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Refers in a sentence

To some it refers to.
Willis refers us to Rom.
It also refers to envy.
It refers to the life.
I know what she refers to.
My Lexicon refers to Matt.
Refers to the content and.

The ego refers whatever is.
It refers to the mixing of.
Tu refers to divin triomphe.
GI refers to glycemic index.
In most contexts, it refers.
Latency refers to the number.
As use here it refers to the.
This refers to a catalog as a.
In this context, it refers to.
Goldstein (1) refers to Melvyn C.
Goldstein (2) refers to Melvyn C.
This refers to my earlier role.
It refers to the life given by.
Al-Bukhari refers to the sermon:.
That refers to God’s perfection.
This refers to the quiet before.
Mankind therefore refers to the.
The "Spirit" refers to a thin, i.
The "Winners of the Race" refers.
He refers the principle of levers.
In this context, it refers to the.
Or Jeremiah 11:16 refers to green.
Astrologically, this refers to the.
God continually refers to Isaac as.
Whether or not this refers to what.
His scythe or sickle refers to the.
When he refers to the wine and the.
This refers to the Perfection of God.
Humanity therefore refers to those.
It refers to the life of the spirit.
It simply refers to being without a.
It refers the eternal life given by.
This is a number that refers to how.
Graham is referring to W.
I was referring to money.
When referring to me, 43.
I’m not referring to love.
The motion for referring Mr.
I wasn't referring to that.
I am referring to the need.
Referring the result set by.
Verse 5 is referring to Jesus.
I’m referring to events in.
I’m referring to their lives.
Sharpie wasn't referring to Em.
I knew who he was referring to.
However, I was referring to Mr.
LADTHAA: Referring to its flames.
Daria was referring to the baby.
What they were referring to was.
It is used referring to God one.
He was referring to the power of.
Rather, what I'm referring to as.
I do know what he is referring to.
He was referring to Blazin' and I.
Gabby knew she was referring to Aya.
Stevenson, referring to the U.
Probably referring to his roommate.
I hadn't been referring to the demon.
Sorry, I was referring to—.
You're referring to Sergeant Manaea.
Referring to the notes, he continued.
I’m referring to the widow, Mrs.
Was she referring to the doctor’s.
It is clear what she’s referring to.
When used referring to a person they.
He was referring to Bob who had been.
What is it referring to, Scout?
But he was not referring to the wager.
That’s not what I was referring to.
I’m not referring to consumed animals.
I am referring to Aria, Arye and Ariana.
Poetic way, I say, of referring to Jena.
Why he referred to Gen.
The name referred to a.
Food is referred to as.
By that, He referred to.
You have been referred by:.
This angle is referred to.
How the saints referred to.
It was usually referred to.
The dish was referred to as.
Jesus often referred to His.
He was never referred to again.
John Burns91 referred to the.
The disks referred to in the.
Sometimes referred to as Rho2.
These objects are referred to.
They are hence referred to as.
To God all matters are referred.
I have referred to this already.
This referred to both physical.
One person was referred to Jared.
Who or what it referred to she.
It was a code often referred to.
These are referred to as safety.
In the passage referred to, in S.
He had been referred to as Raven.
This is often referred to as GFCF.
This is sometimes referred to as.
Sometimes referred to as a semi.
They are usually referred to as a.
The next writer referred to, is Mr.
It was referred to as the pictures.
If it be referred to the time of Mr.
We know too that Jesus referred to.
All said can be easily referred to.
The incident he referred to was this.
He referred him to me for assistance.
This is referred to as a logic error.
Again the question is referred to St.
The Gelugpas are sometimes referred.
The person is referred to as a cutter.

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We refer to it as.
To these I will refer.
Those I refer to are.
The three Cs refer to.
Use colon (:) to refer.
If you refer to Figure 3.
I have to refer to her.
If you refer to Figure 2.
You refer to his youth.
Remember to refer to the.
Again, refer to Figure 11.
I’m going to refer back.
It is your mind I refer to.
Please refer figure on the.
Next, you refer to Figure 9.
The FTC can refer victims'.
They refer to the fact that.
I would prefer no one refer.
Also, refer back to Tables 9.
I refer to this department's.
Such symbols always refer to.
Refer to the following verses.
I refer to mediumistic energy.
The numbers refer to clauses:.
I refer to my dad as a monster.
These Numbers We All Refer To.
I will never refer to it again.
You can refer to the map books.
Remember you also refer to the.
Please refer the figure on the.
This is what cats refer to as a.
The guardians refer to the Sages.
We refer to them as coyote members.
Refer to the blast section above!.
Use of the law to refer to.
I refer the following scripture:.
What intention do you refer to?
What? Oh, you refer to the lady.
The ‘it’ to which I refer, I.

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