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Ran in a sentence

I ran into a cat.
My mom ran to me.
I ran to the door.
I ran to his side.
We ran to the SUV.
I ran to the sight.
We ran as we could.

I ran to the stairs.
I ran to catch up.
I ran over to Josh.
I ran out after him.
We ran for the exit.
We ran up the stairs.
I ran to it, opened.
Danny ran over to a.
We ran down the road.
I simply ran out of.
Jon ran up the stairs.
I ran back to nothing.
I ran as fast I could.
I ran back to the mall.
He ran after Ali and.
I ran out to meet him.
Theo ran to pick it up.
Laino ran to meet him.
Ran into him in Crete.
He ran to the corner.
She ran to tend to him.
A chill ran through me.
You just ran that one.
I ran out into the sand.
I ran this by Max and.
Kirsti ran at his side.
Yukino ran for her life.
They ran out of patience.
I ran to try and keep up.
The guy ran it through.
Adele ran away from Alex.
A chill ran up his spine.
Tears ran down her face.
Ranching is interesting work and the.
And both men come from a strong ranching.
The attack was made by the local ranching.
One stands for mining, the other for ranching.
Ranching grew throughout the state, as did farming.
Amarillo with the influx of settlers who worked at ranching and.
He was as equally well known for his ranching skills as for his.
Ranching just wasn't her thing and the photovoltaic craze was done.
You may not be interested in ranching, sir, Barron replied, but the.
Activities in the Amarillo area are often traditions tied to its agricultural and ranching history.
The ranching heritage of the Texas Panhandle makes cutting horse competitions especially interesting.
He developed quite a prosperous operation farming the land, ranching, and breeding horses for harness racing.
Days like this made him wonder if he wouldn't have been better of going into the family business of sheep ranching.
The railroad began to stop in the small town once it was established as a prospering farming and ranching community.
He’s married his love, the Mexican healer Reyna, and started horse ranching outside of Tombstone in the Arizona Territory.
Cam told her that the oldest of the buildings, the chapel, constructed during the ranching period, had been converted into stables.
The little family moved about twenty miles south of White Horse, just across the Utah/Nevada border in the small ranching town of Plain View, Utah.
Estelle decided not to take up residence in the house, instead gave it to her eldest son, James Junior, who turned the majestic house into a prosperous farming and ranching venture.
My late wife, Dixie Lee Rose, was born April 26, 1944, to Robert Lee Rose and Bettie Willie Dixon in Trinidad, CO, a small mining and ranching town south of Pueblo on what is now I–25.
He had bought new motorized equipment to facilitate his farming and ranching operation and dam if several pieces hadn‘t been stolen, leaving him embroiled in a stalemated hassle with his insurance company and the bank.
The instant Brazilian ranchers cannot use a piece of cleared rainforest anymore to raise their cattle on: leaving the previously owned land behind; devastated, and destroyed… as a waste product of their ranching lifestyle.
The ranch was large and cluttered with the rusted remains of tractors, trailers, wagons and various weird ranching implements that gave lie to the adage that form follows function; their esoteric forms gave not the slightest inkling of arcane utility.
In between, he sort of ranched, as he readily admitted.
Bettie Dixon had at least one sibling, Uncle Jack Dixon, who ranched on the Western Slope in Delta at the time Dixie and I married on Valentine’s Day, 2-14-70, in Tempe, AZ.
Ranch in the fall of 2004.
Ranch back in Cherry Creek.
On the ranch are many sheep.
The Double J Ranch was 850.
No, I belong on the ranch.
What are we doing in a ranch?
He also helps me run the ranch.
I've never seen a Texas ranch.
Boys Ranch began in 1939 when.
The Ranch That No One Would Buy.
When they reached the ranch, Mrs.
Those are 'my ranch employees,'.
Arkin’s history of his ranch.
He found a beautiful horse ranch.
With a five bedroom ranch house.
Blue Sky Ranch was semi-isolated.
I wanted to have a horse ranch.
Beyond them is a neighboring ranch.
He’d tend to the ranch, what he.
The boys and I searched the ranch.
He could see the ranch ahead of him.
I don’t know how big the ranch is.
He arrived at the ranch an hour later.
The ranch is our home in the country.
Louise lives on a ranch in the country.
He inherited the ranch from his father.
I lost my hand right here on this ranch.
Kal’s ranch was only about five acres.
I would have liked to have seen his ranch.
Got her tied up over at the ranch house.
She’ll be the first horse on your ranch.
The cars roared towards the ranch at speed.
Big Texan Steak Ranch (Home of the Free 72.
The ranch hand asked his friend for help.
It's the year she was driven off the ranch.
He came back to the ranch for a moment, then.
You said your old man had a little ranch.
He could cut the corner on the Arkin ranch.
Who’s taking care of the ranch now?
Everything had settled down out on the ranch.
Americans would call them ranches.
Mostly small farms, ranches, vine-.
Nooo, what will the farmers and ranches below.
There were enormous, inarable ranches for sale.
Try to contact the other ranches all you can, Mr.
They have already destroyed some of our crops and ranches.
There are several horse ranches on the outskirts of Pendleton.
They’ll kick ’em off the ranches and won’t let ’em on the road.
Jameson, a wealthy businessman in Dallas who owned several cattle ranches.
Yes, Kai; my father found him after a terrible raid on the outlying ranches.
They were brick raised ranches, with driveways leading back to two-car garages.
Nowadays, sugar processing is limited to the few ranches that still remain in the area.
This will better insure the safety of the homes and ranches along with the surrounding countryside.
He didn’t have to worry about neighbors because it was cattle ranches and hayfields as far as the eye could see.
The camp was situated in the dead center of Maui, between ranches and rain forests, at the blackened base of a volcano.
Mendez had spent his formative years on ranches and was experienced on a horse and he had all the ID he would ever need.
The endless prairie, the distant mountains, the scattered ranches along the road and the sparse sedge bushes are all straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie.
Today, the few descendants of the great Southern Plains bison herd are sheltered on private ranches and carefully tended in refuges like Caprock Canyons State Park at Quitaque, Texas.
He has worked as a Civil War archivist, a Litigation Consultant at Pearl Harbor, and as an award-winning story teller at one of the world's largest cattle ranches located on the Big Island of Hawai'i.
There were steel mills, cattle ranches, a railroad, a shipping line and, of course, the foundation of the family fortune: diamonds and gold, zinc and platinum and magnesium, mined each hour around the clock, pouring into the coffers of the company.
There was just as much rendering going on, but as smaller ranches and slaughterhouses were bought by larger companies (which do their own rendering in-house), there were simply fewer small operations left to choose between Darling International and its competitors.
Socialists say that the community should undertake and organize the business of producing and distributing all these things; that the State should be the only employer of labour and should own all the factories, mills, mines, farms, railways, fishing fleets, sheep farms, poultry farms and cattle ranches.
In addition to everything else there were the regulars—the steady customers who had been coming down for years, the laborers from the gravel pits, the riders from the ranches, the railroad men who came in the front door, and the city officials and prominent business men who came in the rear entrance back by the tracks and who had little chintz sitting rooms assigned to them.
It had shifted them upon the whole extent of the immense Campo, with the white walls of its haciendas on the knolls dominating the green distances; with its grass-thatched ranches crouching in the folds of ground by the banks of streams; with the dark islands of clustered trees on a clear sea of grass,.

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