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Reliquary in a sentence

1. Happiness is an antique reliquary painted on one side only.
2. The prior would unlock the cupboard and remove the reliquary.
3. As the chanting filled the church, he righted the reliquary, which seemed.
4. Godwyn retrieved the reliquary from Earl Roland and placed it at Anthony’s feet.
5. I took my hands behind my neck and, to my dismay; the reliquary was no longer there.
6. Godwyn tried to close the lid of the reliquary, but it had buckled and did not quite fit.
7. He also took the sacred relics, including the bones of St Adolphus in their priceless reliquary.

8. He placed in the centre of the altar a reliquary cross, a bejewelled gold crucifix with a core of wood from the.
9. With the light of the moon and the light of the reliquary I could walk without problems in the deep dark of the night.
10. As the monks and nuns sang, he opened the compartment under the high altar –working by touch – and took out the ivory-and-gold reliquary.
11. She bought chaplets and wore amulets; she wished to have in her room, by the side of her bed, a reliquary set in emeralds that she might kiss it every evening.
12. Perhaps the next tenant got an impeccably clean range, a massive reliquary for a poet’s last reflection and a strand of light brown hair caught on a metal hinge.
13. I squeezed Leonardo’s reliquary in an attempt to emulate his proximity, but in doing so, it opened and a slight line of light joined the one emanating from the moon.
14. Leonardo pulled a reliquary out of his pocket and handed it to me; told me that there was a talisman inside that would help me to pass unnoticed in front of the creatures guarding the giant’s gate.
15. He even observed the changes in her breathing, watching the reliquary that hung on her batiste blouse as he looked at her without dissimulation over the book he pretended to read, and he committed the calculated impertinence of changing his seat in the dining room so that he would face her.

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