.
4. Manish pocketed his things and left.
5. Tammas shrugged and pocketed the tin.
6. Max thanked Sam and pocketed his phone.
7. Then he locked it and pocketed the key.
8. Nancy thanked him and pocketed the card.
9. She pocketed her weapon and pulled out.
10. Farid pocketed the folded piece of paper.
11. Moving off again, he pocketed the mobile.
12. I yanked out the flash drive and pocketed it.
13. Crusher closed her tricorder and pocketed it.
14. Then he pocketed the gun, returning to his seat.
15. Demon: He pocketed it without paying for it when he.
16. No doubt a hefty discount would have been pocketed.
17. Most of them promptly sold it and pocketed the profit.
18. Freak One shut the door behind us and pocketed the key.
19. He pocketed it too and started to move towards the exit.
20. The hammer in Master Joe's hand shrunk as he pocketed it.
21. He put on his coat, pocketed the necklace and the wallet.
22. Kenichi pocketed his phone and went into Suzuki’s office.
23. Savannah got out and pocketed the phone as she scampered.
24. We pocketed the coins, nice gifts for the girls, as Jimmy.
25. Alvin pocketed the handcuff key then tossed the belt to the.
26. Restadicus pocketed the glass in his robe for later research.
27. Now what? Mitch pocketed the envelopes and stepped out.
28. He sold national resources cheap, pocketed the majority of.
29. Jon pocketed the weapon and I tapped Bob where it would hurt.
30. She grinned at the dead man as she pocketed again her pistol.
31. If there was no disaster, the seller pocketed a hefty premium.
32. Next he searched his waistcoat, found a purse and pocketed it.
33. Eva pocketed the note and ran her fingers through her hair again.
34. A man’s face hovered above her, scarred and pocketed with acne.
35. Jeff pocketed the pipe and laughed to himself, recalling Rich’s.
36. Drivers license and pocketed it, thinking she could send it back to.
37. Who then leased out the running of the depot and pocketed the profits.
38. I locked my suitcase, pocketed my passport, and got into the backseat.
39. After a moment of silence, he cleared his throat and pocketed the card.
40. The lady quickly exited the cab while the driver pocketed the fifty bucks.
41. The expulsion took place and I pocketed 600,000 francs the day Charles V.
42. He removed his mask and pocketed the loot with the gun still in his hand.
43. I ordered a pizza and pocketed the remaining money that Janet had left me.
44. The cabman joyfully pocketed the sum, and turned back on his road to Paris.
45. He pocketed the weapon thinking that it could be quite useful in the future.
46. I took a few Vicodin, then pocketed a light pink lipstick and a thermometer.
47. He pocketed the envelope of cash Marcus insisted on providing, then drove off.
48. He paid her, pocketed his change, then took the drinks back over to the table.
49. Nancy then pocketed back the order while looking down with contempt at Hirohito.
50. Sebastian pocketed the fountain pen and wafted the paper in the air to dry the ink.
51. Dealer had onsold the goods and pocketed the proceeds without settling his debt to.
52. He pocketed the phone as he ran up the path and knocked on the Jute’s front door.
53. Marco clenched his jaw tightly, pocketed the accessory and then moved out of the room.
54. He pocketed one of the phasers and pulled out the projectile weapon Yves had given him.
55. When they were outside I sent up a bindle with my number but some faggot pocketed it.
56. Very slowly he pocketed it, rose to his feet, opened the door to the empty waiting room.
57. Baba pocketed the keys, pulled me out of the rain and under the building's striped awning.
58. Then he pocketed his phone, walked up to the front door, and let himself in with his keys.
59. Tomi took the data chip held by Boran and looked at it for a few seconds, then pocketed it.
60. He tipped out the contents of her bag, pocketed the cash and cards, and smashed the phone.
61. He had picked Wade, beaming, pocketed the bill and looked anxiously toward his mother for.
62. Ben looked at the coin, to make sure it was really in his hand, then he pocketed it quickly.
63. Meanwhile, behind the Colonel, Kate got to the foot of the embankment, and pocketed the stones.
64. Marking electronically that point, Tina pocketed back her notepad and glanced at Bill Morrison.
65. She pocketed them in her utility belt and said, I discovered trackers planted inside the wings.
66. He pocketed both envelopes and trotted off to deliver the in-coming mail from the previous evening.
67. He pocketed his bamboo reed, pulled his ankle strings as tight as he could, and headed to the benjo.
68. Once secured, he pocketed the grenade and cautiously looked through the holes of the ventilation grill.
69. The last thing she wants is for some businessman to track her down because she pocketed his work phone.
70. As soon as I pocketed the cash they all started questioning me as they had seen me do it in plain sight.
71. He must have sent a scrit, but when I gave him a questioning look, he pocketed the phone and ignored me.
72. But Reynolds said she saw your brother do it, and then he pocketed the DVD and left the facility with it.
73. The Iggy Pop–looking motherfucker caught the lighter, snapped it shut, and pocketed it in one fluid motion.
74. Staying crouched, she pocketed those and grabbed again the flag pole before starting to make her way back up.
75. He took the pouch and pocketed it, dismissing it from his mind as Sergeant Wang silently appeared behind him.
76. She was a bit older than him and his landlady, so Chris pocketed his libido and complimented her on her looks.
77. He had bigger problems to deal with and pocketed the results before making his way out the back bedroom window.
78. He then gave the envelope to Ingrid, who pocketed it at once, revealing briefly her bare breasts in the process.
79. Brynjolf sighed and reached in the bag to produce some coins for the Argonian man, who eagerly pocketed the gold.
80. But she seemed okay, so he downed half of what she’d given him and when she wasn’t looking pocketed the rest.
81. He had turned down the leaf at the open page, and pocketed it before they could explain that it was a library book.
82. He searched through it frantically till he found the coin, pocketed it, then stuffed Nick’s wallet back in his coat.
83. He turned the shower on, flushed the toilet, sampled some lipstick which he spat out, and then pocketed the lip stick.
84. Satisfied that he had added his share of emotions, he pocketed the lipstick, and decided to wander the rest of the house.
85. AJ meanwhile had managed to track a dealer down who wanted £50 a wrap but he got him down to £45 and pocketed the rest.
86. He sniffed the girly scents, ran his thumb across her hairbrush, pocketed a long strand of red gold hair from the bristles.
87. They moved the cars, and Stone got his spare magazines from the glove compartment and pocketed them; Dino checked his weapon.
88. Max frisked the body and found a small handgun; he pocketed it, closed the door and went back to the hotel up a parallel street.
89. Wolf ended the call and pocketed his phone, looking expectantly at Clegg who held up four fingers which didn’t conceal his smirk.
90. Dean reread the second sentence twice, then pocketed the small piece of paper and calmly finished his plate, then asked for his bill.
91. At breakfast Charly handed him her check and he pocketed it without looking, shrugging into his jacket and running out into the cold.
92. He waited while the other man hit the off key and pocketed the device, then reached out to activate the recording machine on the table.
93. Resolved to keep this discreet for the moment, she pocketed the artificial finger and zipped back the body bag, then nodded to the medics.
94. Ejecting the magazine from the pistol, she cleared the breach of the round and pocketed it; then handed the gun back for the man to carry.
95. I searched for the envelope of funds Janet had left me with and pocketed some of the money before hiding the envelope beneath the microwave.
96. Think of that! Bob had but fifteen "bob" a week himself; he pocketed on Saturdays but fifteen copies of his Christian name; and yet the Ghost.
97. Understood! And most certainly! The reptilian man hungrily snatched away the few extra coins and pocketed them with another leering grin.
98. The Echo interrogator watched as Katz snatched her computer bag, pocketed her cell phone and stormed from the office building without saying a word.
99. Spot on Carla replied Max as he pocketed the weapon and clips, and zoomed off on the motorcycle towards the still distant dust cloud to the east.
100. He locked the cabinet drawer again, pocketed the key, and took a small tub of tablets from the second drawer, which he opened, revealing brown tablets.

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1. Put it in his pocket.
2. He dug in his pocket.
3. I put it in my pocket.
4. He had it in his pocket.
5. He put it in his pocket.
6. He reached in his pocket.
7. They are in your pocket.
8. I put them in my pocket.
9. An out of pocket expense.
10. Just look in my pocket.
12. He had a pocket full of.
13. He reached into his pocket.
14. It was still in her pocket.
15. Lose it out of that pocket.
16. The keys are in his pocket.
17. Five hundred in his pocket.
18. Always a pen in his pocket.
19. In the pocket there was a.
20. She dug it from her pocket.
21. Reaching into his pocket, Dr.
22. I have it here in my pocket.
23. A hand in his jacket pocket.
24. I put a clip in each pocket.
25. And he fumbled in his pocket.
26. No one but your pocket book.
27. And his silver pocket watch.
28. His phone rang in his pocket.
29. Marius fumbled in his pocket.
30. It has a special pocket in-.
31. He put it back in his pocket.
32. Several pocket of fans were.
33. He took it out of his pocket.
34. I found a tissue in my pocket.
35. Neil reached into his pocket.
36. He reached in the pocket and.
37. It’s about your coat pocket.
38. He reached in his pocket and.
39. Ali had one hand in his pocket.
40. The hands on his pocket watch.
41. He removed it from his pocket.
42. Fumbled my phone from a pocket.
43. Smiths phone rand in his pocket.
44. With a hand in his pocket, he.
45. Janelle reached into her pocket.
46. Pocket as a woman and a sister.
47. Puku out of pocket and in hiding.
48. I shoved it back into my pocket.
49. Ah, that soap: in my hip pocket.
50. Having filled every pocket the.
51. He reached into his pocket and.
52. Theo's phone buzzed in his pocket.
53. He pulls a note out of his pocket.
54. He stuffed the cash into a pocket.
55. He placed the phone in his pocket.
56. Matt rustled about in his pocket.
57. I have more of them in my pocket.
58. He dug the keys out of his pocket.
59. He took a phone out of his pocket.
60. My son does own a pocket knife.
61. His cell phone rang in his pocket.
62. Vince reaches into his back pocket.
63. She put the feather in her pocket.
64. He checked his jacket pocket again.
65. Slips the house inside her pocket.
66. He took and put them in his pocket.
67. I kept the key in my shirt pocket.
68. I took the cable out of my pocket.
69. There had been a box in his pocket.
70. I had a little change in my pocket.
71. He put his left hand in his pocket.
72. And they will all be in his pocket.
73. He tucked them back into his pocket.
74. He fished in his jacket pocket to.
75. Yuki took the gun out of her pocket.
76. He slipped it back into his pocket.
77. Martin put his hands in his pocket.
78. He took his keys out of his pocket.
79. He groped in the other front pocket.
80. Nor in the side pocket of the doors.
81. Constitution out of his pocket and.
82. I didn’t have a pocket on the T-.
83. They were in the Council’s pocket.
84. I found it in my pocket just now.
85. Holland had them both in his pocket.
86. I don’t see a pocket in his dress.
87. The cloth around the pocket was wet.
88. Teece felt for his gun in his pocket.
89. Iverson reaches into his back pocket.
90. A minute later, I feel in my pocket.
91. Moncharmin was feeling at the pocket.
92. Leasco was to pocket the other half.
93. Lotinger has a device in his pocket.
94. Kevin felt a vibration in his pocket.
95. McCoy, said the name over the pocket.
96. The kind that you put in your pocket.
97. The paper went into her shirt pocket.
98. The phone in his pocket began ringing.
99. He then reached into his pocket and.
100. I take the envelope out of my pocket.

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