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Rescuers in a sentence

My rescuers were a strange lot.
November 26th 2013: Rescuers arrive.
He and his board cast about for rescuers.
The four rescuers came in at a full gallop.
The rescuers began to dig to free the child.
I’m sure rescuers will be here very soon.
The rescuers were called Graz and Farrar.

Ship explosions threatened the victims and rescuers.
But the rescuers didn’t come from that lighthouse.
It was obvious to her that Max would avoid the rescuers.
Ramsey and his rescuers were waist high in tall grass.
I’ll be sure I have plenty of rescuers around next time.
So, who were the rescuers? Tom asked, And where did they.
As it turned out, a group of rescuers in a van picked us up and gave us.
Where is the ground expedition relative to the first of the rescuers?
Help! wailed Mother, as she saw her would-be rescuers enter the room.
Captain Holden made a valiant but fruitless effort to rescue his rescuers.
Until further orders from me, you will obey our rescuers, whoever they are.
Louie sat up and ran his eyes over the sky and ocean in search of rescuers.
He could tell nothing of his rescuers except that they wore dark cloaks and hoods.
Bird rescuers found 250 falcons which had lost their feathers because of the toxins.
Just get everyone up there and there will be rescuers waiting to pick you up very soon.
Search and rescue missions are inherently risky, and sometimes claim the lives of rescuers.
And when he came back to consciousness, he said he was already being pulled up by rescuers.
The rescuers were happy to see him, but were a bit thrown off by the clothes he was wearing.
In this case the family had left a diary that was found by rescuers, revealing their whereabouts.
Everyone would hear them, but she hoped they would think it was just a news team or more rescuers.
The rescuers would not be able to board for a day, until everyone in the sub had fully decompressed.
He and the damn girl could wait it out, living off supplies the rescuers would have brought with them.
We are staying in one of the rescuers spare rooms, they offered it to us and paid our airfares as well.
This provides an easy way of telling rescuers of your location or of fixing a rendezvous point with them.
Also Nikko quickly realised that it was only a few days since the posse of would-be rescuers had set out.
The watchers on the city walls shook to see that vast host, which overshadowed the powers of the rescuers.
That means expanded systems of emergency healers, fire extinguishers, rescuers and rebuilders of every sort.
As Sokolovsky was walking away, a fireman suddenly shouted that he had found a body, attracting more rescuers.
The sun was hot and yellow the next afternoon when the rescuers came out to dig us from our stoned-under cellar.
The funeral service was conducted amid profound silence and attended by a large number of survivors and rescuers.
The rescuers removed the wood and cleaned the wound, causing a roar that threatened to knock Silas out of the sky.
It seems likely that for every man rescued, several would-be rescuers died, especially in the first years of the war.
The Walf will never suspect you, and the rescuers are already on their way as they now know where you all are located.

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