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Reputedly in a sentence

1. Reputedly a homosexual.
2. They reputedly followed.
3. Her eldest brother, Tyrus, who was reputedly over six hundred and fifty years.
4. One got the opportunity to become uncommon, while the other reputedly paid with his life.
5. An outside confirmation of self-worth, although reputedly unnecessary, is always nice to receive.
6. A catastrophic level weather event like the ancient flood that reputedly resulted in the untimely.
7. In less reputedly evil chasms the fish went about with natural lights on their heads and on the whole managed quite well.

8. Charles started sweating profusely as he reminded himself that such armored men had reputedly massacred with ease the vaunted Vikings.
9. The monotony was broken only by a jutting tangle of stone ruins, some miles out on the desert, reputedly the remnants of an ancient Stygian temple.
10. Since our weapons made no sound when they went off, they would have only a moderate effect on these islanders, who reputedly respect nothing but noisy mechanisms.
11. The restaurant looked dilapidated with rough wooden chairs and tables covered with glossy white paper instead of a tablecloth but the fish was reputedly fresh and the prices pricey.
12. It was reinforced when I made the mistake of enrolling her in an Afrikaans-language school, reputedly able to offer better quality education than the English-medium school farther away.
13. Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner We passed the famous Shah Faisal Mosque on the way there, reputedly the biggest mosque in the world, with its giant concrete girders and soaring minarets.
14. A lady died, and a bank – reputedly, Citibank – billed her for February and March for their annual service charges on her credit card, and added late fees and interest on the monthly charge.
15. There were some that shook their heads and thought this was too much of a good thing; it seemed unfair that anyone should possess (apparently) perpetual youth as well as (reputedly) inexhaustible wealth.
16. And I’ve just discovered that Thais are reputedly the most gay friendly people in Asia as Thailand is very liberal in its views on sexuality and has a very large gay population who are not suppressed in any way.
17. This is what is known as ‘The Reich Scroll,’ reputedly commissioned by Adolf Hitler himself and handed to Beck at the end of World War II with the express purpose of forming the next Reich, the next German Army.
18. Women’s pensions are correspondingly smaller because they haven’t paid as much in to the company’s pension plan, and women who live alone reputedly have a difficult time making ends meet, much less saving for anything.
19. It was more distant than average, because directly under the stricken keel was the Gorunna Trench - a chasm in the Disc's surface that was so black, so deep and so reputedly evil that even the krakens went there fearfully, and in pairs.
20. He was also impressed that the stunning brunette hadn’t been even slightly impressed with the young man who was reputedly worth more than one hundred million dollars, although Rocco doubted there was that much left in the young man’s trust fund.
21. Somehow, Peter had managed to obtain a certificate of occupancy despite the questionable structural integrity of the luxurious and much-sought-after development that had reputedly been the most expensive project in the city totaling over $500 million.
22. They caught some fleeing British soldiers around a small village and cornered them in a wood where they reputedly executed four men and killed two more with gunfire but one guy, a private Sam Ferris survived and reported the atrocity to Nuremberg at the end of the war.
23. The accompanying notoriety was not all to Byron’s taste, he found himself the wipe rag for the chip wrapping newspapers, his personal life was investigated, from the first story regarding the scar, reputedly from some cult worship so diverse it became almost amusing.
24. About three hours after Pat and Peter Lawford arrived with Marilyn, they found a surprise waiting for them in the Cal-Neva lobby: Sam Giancana, one of the world’s leading gangsters, who was deeply involved in all sorts of underworld activity, some of it reputedly having to do with the Kennedy brothers.
25. Was it true? Would Cousin Harry marry Rhea knowing she was pregnant with Hassan"s child? True or false, was Hassan as low as all that? To ruin the reputation of his former girlfriend in such a public fashion however hurt he might have been by her ditching him? And the final intriguing question, did Rhea have sexual relations with Harry as early as three or four months before her marriage while she was still reputedly fooling around with Hassan? A few years later, certainly with many details of the pre-marital romance missing, it was clear to me that the boy was Harry"s son.
26. Intermingled with this humour (the reference to the Grey Man in poor taste, he thought) and reassertion of his own abilities at his age, Judge Burns had given his advice to consult the mysterious old witch who lived alone in the swamps and had been reputedly in close contact with the spirit world even since her husband died of very unnatural causes over fifty years ago, and though the correlation between this old country legend and the current situation was perhaps made in jest, Feltus had already decided on his way back to the hotel from Bobby Dan’s office to implore Elizabeth Bascomb to conduct a séance this evening, just to find out how those who participated would react to his suggestions.

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