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Republish in a sentence

1. Save this and republish your podcast for the changes to take effect.
2. On that occasion it was determined that the publication of a literary work did not of itself divest the author of the exclusive right, nor authorize others to republish it for their advantage without his consent.
3. There was a clause in his magazine contract that allowed him to republish his pieces in book form, and ever since In Cold Blood he’d oscillated between certainty that what he wrote wasn’t fit for bathroom reading and imagining how it would look in hardcover.
4. Hare's Compound Blowpipe, fed by oxygen and hydrogen gases, continue to be mentioned in Europe, in many of the Journals, without any reference to the results long since obtained in this country, we republish the following statement of facts, which was, in substance, first published in New-York, more than a year since.

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