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Relational in a sentence

1. The New Law of Relational Love.
2. God is a real person who thinks in relational ways.
3. Live Life with Relational Love for Self and Others.
4. Yes, the Creator’s relational Love may be unconditional.
5. We name one of them as substantial, and other – as relational.
6. So with the new law of relational love comes the law of, not judging.
7. That is, one-way unconditional relational love from the Creator to them.

8. The self is not only spacial, inhabiting relational zones, but also temporal.
9. Any relational statistic between the two sub populations such as the amount.
10. These rings, beyond their ceremonial and relational aspects are also keys.
11. This is, the Creator may exhibit and express relational love without conditions.
12. Perhaps prayer is about meditating and reflecting on life, Self and relational love.
13. Relational referrals come from fixing a problem or satisfying needs known and unknown.
14. These weaknesses may be physical, emotional, mental, sexual, relational, genetic, etc.
15. Jordan, and Janet Surrey (1986), have spoken of the female relational self or self-in-.
16. Here is a simple program, which demonstrates the use of if and the relational operators.
17. The Socialutions answers for improving relational sales requires a different way of thinking.
18. In the framework of relativistic mechanics lay a relational concept (hence the similar name).
19. There are so many denominational, relational, and doctrinal divisions in the church right now.
20. Verses describing the Creator’s unconditional mystical relational love for all humankind include:.
21. But based on mystical relational love and understanding as the motivation for voluntary personal change.
22. But the Creator’s relational presence, compassion and acceptance for and over them, is highly significant.
23. Their task became the struggle, late in life, to develop a more posítive and less relational sense of self.
24. In effect, the absolute size of the cost of capital is less important than its relational value and its context.
25. The Creator came into this world to show us the power of interpersonal relational love, compassion and reconciliation.
26. Jesus’ examples, teachings and behaviour must be then the personification of pure and perfect mystical relational love.
27. Through the incarnation, humans have received the ‘new law’ of mystical relational love, compassion and reconciliation.
28. This new law of Mystical Relational Love is described, emphasised and confirmed, in ‘The Letter to Romans’, which reads:.
29. These messages emphasise and inform us that the Creator has a mysterious unconditional mystical relational love for all peoples.
30. Or this relationship may sometimes be based on, and expressed, through mystical relational love, understanding, acceptance and respect.
31. We read about the teachings and commandments of Christ and about ‘God’s’ new laws of relational love, charity, hope and compassion.
32. To the authors mind the human concepts of Hell and Satan do not, and have never existed, for ‘God’ is Absolute Mystical Relational Love.
33. These are surely exciting and liberating unequivocal messages of hope, forgiveness and mystical relational love and compassion for all people.
34. Living life with intra-personal and interpersonal relational love where Self can give Self permission for self-acceptance for Self and others.
35. We read stories in the New Testament about the good news for humankind and about God’s unconditional mystical relational love for humankind.
36. The meaning of the Creator’s ‘love’ for the created may be described better through the terms ‘mystical’ or ‘mysterious relational love’.
37. There may be people who wish to go to a place without the good, a place without the truth, a place without the mystical relational love of the Creator.
38. For the Creator is mysterious, but through the life of Christ the ‘Creator’ may in part, be described as the essence of unconditional relational love.
39. The fallacy of relational concept and relativistic mechanics is that they attribute to the space the property of mobility while it is actually stationary.
40. And the cycle of pain through relational destruction can also perpetuate through the threat and reality of ‘physical’, financial and emotional abuse.
41. This is such a powerful commandment or concept and must be considered a wonderfully constructive component of the new law of relational love and compassion.
42. Rather, the Creator has the intention, will, and power of mystical relational love and compassion, regarding all transgressions and indiscretions made by humans.
43. He extended His relational love and compassion to the woman at the Well who had had five husbands and was at the time living with another man in an unmarried state.
44. After death we can no more fall-back because death brings an end to that relational gap between God and individual that holds the beatitude of falling back onto God.
45. All human transgressions can be forgiven, cast aside as far as the East is from the West, because of, and by, the Creator’s infinite mystical relational compassion.
46. We would be unable to exercise the higher transcendent virtues and qualities of goodness through the characteristics of relational love, reconciliation and compassion.
47. Prayer may constitute living life to its fullest potential, living life in relational acceptance, compassion and reconciliation and living life in interpersonal peace.
48. Relational referrals have and will continue to scale with enormous influence, one-to-one to millions, and that influence can create or shift entire markets at the click of a mouse.
49. Through Christ’s life we can perhaps experience the essence and meaning of the words ‘unconditional love’ as a reflection of the mystical relational compassion of the Creator.
50. If the Creator exists and Christ is the Creator/God then Jesus’ mystical relational love is a reflection of God’s mystical relational love and therefore the ultimate epitome of love.
51. But what is crucial to understanding the present relational dynamic between tools and us; is how tools first changed our ancestor’s social dynamic from what it was, to what it is today.
52. Self, a conscious, independent and sovereign being who lives forever, who lives eternally, between, without and within the genesis and essence of the Creator’s mystical relational love.
53. But at the same time, we must acknowledge that the relational concept of relativistic mechanics has lifted on a surface a very important layer of knowledge about the structure of the universe.
54. God’s actual words spoken through Christ, are perhaps hidden and camouflaged through inspired human words that attempt to describe the true story of the Creator’s mystical relational love.
55. This book is about ‘The Power’ and ‘The Mystical Relational Love’ that we can believe this Super Natural Being possesses if we choose to decide to believe in the existence of such a Being.
56. While the concept of relational and relativistic mechanics tells not about the space, but about what actually exists in it, and is one of its manifestations, namely, about the Spirit (Energy, Ether).
57. We can appreciate that these ancient rules and laws are clearly not humane, compassionate, or sensible practices in today’s society, or in the context of Jesus’ new law of mystical relational love.
58. Or knowing the trials and tribulations of relationships, or knowing what relational love and forgiveness was, or indeed even knowing who we were, let alone feeling as if we deserved such a place of paradise.
59. AD 30 subtracted from AD 1948 leaves 1918 years, nothing about this seems relational either except any equivalence would have to be in thousands of years, which means approximately two millennial measurements.
60. Indeed, a rationale from the evidence of creation created by the mystical relational love of a ‘God’ that human and their hearts, minds and soul so desired to believe, predicated on human innate spirituality.
61. Where reflective prayer may enhance Self’s acknowledgment of Self, life and relational love experiences through Self’s personal self-awareness, self-consciousness and sense of responsibility and accountability.
62. This is the practice of real relational love emanating from personal integrity to voluntary choose to act with love towards others and Self, and in so doing, respecting and relating with the Creator and the Christ.
63. Yet who also performed the most unbelievable miracles, whilst promoting and teaching knowledge about the higher transcendent qualities and characteristics of compassion, charity, reconciliation and relational love.
64. It was the actual experience of Christ’s life that drove the early Christians to live life with relational love, reconciliation/ forgiveness and compassion, to teach this and then to write and record this about Him.
65. The Other Side, a place that amplifies Self’s personal consciousness, for the capacity to acknowledge the true spirit of relational love and compassion over and above a personal spirit of selfishness, meanness and ill will.
66. Perhaps prayer is about life and about relational love, where living life is about loving and loving is about living life, and where both living life and relational love are constructive because they are about learning about Self.
67. This new divine decree or concept or advice regarding relational love can be defined as putting into practice through self’s constructs of cognition, emotion and behaviour the acts of compassion and reconciliation for Self and others.
68. Christ Himself totally overhauled and redefined many of the ancient scriptures and replaced them with messages that relate to the invocation of unconditional relational love, compassion and reconciliation to be practiced between all peoples.
69. As clearly stated by Matthew, this is not the intention or purpose for the Creator’s creation for unique, independent and sovereign human existence, as Christ’s teachings and examples for unconditional relational love and compassion reveal.
70. This spiritual and relational experience of love sourced through her interpersonal relationship with the perfect love and compassion of Jesus, was the basis upon which she was able to recognize and identify within, a sense of inner peace and joy.
71. The general theme of love described throughout the New Testament comes to us in stories of Jesus’ mystical relational love, compassion and reconciliation (forgiveness) for those He lived with, and came into contact with, during His time on Earth.
72. A Being that lives consciously or unconsciously within the Creator’s great story of gratuitous mystical relational ‘love’, but which ultimately culminates in personal anatomical death, and perhaps also in personal psycho-spiritual immortality.
73. The possibility of an immortal psycho-spiritual Self potentially may give Self the impetus and the catalyst to seek, find and experience the personal and relational happiness and peace within a wider context that Self obviously desires and deserves.
74. It is a universal truth that these attributes and virtues of the higher transcendent qualities of relational charity, reconciliation and compassion, can provide personal satisfaction in terms of meaning, vision and hope to Self’s life and existence.
75. And with the addition of spiritual strength emanating from intuitive reflective spiritual discernment, we can surely carry Self up the gold laden, but steep obstacle ridden path of relational love, hope and charity manifesting in love for Self and neighbour.
76. The Creator’s potential mystical or mysterious relational love for the created is indeed a phenomenon that is partially experienced within aspects of human love, but which must be, by definition, for humans, not unequivocally and transparently comprehensible.
77. This would reduce the Super Natural Being to a Creator and ‘God’ who’s quality of mystical relational love with the created is solely defined in essence by a value that is predicated on the quantity and quality of human ‘goodness’ and/ or ‘badness’.
78. But they did, because perhaps Jesus really did overthrow and revise the rules and laws of the Old Testament which advocates the corporal punishment for ‘sins’, and replaced them with the psychological virtues of relational love, compassion and reconciliation.
79. Such potential beliefs, behaviours and speech can be the outcome of believing in the literal meaning of every word in these verses encouraging perpetrators to transgress against Christ’s example of unconditional relational love and compassion for Self and others.
80. That the Creator’s unconditional and universal relational love, compassion, reconciliation and justice can be manifestly expressed in the love Self gives to others as defined when Self takes time to understand, value and accept others as unique and special beings.
81. We also read verses that contradict and are incongruent to this new message of relational love, providing further evidence for the need for cautious interpretation as being the words articulated by human experience and thus human interpretation to a significant event.
82. Could He then say to us, Now enjoy My Fellowship, My Relationship, My Energy, My Mystical Relational Love, My Forgiveness, My Knowledge, and My Happiness, with us feeling and knowing that we knew anything about what a loving relationship required and represented.
83. For the people in the world who don’t know the Creator, who don’t understand the creator, who transgress against the Creator’s creation, who have never heard of the Creator, then the Creator’s relational love for them is what is termed unilateral relational love.
84. Now suppose if the Creator had willed us to be with Him, to be in heaven instantly, from the time of our conception, to be in paradise, to be in a place overflowing with the indescribable feelings of unconditional mystical relational love, happiness, mercy and compassion.
85. But also for people who for some reason are unable to make the real changes, that are unable to live in and with relational love, compassion and reconciliation, so there will be a time when everyone has a chance to make amends when face to face with ‘God’ the Creator.
86. Many of these verses need to be completely overhauled or reinterpreted as Jesus explained, imploring the need for urgent change of the interpretation to the ancient laws and rituals of scripture that fall short of the new message of mystical relational love and compassion.
87. But if this stubbornness and arrogance exists it can only possibly be conceived as being short term and temporary, until the unconditional mystical relational love, compassion and light of the Creator is experienced, and thus, personally desired and willed by Self though free choice.
88. With that shift in belief, suddenly—when it was clear that this was not a should to conquer this area, but a must—along with the relational areas of life, strategies started showing up in front of me; they’d probably been there all along, but because of my mind-set, I was blind to them.
89. From the interaction of Jesus’ mystical relational love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness for her and all that she outwardly represented to Him, she was able to instill in herself the desire and ability to attain the higher transcendent qualities and virtues required for peaceful living.
90. After Self’s ‘physical’ death previous selfish and inconsiderate behaviours may be now exponentially experienced by Self’s Self, because these past experiences will incongruently contrast strongly with the mystical relational love inherent in the experience of life on the other side.
91. A place driven and permeated with relational love to move towards rather moving past and behind, as if a bridge burning never to be extinguished nor rebuilt, but only to be gazed at in the rear view mirror as just a vision, something special and unique that was once, but which will never again be.
92. Jesus, a radical and revolutionary divine authority through which God intended to disseminate the essence of His Being of unconditional relational compassion and reconciliation and to provide substantial and unequivocal evidence for the continuation of human immortal life after ‘physical’ death.
93. From this mysterious relational experience between ‘God’ and humans, perhaps we can anticipate ‘God’s being, God’s truth, God’s essence and God’s will in the potentiality of the sacredness and integrity of human independence, freewill and sovereignty that has been bestowed on humankind.
94. Human beings who have been created with the incredible capabilities of consciousness, thought, emotion, intellect, personality, spirit and freewill, who have attitudes and values and who experience personally unique thoughts and feelings such as relational love, happiness, sadness, joy and anger, etc.
95. Now here are some contradistinctive biblical verses that contradict and contrast with the above verses, and which the author believes are far more constructive and in tune with the New Testament’s general and predominant theme of the Creator’s message of unconditional relational love and compassion.
96. It is the author’s emphatic and unequivocal belief that there comes a time in everyone’s life where we all have a chance to make amends in this life, to start afresh, to put behind us any suffering we have caused others, to move on and begin a new life in relational acceptance, love, compassion and reconciliation.
97. It could be said, that through the spiritual, emotional and intellectual knowledge and understanding of the life of Jesus, God’s unconditional and universal relational love, compassion, justice and reconciliation can be manifestly expressed in the relational love Self receives when someone cares, values and accepts Self.
98. Imagining, meditating, and reflecting on the mystical relational love of the Creator can give one the strength to change things that one has control over, and come to terms with any changes that may instill anxiety, and help one to accept that which cannot be changed, but which is nevertheless causing grief and consternation.
99. But if the new law of relational love and compassion of, doing to others as you would have them do to you (which we will discuss later), had been acknowledged and adhered to by the societal perpetrators of these activities this abominable treatment and abuse from slavery by one human against another might have been prevented.
100. These people believe that apart from personal awareness and knowledge, relational love, compassion and reconciliation in relation to Self, and others, are the most important assets and qualities that can be accumulated here on Earth and taken with them when they finally leave their bodies and depart earth, passing over to the next world/life.

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