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Refers in a sentence

It refers the.
The first refers.
Dhondup refers to K.
It also refers to.
Also refers to the.
Ka refers to moral.
Likewise refers to.

This refers to murder.
To some it refers to.
which he refers to in.
Willis refers us to Rom.
Ka (spirit) refers to.
It also refers to envy.
It refers to the life.
Khoruzhij refers to as.
Refers specifically to.
refers to Buddha Maitreya.
I know what she refers to.
My Lexicon refers to Matt.
055 refers to the DR of 5.
normal life it refers to?.
MJ refers Michael Jackson.
word us refers to believers.
He was referring.
I was referring to.
He was referring to.
referring to that either.
use when referring to it.
Graham is referring to W.
I was referring to money.
said Shiva, referring to.
When referring to me, 43.
referring to the Dragon, i.
Elowen, referring to Ictis.
I’m referring to intent.
I wasn't referring to that.
used referring to animals).
I’m not referring to love.
used referring to animals].
I am referring to the need.
referring to the puja plates.
referring to saltwater tanks.
Referring the result set by.
Verse 5 is referring to Jesus.
i have been referring to it.
- Referring to crakc with it.
lo as referring to Don Félix.
 referente, referring to;.
He said referring to Ella.
news media was referring to it.
are referring to the same time.
referred to in it.
It referred to an.
referred to as karma.
Though he referred.
monly referred to as.
Why he referred to Gen.
Flint referred to.
He referred to his.
referred to as Eustress.
referred to in the text.
The name referred to a.
Food is referred to as.
referred to the city of.
Memphis was referred to.
By that, He referred to.
need not be referred to.
why’s crime referred to.
You have been referred by:.
referred to the four angels.
is referred to Fowler et al.
referred to as the ‘Four.
This angle is referred to.
– he referred to me as Sly.
referred to as the Holodomor.
It was usually referred to.
I referred in a preceding.
I refer to.
Some refer to.
When we refer.
I refer to the.
Refer to others.
Refer to the.
refer to as Gitak.
To mentally refer.
refer to a holiday.
You will refer to.
We could refer.
Refer to Chapter 23.
In order to refer.
We refer to it as.
refer to as Planet X.
would often refer to.
Those I refer to are.
The screen said: refer.
then refer to this list.
The three Cs refer to.
They refer to God’s.
Use colon (:) to refer.
refer to two ranges of.
I have to refer to her.
They refer to Rome’s.
If you refer to Figure 3.
read the book to refer it.
If you refer to Figure 2.
You refer to his youth.
(Please refer to Case 7).
refer to those dates as 11.

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