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Podge in a sentence

1. Podge looked at her cynically.
2. But Podge was already at work.
3. Podge and Tet came to her side.
4. His desk was truly a hodge podge.
5. He turned and saw Podge looking at him.
6. Podge bashed a fist in the side of the jeep.
7. What is the matter with you? Podge said.

8. Joey stepped up to Podge and pointed in his face.
9. Podge emptied a clip in another one coming at him.
10. Tylin was there, along with Podge, Tet and S’us.
11. S’us dropped her weapon and fell on top of Podge.
12. We cannot just leave them Podge, said Clastaan.
13. Of course, Podge remembered, the brain in the chest!.
14. So what about ground transport then? Podge said.
15. Podge fired at the feet of two and leveled their height.
16. Tet and Podge pushed the dumpster in the way to provide cover.
17. He couldn’t save Tylin, Podge, Oleon, Jivel or the wyassies.
18. He said stay here, S’us, Podge said, You are just a child.
19. What the hell’s the matter with you Tylin? Let me go! said Podge.
20. Joey was glad to see Tylin, S’us and Lezura in once piece—even Podge.
21. Tylin and Podge were silent as the covered body of Tet lay before their feet.
22. Podge stepped in front of them and said, All right, enough with the pleasantries.
23. The woman entered first, with Lezura and Joey following and then Podge and the dracoid.
24. Podge coated his knife with honoi, extended its reach and plunged it in the thing’s head.
25. In the crowd, Clastaan, Tylin, Tet and Podge watched the soldiers with thinning anticipation.
26. Tylin gave Podge a private and unfortunately short burial in the woods before their departure.
27. One hid behind a shield-projector, making the other two easier to pick off as Tet and Podge did.
28. As it shot at the ground the break it apart, Tylin, Podge and Tet approached the machine from behind.
29. Podge dropped his gun and dropped to the floor, rolling and clutching his face—well, what was left of it.
30. Behind them were the officers along with Tylin, Podge and Tet, and behind them were Joey Yeltsa, and S’us.
31. Waiting on them were Tylin, Podge, Tet, Heliri with Flivi on her shoulder, the three wyassies and the Sekku.
32. Then he must be the Rakai, said Podge, but he didn’t seem as awed as the rest—more irritated actually.
33. How did this place come about anyway? Podge said, looking up at the glowing fruits in the distant ceiling.
34. Lezura managed to heal the pains Joey had from his brawl with Podge, but some wounds insisted to torment Joey even still.
35. Joey rubbed his throbbing neck, the pain from it seemed to dull out the ones from all over his body that Podge inflicted.
36. She reached for the bottle of blood she had extracted from Tet’s corpse and tried to administer it on Podge’s face, but Podge wouldn’t move his hand.
37. Clastaan placed a clawed hand on S’us shoulder, said, S’us, Tylin, Podge and Tet and more skilled fighters than you are, you will only get in the way when troubles surfaces.

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