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Protects in a sentence

Love protects you from me.
She protects us from all.
The sword protects the gold.
He guides and protects them.
He protects me from our father.
The spirit protects the village.
Supports and protects the liver.

Protects his other weary fist.
The Mother Wolf protects us all.
God loves and protects you always.
She mates for life, and protects.
Their intervention protects the banks.
She protects those who lead a life of.
Function: it holds, it hides, it protects.
Firstly, it protects the wearer from the.
Outside the dome that protects Sanctuary.
Nothing protects IP better than a gorilla.
Sanity is a fortress that protects the ego.
It protects against all injuries, save for.
This protects against casual contact, (IE:.
Swimming protects you from a lot of ailments.
It protects us from the people on the mainland.
There is little evidence that it protects from.
They say Santa Maria protects fools and crusaders.
It protects the eyes from harmful rays of welding.
He guides you and protects you from being strayed.
First, look at how your antivirus protects your PC.
And He protects (supports and helps) the righteous.
Protects him, and we, my friends, will not lose heart.
Your love protects me from those things I can not see.
Dharm protects us and is, therefore, stronger than us.
It protects a sensitive and crucial part of the body.
Setting these limits protects you and your investments.
The one who commands and protects the power of the Well.
This only protects "a particular expression of an idea".
She has a talisman that protects her from evil things.
It is also fattier and protects the fish during cooking.
Because it protects the one who recites it, it is called.
It forms us, it teaches us, it reminds us, it protects us.
Be brave and acknowledge that being a victim protects you.
He must be protecting them.
Protecting the Core of You.
She was protecting the wizard.
Why were they protecting him?
You were protecting our child.
About protecting him as he ran.
They were protecting him from.
Was she really protecting him?
The lioness protecting her cub.
She thought she was protecting.
You have been protecting him too.
Protecting the Skin from the Sun.
Why do children need protecting?
Protecting Assets from the State.
The kid I was protecting took off.
Thank you for protecting my loved.
Was the FBI protecting the Butcher?
He was tired of protecting this guy.
Protecting the floors and the walls.
Zoos can play a role in protecting.
It’s not exactly protecting you.
How the hell was she protecting me?
He was protecting us, me and my gift.
I was protecting you this morning.
I will be right there protecting you.
It is a way of protecting your price.
We were protecting it and each other.
Why are you protecting this town?
He needs more protecting than I have.
Anton had lost his life protecting me.
When God says no, He is protecting us.
I think it was protecting something.
It’s more like protecting both of us.
WEALTH SKILL #4: Protecting Your Money.
Insane security measures protecting it.
Between hunting it and protecting what.
What happened to protecting her?
Protecting America was a 24/7 operation.
What was protecting them from invasion?
They need to be protected.
They have to be protected.
We have not protected you.
It’s got to be protected.
I should have protected you.
You can be protected legally.
I was protected by the dark.
I want my band protected.
She felt loved and protected.
In the past we protected the.
Among the protected wild life.
He protected his combed hair.
She felt protected and secure.
The child had to be protected.
I should have protected her.
But commerce must be protected.
A rock face protected his rear.
He had protected her from birth.
He's protected, that's for sure.
We’re protected by an air gap.
He protected it from wild beasts.
Mom never protected her daughter.
In 1917 a protected zoo colony.
You’d be protected in a cell.
I should have protected you, too.
The powder was better protected.
Just as King David protected the.
Ramin loved and protected his room.
We ground ourselves and protected.
The third floor was well protected.
I felt warm and protected and happy.
The museum was too wel protected.
We will be safe and protected there.
Store in a cool dry protected place.
Okay, the force field protected our.
The guards could’ve protected me.
NO! I’ve protected Eva since Aiden.
He must at all costs be protected.
It is protected by my strongest magic.

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I had to protect him.
She has to protect it.
It was to protect you.
I'm here to protect you.
The gun to protect it.
He wanted to protect me.
He needed to protect her.
He had sworn to protect.
It will protect me from.
Eke wanted to protect her.
He wanted to protect her.
But she can protect them.
My job is to protect you.
To guard means to protect.
To protect me from you.
I want to protect him too.
I am sworn to protect her.
May God always protect you.
I could protect his mother.
She had to protect herself.
He fought to protect me.
I just want to protect you.
May Ma’at protect us al.
But laws protect us from it.
Stop trying to protect us.
To hold her and protect her.
I was trying to protect you.
Love, honor and protect her.
May the Goddess protect you.
The Police say they protect.
I had to try and protect you.
I am here to protect you all.
But we have to protect them.
His job was to protect them.
Let him protect you, Child.
We're trying to protect them.
Don’t lie to protect me.
Our job is to protect our own.
Just to protect US interests.
He had to protect his family.

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