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Republicans in a sentence

There were 60 Republicans that.
Lincoln and helped the Republicans.
In 1876, Republicans stole the election.
Obviously not all Republicans are racist.
Gary Miller and Ken Calvert, Republicans.
This cry was uttered equally by the republicans.
Southern racists switched to being Republicans.

California Republicans rallied to Kim’s defense.
Republicans have only themselves to blame, however.
When the Republicans took control of the House and.
Republicans of the time—like Madison and Jefferson.
This gave the Republicans a temporary 46 to 45 lead.
But streets for all the newly rich Republicans cared.
Lawyers for both the Republicans and Democrats were.
Republicans and Democrats are in the movies you watch.
Republicans go to Sam’s Club, Democrats go to Costco.
So today the Republicans blinked and the market shot up.
In 2006, Republicans lost badly in the midterm elections.
Lancaster County is full of red blooded republicans that.
During the debate, the Republicans argued that the Estate.
As these numbers indicate, Democrats blaming Republicans.
In 2006 the Republicans tried to eliminate the Estate Tax.
Recently, the Republicans tried to eliminate the Death Tax.
Republicans would have loved me very much back then for sure.
You indoctrinate republicans! you warm up hearts that have.
America's two parties may today be Republicans and Populists.
Republicans think in a collective, like the Borg in Star Trek.
Campaigns that both the Democrats and the Republicans Parties.
President Bush and other Republicans have pushed through Con-.
Are the Dominican Republicans an ally of the Bush White House?
Republicans even complained he took their positions as his own.
I think this has something to do with Democrats and Republicans.
The two candidates, Richard Nixon for the Republicans and John F.
Republicans --- They are the Progressives, headed toward liberal.
Republicans are best at foreign relations, but they’re best at.
But moderate Republicans in jeopardy this fall desperately wanted.
I still have not figured out who were the other three Republicans!.
How effectively Republicans will govern remains to be seen, however.
Republicans, also received large sums for their reelection campaigns.
These were Republicans who objected to their candidate’s corruption.

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