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Postponing in a sentence

1. Postponing the inevitable.
2. Postponing isn’t possible anymore.
3. Postponing worrying is something different.
4. In fact, it was only postponing the difficulty one stage.
5. Postponing worrying means that it is alright for an initial.
6. Donovan at one point mumbled something about postponing the trip.
7. Of course, knowing all these things that lead to postponing tasks.

8. Maybe it was a way of postponing the realisation that she was gone.
9. Yours is he? the trooper said, postponing his intended grapple.
10. Philippa was in fact postponing Gerry’s departure by almost a year.
11. Wright was in favor of postponing, and decidedly opposed to the bill.
12. Can you see the difference between suppressing thoughts and postponing.
13. How many of us are there? There is no question of postponing this task until tomorrow.
14. It slid shut between us, ending the conversation—or at least postponing it temporarily.
15. I suppose I felt I’ve spent my whole damned life postponing it; why not just have it out.
16. Israel would reject and share the blame with Rome in killing their Messiah, thereby postponing.
17. But the fact emerged that Admiral Moon had made a serious error in postponing the exercise for an hour.
18. The previous question there, if decided in the negative, suppresses debate, by postponing the main question.
19. He was postponing the case against the Skoptzy, although the absence witness was an entirely unnecessary one.
20. I started making plans to go there to find out what was wrong but kept postponing them because of my weak physical state.
21. Widgery declared war to be inevitable, and it ought not to be delayed; on this account he was against postponing the bill until to-morrow.
22. They also were selling by making deals, some of the trades benefiting them personally, misusing petty cash and postponing maintenance and repair.
23. With the aid of money loaned to him by a gambler friend, he succeeds the next day, by means of large purchases of Textile Trust, in postponing the catastrophe.
24. Instead of postponing the subject from day to day, he only wished it to come before the House that gentlemen might understand one other, and put an end to the doubts that now existed.
25. She was debating within herself on the eligibility of beginning her story directly, or postponing it till Marianne were in stronger health; and they crept on for a few minutes in silence.
26. She was debating within herself on the eligibility of beginning her story directly, or postponing it till Marianne were in stronger health;-- and they crept on for a few minutes in silence.
27. She lagged behind, her way of postponing what was next on her agenda, and–in a more subliminal way–to continue to soak in the overpowering feeling of love which she’d just experienced.
28. If it could be made manifest to him that any particular favorable consequence would be produced by postponing the session beyond the fourth Monday in May, he might be induced to accede to it.
29. The doctors kept postponing DeShawn’s procedure because they thought he’d have a better chance of survival once they stabilized his breathing problems and got him out of his semi-comatose state.
30. Faced with the prospect of paying (marginally) higher taxes, taxpayers may (otherwise) decide to manage their finances accordingly by (either) spending less or postponing spending on all non-essential items.
31. Well, not per se, but if you mean whether or not I believe in an afterlife, you could say I’m becoming one pretty fast, with the express intention of postponing first-hand knowledge of it as much as possible.
32. So serious, sire, that when the circumstance surprised me in the midst of a family festival, on the very day of my betrothal, I left my bride and friends, postponing everything, that I might hasten to lay at your majesty's feet the fears which impressed me, and the assurance of my devotion.
33. He experienced one ecstatic and infernal moment; he allowed his man to go on ahead, knowing that he had him safe, but desirous of postponing the moment of arrest as long as possible, happy at the thought that he was taken and yet at seeing him free, gloating over him with his gaze, with that voluptuousness of the spider which allows the fly to flutter, and of the cat which lets the mouse run.
34. This spokesman for Judas went on to explain that Judas recognized it would be best for the peace of Israel if Jesus should be taken into custody, and that, as evidence of his sorrow in having participated in such a movement of error and as proof of his sincerity in now returning to the teachings of Moses, he had come to offer himself to the Sanhedrin as one who could so arrange with the captain holding the orders for Jesus' arrest that he could be taken into custody quietly, thus avoiding any danger of stirring up the multitudes or the necessity of postponing his arrest until after the Passover.
1. Princess Mary postponed her departure.
2. It could not be postponed any longer.
3. So the bill was postponed indefinitely.
4. The announcement has been postponed.
5. Perhaps her torture would be postponed.
7. FORESEE, caused the kingdom to be postponed.
8. Prayer was postponed because of me?
9. Rowan moved that it be postponed indefinitely.
10. Dana and Landa's court date have to be postponed.
11. The session was postponed until the Feast of Stephen.
12. We postponed the decree of ruin until the last moment.
13. You will be able to take the step that he has postponed.
14. Believe it not, the event was held rather than postponed.
15. Couldn’t you have postponed the mission? It was my.
16. Goldsborough that the said bill be postponed indefinitely.
17. In a deal with the White House this tax was postponed till.
18. Actually, it was postponed until today, Dianne replied.
19. He had before offered me money, which I had postponed taking.
20. Jackson moved that the whole subject be postponed indefinitely.
21. Lewis, that the said bills and amendments be postponed indefinitely.
22. Sheffey, that the said bill and amendments be postponed indefinitely.
23. School was postponed for all children until they reached the age of 15.
24. The question of the measure of truth in such a belief may be postponed.
25. Your judgement was postponed until the morning; but that is now at hand.
26. Spiritual pride effectively postponed full reunion for roughly 50 years.
28. At the end of the week he postponed the Phoenix trip because of his health.
29. It was a fight that could not win but it had, at least, postponed the inevitable.
30. Perhaps, but if entropy can be slowed, it can be postponed for a long long time.
31. The workout shorts and sport bra indicated that he had postponed her trip to the gym.
32. There was nothing on my desk that day that could not be postponed or handled by Lester.
33. She was salivating to put him away—and annoyed that her euphoria was being postponed.
34. And apologies, once postponed, became harder and harder to make, and finally impossible.
35. It feels as if the loss has been postponed with an improved chance to come out a winner.
36. Both projects were postponed by legal difficulties that Declan says have now been cleared.
37. Apparently, their companies had postponed the business trip that they should have been on.
38. Did they call it off? Was it postponed until more candidates might arrive? He proposed.
39. Randolph, that the said bill and amendments be postponed until the first Monday in July next.
40. The first thing that she did was to set a definite date for the postponed telepathic operation.
41. The government postponed the closures and many perceived a government climbdown and NUM victory.
42. Randolph, that the said bill and amendments be postponed until the first Monday in October next.
43. Their market date had been postponed when they were suddenly required to provide additional research.
44. He hoped the bill would be postponed until the returns of the census were received in the usual mode.
45. She had postponed telling Zarko that she had already told her family that they wanted to get married.
46. This caused Operation Sealion to be postponed until September 27th, the last day for favourable tides.
47. This lack of funding caused several projects around the world to be delayed or postponed indefinitely.
48. I thought because of the rain you might have postponed, but I can see that you brought your grunts.
49. Institute, a dream that has been postponed for 6 years and WOW it was a marvelous learning Opportunity.
50. They were about to pass sentence to put him to death, when the matter was postponed until the next day.
51. Hitler postponed the invasion until further notice and ordered the dispersal of the invasion craft.
52. The prospective advantages of any opinion, moreover, must be postponed to the general interests of truth.
53. The first possibility is that the decision of the FDA will be postponed for an uncertain period of time.
54. This meant that the invasion could not possibly take place in May 1944 and had to be postponed by a month.
55. The question that the resolution be postponed indefinitely, was decided by yeas and nays—yeas 69, nays 50.
56. Pack ice had clustered around the point where the coupling was to be made, and the operation was postponed.
57. Troup moved that the further consideration of the bill be postponed indefinitely—[equivalent to rejection.
58. The first track meet of ‘86 was held on a day so windy and cold it was sure that spring had been postponed.
59. It was too late to call on or inquire for any one, and he reluctantly postponed his purpose till the morning.
60. She had an infection which resulted in her urgently needed operation being postponed for five critical weeks.
61. But he had not been able to get hold of either, so he had postponed the search and gone off to see Hanna Balder.
62. If it hadn’t been for the newspaper men that were in town, the festival would have been postponed for a few days.
63. It was time to face an important exam in cellular biology, one that had been successfully postponed up to that day.
64. Years later, Paul still did not know that the promise to Abraham had been postponed to the second coming of Christ.
65. A whole year! Natásha repeated suddenly, only now realizing that the marriage was to be postponed for a year.
66. Would that it might be postponed as long as possible! Nevertheless a time will come when we shall be forced to fight.
67. Ridgely, that the same be postponed until Monday next; and the question being taken, it was determined in the negative.
68. The more intelligent class roundly berated General Shafter, when his threat of bombardment was postponed from day to day.
69. The weather was then discussed, for in deference to Parkes, who was opening little tables, graver matters were postponed.
70. She hadn’t gotten Tee to change his mind about Florida, but they had postponed the move until after the Christmas holiday.
71. As a result, the invasion of Burma had been postponed indefinitely and the British forces in India had been left nearly alone.
72. Important financial decisions should be made before the 6th or postponed to next month, when Mercury starts to move forward again.
73. She postponed the pleasure—I see—I quite understand! said Hippolyte, hurriedly, as though he wished to banish the subject.
74. Such meetings are supposed to be an annual occurrence for listed companies, but sometimes they can be postponed almost indefinitely.
75. Now the Dark Age arrived stronger than it should have because of him, washing over a country and a species, to begin a fate postponed.
76. That last temptation was the easy way out, the bloodless shadow of a victory, a postponed defeat and utterly, nothing else than treason.
77. I postponed this attempt for some months longer, for the importance attached to its success inspired me with a dread lest I should fail.
78. After last night, I assure you, I am not so exceedingly anxious to see you at all; I could have postponed the pleasure for a long while.
79. And they said Madilyn Lewis's upcoming concert at Madison Square Garden have to be canceled or postponed for a few or several months.
80. I got to work and had fifteen minutes to spare before the meeting when I found out the meeting had been postponed for half an hour anyway.
81. The projects that they postponed during 2008 and 2009 were implemented in 2010, and the company increased revenue more than 35 percent in 2010.
82. Max phoned Dan Lewinsky and postponed the appointment saying he had food poisoning and would be in touch; he could hang onto the deposit though.
83. It's doubtful if I'll be able to recharge any of my batteries, and showers, and any other form of washing, will have to be indefinitely postponed.
84. But, when the Jewish nation as a whole rejected Christ, the fulfillment of His kingship was postponed until the final culmination of world history.
85. Yet, after all that time, not a single army soldier has set foot yet on the Philippines, while the invasion of Burma has been postponed indefinitely.
86. Tess postponed her arguments on this high project till she had grappled with pressing matters in hand, which seemed little improved by her remittances.
87. The villagers did what they always did in such times: they ate less food, postponed the purchase of hats and belts, and slept closer together for warmth.
88. While I’d been away, Bernie had put Cal in charge of developing a new breed of beef cattle, so the canoe trip into the North Cascades had been postponed.
89. The civil rights advocates found themselves losing even more support after the speech with this afternoon’s march being postponed due to lack of support.
90. Recently I was told that a decision on a major project had been postponed because the sponsor, the COO, had moved to another position within the organisation.
91. The upshot is, the king has postponed a decision by ruling that the monks of Kingsbridge cannot hold an election while they are in exile at St-John-in-the-Forest.
92. By then Rory’s wedding had been postponed, and the family gathering had been transformed into a vigil for John, his wife, Carolyn, and his sister-in-law, Lauren.
93. It was unusually cold in Florida—a predicted overnight low of 18 degrees—so McDonald and other Morton Thiokol engineers recommended the launch be postponed again.
94. Similarly, the obedient well-doer will witness the past and the future, that is to say, he will view his actions as well as the result and reward he postponed for himself.
95. Bayard, that the further consideration thereof be postponed until the first Monday in December next, it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 17, nays 14, as follows:.
96. They believe the Kingdom of Heaven was to be the Old Testament kingdom of David restored, but was postponed to the Millennium after the Jews rejected Christ as their king.
97. Knowing the history of Second World War and having read Machiavelli, they should understand that war is not eluded: it is only postponed with advantage to the others.
98. He said he had been much surprised at the declaration of the gentleman from Pennsylvania, that the question would be decided eventually (if postponed) by individual interest.
99. Stow, that the farther consideration of the said bill be postponed until to-morrow; and the question thereon being taken, it was determined in the negative—yeas 48, nays 78.
100. Still confidence was not restored to all minds, and the general opinion was that the complete ruin of the unfortunate shipowner had been postponed only until the end of the month.
1. Locking the bulkhead causes a vacuum, which slows the leak in the hull and postpones the ship from sinking.
2. War is bad, but appeasement to secure peace is very bad and more mischievous and harmful when it postpones a worse war.
3. But man postpones or remembers; he does not live in the present, but with reverted eye laments the past, or, heedless of the riches that surround him, stands on tiptoe to foresee the future.
4. Traders often roll down and out (farther OTM and a more distant expiration date) with the belief that they can find a way to protect assets by making almost any trade that postpones expiration, as long as it does not cost cash.

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1. He had to postpone our visit to.
2. You shouldn’t postpone it anymore.
3. Exhausted as I was, I couldn't postpone any.
4. Cassius wanted to postpone this moment forever.
5. All I could ever do was postpone the inevitable.
6. She knew her mother would postpone the wedding.
7. I propose we postpone the election, she said.
8. I may have to postpone with her this week, I said.
9. Eisenhower decided to postpone the invasion for one day.
10. No nation can advance its time, nor can they postpone it.
11. I just about managed to postpone the date for another time.
12. She took a deep breath and knew that she could not postpone.
13. I guess I should postpone the appeal process, she said.
14. He therefore moved to postpone the whole subject indefinitely.
15. The motion to postpone to Monday shared the same fate, ayes 33.
16. Mayank had to postpone his proposed encounter with her earlier.
17. Moonlighting to postpone its original plans of floating by the.
18. I could not postpone it any longer for fear of the consequences.
19. Postpone the war, and we will submit to the embargo till November.
20. I will only postpone its arrival by paying attention to passing.
21. Amaranta’s death, however, obliged her to postpone the decision.
22. As a teenager: The ability to postpone the advantages of cash in.
23. Brian held up his hand, indicating that she postpone her celebration.
24. Root moved to postpone the further consideration of it till Friday next.
25. Williams moved to postpone the consideration of the subject indefinitely.
26. They will not postpone the meeting to tomorrow if it is at all avoidable.
27. I tried to pull in my legs, if only to postpone the inevitable savage bite.
28. I’m so sorry, Lorna; we’ll have to postpone our trip for a day or two.
29. But he had sense to postpone complaining: there might be compensation within.
30. Unions’ objective was to postpone or eliminate the proposed tax on Cadillac.
31. He’d have to postpone patching up the domestic spat until after he returned.
32. Randolph moved to postpone the further consideration of the bill till to-morrow.
33. She knew the timing was not the best and even suggested they postpone their trip.
34. Harry decided once again to postpone thinking about it, and walked into the liv-.
35. It wouldn’t stop the row but at least it would postpone it till tomorrow night.
36. After much hesitation, the chairman accepted only to postpone his decision for a.
37. Livermore moved to postpone the further consideration of the subject indefinitely.
38. Local churches, for example, may confirm, postpone, or end the missionaries’ callings.
39. Jesus knew He would be rejected by Israel and would have to postpone for two millennia.
40. Say, You are promised a Day, which you cannot postpone by one hour, nor bring forward.
41. Then, when their time arrives, they can neither postpone it by one hour, nor advance it.
42. Cloud, I was obliged to postpone the interview which I sought until the Tuesday following.
43. It’s been a week now, and I’m … I’ll postpone the track test until I hear from you.
44. The staff of the secretary would always find a way to either postpone or cancel the meeting.
45. German, to postpone the further consideration of the bill to the first Monday in November next.
46. He felt he was very feeble in this matter so he requested lawyer Verma to postpone the counseling.
47. Later, away from Zachary, I call Emily to postpone our date, and I don’t tell her about Zachary.
48. There was nothing to be done save to postpone the attempt till he had found a more substantial cable.
49. As a young bureaucrat, Stalin would postpone for a few years his own upscale killings and show trials.
50. Premillennialists believe the rejection of Christ by the Jews made Him postpone the kingdom of Heaven.
51. Bayard moved to postpone the further consideration of the bill to the thirty-first day of October next.
52. Clay, to postpone the further consideration thereof until to-morrow, it was determined in the negative.
53. Mercer had decided to postpone his ascent until the morning, when he could have the place to his lonesome.
54. She decided she would postpone the discussion with Mattie and wait until she knew more about Andy’s offer.
55. Jesus requested that they postpone the discussion until the following day, when he would give them his answer.
56. Some managers and supervisors hate to do this and tend to avoid, postpone or neglect this vital responsibility.
57. Mumford again moved to postpone the further consideration of the subject indefinitely—lost, yeas 40, nays 54.
58. Then perhaps I had better postpone my analysis of the acetones, as we may need to be at our best in the morning.
59. The marriage and the decision to spend a few months in Macondo to please his wife had obliged him to postpone it.
60. She had a scholarship to Columbia University and was going to be pre-law, but she had to postpone school to have me.
61. And they said, Our Lord, why did You ordain fighting for us? If only You would postpone it for us for a short while.
62. She knew that eventually she would be found and punished regardless, but she hoped to postpone it as long as she could.
63. The rationale is that individuals would postpone their purchases in anticipation of lower prices for goods in the future.
64. Only I must ask you to postpone the question of new year's gifts, and temporarily accept a hearty handshake in their place.
65. Speaker decided that the said motion to postpone indefinitely was, at the time the same was under consideration, out of order.
66. Bayard, to postpone the further consideration of the bill to Monday next, it was determined in the negative—yeas 15, nays 17.
67. We were scheduled to leave for Athens the next day but Helmi asked Angela to postpone our departure a few days in case she was.
68. The businessman consulted his scientist friend during the successive months and every time decided to postpone his son’s wedding.
69. It was on this account she was pleased that she might for a little while longer postpone her arrival to Clive House and her father.
70. Bradley, to postpone the further consideration of the bill to the second Monday in February next, it was determined in the negative.
71. Rhea made a motion which he said would put an end to all these propositions to amend the bill, viz: to postpone the bill indefinitely.
72. Zarko had reasoned that trying to hide his manhood at that moment would merely postpone the inevitable and cause him more embarrassment.
73. If the doctors did not keep me here at the spas I should be back in Russia, but as it is I have to postpone my return for three months.
74. Whatever connection the Ice Cream Man had with law enforcement, he was able to postpone a couple of days until he got his house in order.
75. Motion to postpone indefinitely the resolution approving the conduct of the Executive relative to the British Minister, considered, 197;.
76. Bayard, to postpone the further consideration of the bill to the third day of July next, it was determined in the negative—yeas 9, nays 23.
77. To avoid time constraints though, you should setup a running schedule effectively, so that you no longer have to postpone many running sessions.
78. The Industrial Rayon First 4½s, due 1948, are unusual in that the indenture permits a two-thirds vote of bondholders to postpone interest payments.
79. Hillhouse, to postpone the further consideration thereof until the first Monday in November next, it was determined in the negative—yeas 9, nays 15.
80. There was no pressing emergency to hurry the bill; and he, therefore, moved to postpone the further consideration of it to Monday, which was negatived.
81. Having an Exit Strategy It’s easy to postpone saving for retirement, but the earlier you start the faster you will accumulate wealth and save for retirement.
82. Bayard, to postpone the further consideration thereof to the first Monday in November next; it was determined in the negative—yeas 14, nays 16, as follows:.
83. The incessant fire of the enemy, and my own constant engagements for the protection of the vessels, compel me to postpone sending that list until another opportunity.
84. Hitler was, however, compelled to postpone the attack for a vital five weeks to intervene in the Balkans crisis due to the actions of his over ambitious Italian ally.
85. He closed his eyes and silently prayed that the powers that be in Westminster would have the sense to postpone the CESRE until after the mess in Abermôr was sorted out.
86. It was Carla’s intention to make the man so filled with rage that he would come after her but she needed to postpone that desire for revenge, until after the car theft.
87. But he hasn’t yet used the rebellion as an excuse to postpone the next Presidential election, and I think if we go away for a while, he will end the state of emergency.
88. But if public opinion has sufficient influence to force a nation to postpone its action until a stated time, this public opinion can prevent it from waging war at any time.
89. The particles with Repulsion Fields have the ability to create the sparseness of the substance, because they continuously postpone the surrounding particles by emitting Ether.
90. If investors postpone equity investments despite having earned and saved a given amount of cash income, they delay earning the equity premium and thus reduce long-run returns.
91. If the Preceptor left his planned attack on Badachro Sett much longer, he'd be forced to postpone it until after the cold winter winds had relinquished their hold on the forest.
92. President: I made the motion to postpone the consideration of the bill now before us, from a conviction that it will be extremely injurious to the country to pass it at this time.
93. If your idea of success is to be a great pianist or painter or gardener, then to get there you must postpone immediate trivial pleasure such as watching TV or going out to the pub.
94. I will call at four o’clock in the afternoon, and, should you have any other engagement at that time, I hope that you will postpone it, as this matter is of paramount importance.
95. McKee spoke at considerable length against its passage, and concluded by moving to postpone it to Monday, with a view to obtaining further information on the subject of the materials, &c.
96. If it was easy to reflect, however, that such a boy could postpone school, it was at least as marked that for such a boy to have been "kicked out" by a schoolmaster was a mystification without end.
97. Their theory is that God did not know of the rejection and death of Christ and because of it, He had to postpone setting up the kingdom with Christ on David's throne and set up the church as a substitution.
98. If you postpone or completely cancel meetings between heads of state under the pretext of the refusal to hand over one person, then relations between countries will quickly reach zero, Zhirinovsky said.
99. As long as the interest or principal is not going to be paid anyway, would it not be to the interest of the bondholders themselves to postpone the date of payment and keep the enterprise out of the courts?
100. The House then resumed the consideration of the said unfinished business, and the question recurring on the motion to postpone indefinitely the further consideration of the second member of the resolution, Mr.

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