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Reverse in a sentence

1. The reverse is also true.
2. Alas, it was the reverse.
3. Exit in the reverse order.
4. She could go into reverse.
5. Quite the reverse, in fact.
6. Reverse dead ends are rare.
7. She slams the car in reverse.

8. There was no reverse switch.
9. It needs to be in reverse.
10. This is a Reverse Opt-in Page.
11. I expect the same in reverse.
12. I'll reverse not on the word.
13. I would never reverse the time.
14. I’ve put it in reverse gear.
15. The tires screeched in reverse.
16. I experienced just the reverse.
17. I mentioned not using reverse.
18. Father Leary entered in reverse.
19. A Reverse Psychic Attack With a.
20. God gave them a reverse culture.
21. You could reverse the time line.
22. The actual truth is the reverse.
23. Upwards was the reverse of down.
24. The holes act like reverse nails.
25. If we take the reverse case, viz.
26. Nay, Doctor, the reverse is true.
27. She put the gear in reverse and.
28. On the reverse of each was a name.
29. It is the reverse of greater_than.
30. I throw the stick shift in reverse.
31. Here we see the reverse in action.
32. The reverse is true in a downtrend.
33. Hugo: he couldn’t reverse things.
34. The reverse applies to downtrends.
35. Reverse this thing we call entropy.
36. The reverse is of course also true.
37. Nay, he said, the reverse of ignoble.
38. The same is true of Reverse Condors.
39. But the case is exactly the reverse.
40. Every single move, he did in reverse.
41. You can even use this Rule in reverse.
42. We have also reverse engineered the.
43. Why did I want the trend to reverse?
44. The reverse also applied to the girl.
45. Mark nodded and put the car in reverse.
46. I continued this experiment in reverse.
47. With equal but reverse exactness pure.
48. The same could be said of the reverse.
49. She’d have to reverse into her spot.
50. Could Melfo reverse the spell?
51. I would reverse the hands of the clock.
52. I need to know to try to reverse the.
53. Verse 5 has been put in reverse order.
54. The performance of a reverse osmosis.
55. The car was started and put in reverse.
56. All that has to happen is the reverse.
57. Now reverse the setting on the torch.
58. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.
59. Yet in bodybuilding the reverse is true.
60. Chambers and reverse what had been done.
61. If only I could reverse it all for real.
62. Print The reverse string is; Rev$.
63. With reverse osmosis, more than 98% of.
64. Follow the above steps in reverse order.
65. I put it and reverse and looked behind.
66. And I don't want to reverse the charges.
67. Breakouts can reverse and fail any time.
68. Now it's your job to reverse that process.
69. It was the reverse Mom was worried about.
70. The reverse is generally true at present.
71. He put the car in reverse and backed out.
72. In fact, it would have the reverse effect.
73. There is still time to reverse this trend.
74. The reverse is true for the selling signal.
75. The reverse is true for shorting into pops.
76. Of the one you care for as reverse paranoia.
77. Touching down, the engines roared in reverse.
78. Now I threw the small car sharply in reverse.
79. But she couldn’t reverse her bad season:.
80. You spell backward, because it will reverse.
81. I sighed and threw the gear shift in reverse.
82. Quite the reverse, they would contend: our.
83. Keep in mind that this also works in reverse.
84. The ship was put into reverse and the rock.
85. We still have reverse, but that’s about it.
86. Let us consider the statement in the reverse.
87. Then the market begins to reverse against us.
88. The opposite is true of a reverse conversion:.
89. But history was about to go into sharp reverse.
90. In a reverse conversion, the opposite is true.
91. I put the Pinto in reverse and headed for home.
92. There was an inscription on the reverse side.
93. Neil’s mother put the car into reverse and.
94. We can reverse the direction of this recogni-.
95. Be thankful, however, that the reverse is true.
96. The paper is thin, and the reverse will give.
97. Interesting how your dog and cat have reverse.
98. There ain’t no way to reverse the process.
99. But he wasn’t able to reverse his bad season.
100. We can install a reverse osmosis system where.
1. The new does hit, reversing.
2. Reversing out, he slowly turned the.
3. Some of these trends are now reversing.
4. The machine did a sharp reversing turn to.
5. Reversing The Curse: Overcoming Negativism.
6. I deem half of these trends to be reversing.
7. Reflectively Reversing black evil into Good.
8. And there is no sign of reversing this trend.
9. By reversing all the morals they had been taught.
10. By reversing their values and thoughts and actions.
11. But you claimed it was the guy below you reversing.
12. Reversing the perception of what is high and what is low.
13. The damage done by gorgons to titans was reversing itself.
14. It is human awareness reversing itself by pyramidal focus.
15. Whoever speaks the reversing incantation must be wearing it.
16. Reversing, he eased back, coaxed the nose around and selected.
17. It stayed stil for a couple of minutes, then started reversing.
18. Prices declined into mid-November before reversing and going up.
19. As the lorry started reversing the hangar doors started to open.
20. There were times now when I thought about reversing that process.
21. Ingersoll once parodied that proverb by reversing it, and saying that an.
22. An example of required patience is reversing long-term effects of smoking.
23. When that happened he could act, reversing the roles, becoming the hunter.
24. The convoy, with much reversing, maneuvering and shouting, slowly sets off.
25. As it did so, Darek could feel the gravity reversing and his body falling.
26. By reversing the perception of evil, and turning evil into a perceived good.
27. By reversing perception so that all questioners are perceived as terrorists.
28. Change, change, no delete that, computer, try reversing the coupling energy.
29. Turning and reversing good actions so they are reversed into actions of evil.
30. Reflectively reversing the truth through the process of reflective abstraction.
31. I plan on re-orienting, reversing with the load, braking and then cutting it away.
32. Reversing 7 thousand years of being treated as ignorant savages back at the Chinese.
33. How is that, young fellow? I laughed, reversing the spin and going the other way.
34. Reversing out of the doorway the vehicle turns around and heads off into the darkness.
35. Reversing the polarity of a device is something a character with a Hi-Tech Origin can do.
36. A rainbow table is a precomputed table for reversing cryptographic hash functions, usu-.
37. They actually served the consumer by reversing a charge by some store that was fraudulent.
38. The third major imbalanced split: reversing the Dynamic using a tool to create another tool.
39. I turn to a couple of these themes in the next section but for now I focus on reversing trends.
40. By merely reversing the order of the returns, Susan has an entirely different retirement experience.
41. Sheena slammed the car door, reversing out onto the road, bucking the car off the bumpy grass verge.
42. The bearish harami is equally unreliable as its bullish counterpart – reversing only half the time.
43. But only in the context of the Infinite Universe as an Infinite Totality reversing itself as a whole.
44. If you do not know the trend, the odds of its continuing or reversing would fall into the area of 50%.
45. Effectively, you are finding out what you don't want, and reversing it to produce your Job From Heaven.
46. Dollar Index had a hard smack-down after the Bernanke speech, reversing from multiyear highs (Figure 11.
47. If you are not comfortable with this, turn off dictation by reversing the previous steps to set up Siri.
48. Price movement was very erratic and moved below support before reversing higher to move above resistance.
49. She was on a deserted stretch of road, and the car that had screeched to a halt was reversing towards her.
50. Prices could return all the way back to the upper boundary before reversing and launching a powerful uptrend.
51. The next phase lower made up of three candles then stops at the same price level, before reversing higher again.
52. Water found a more efficient way of processing all other Energies through it; by reversing its original process.
53. Of course, it is just a judgment whether any trend is reversing or not, but my views seem close to the consensus.
54. The kangaroo tail with a very long tail suggests the market has become extremely excited before reversing sharply.
55. They managed to hide the truth about god by reversing truth and lie… by a simple trick of projective reflection.
56. To begin with the price has fallen, before reversing higher, only to fall back again, before reversing higher again.
57. He’s not immediately stopping the wars, nor reversing the tax gift to the rich, and he is bailing out the crooks.
58. Just as with RSI, stocks or indexes can remain overbought or oversold for long time periods before reversing direction.
59. Reversing his turn, he pulled hard to the left again in a kind of procedural turn, and descended about five hundred metres.
60. And not only for the great satisfaction of a good deed well done, in reversing an evil curse to restore two innocent elves.
61. Prices moved higher for a week before pausing and reversing for a hard retest where prices traded below the upper boundary.
62. Reversing his momentum, he then lunged back, drove the pen tip deep into Bingham’s leg, and once more rolled out of reach.
63. One ZERO fighter quickly appeared in the rear view mirror of Ingrid as she was reversing her turn to come back towards Jesus.
64. Pain: exiting at loss, reversing your position on a stock and then watching it go the way you knew it would in the first place.
65. What does this mean? Look at how the undead repeated the story of Jesus by reversing it and twisting it into a filthy abomination.
66. Reflectively Reversing a blackened charcoal covered hand into a white hand, turning a white surrounding surface into blackened filth.
67. The truth was hidden and destroyed: simply by reversing the true cause of the evil, simply by reversing the word: aura (Oreh) to hero.
68. Reversing from the road-sign she had rammed down when parking, she drove away at speed, anxious to check upon the state of her carpet.
69. HFTs still frolic in these patterns, shaking me out, reversing clean trends, but this not so often that I cannot compete in this game.
70. Risk Reversals are often used either when the stock is in a strong trend with no signs of exhaustion or when a stock is reversing trends.
71. An endless list of possibilities plagued her, as the airplane squealed onto the tarmac and shuddered with the roar of reversing engines.
72. Then I identify major secular trends—some of which are now reversing while others are persisting—and review many of them graphically.
73. She writes down the address as I read it from the sheet of headed paper which Stephen chased after me with as I was reversing round his car.
74. He was literally walking through a blue print, his circling, reversing, left or right, back or forth, correlating to a change on the screen.
75. Before reversing the car, he lingered just enough time to see the policemen hit by fire and ignite and the woman send a white bolt in response.
76. In all of these cases of a trend reversing into the opposite trend, the common ground is that the market displays a distinct change of character.
77. It was later discovered that Dunlap was manipulating earnings by taking large restructuring charges and then reversing these charges in later years.
78. Rosie had an early start and by the time I sat down in my dressing gown with a huge mug of coffee, I could see her reversing her car down the drive.
79. You cannot have progression without the pendulum of cycles reversing its swing unless you switch to a higher level of healthier more powerful energy.
80. You’re supposed to wait for the reversal to happen before either selling or buying because you never know how far the move will go before reversing.
81. After two weeks of sideways movement, the price moved into a new uptrend, reversing the pattern in spite of the continuation signals and confirmation.
82. Massive decline of the dollar against foreign currencies is also reversing the international transfer of wealth that America enjoyed in the 20th century.
83. Also, he stressed the importance of using the candle pattern signal to assist in opening and closing of position, not necessarily for reversing positions only.
84. Instead of reversing the imbalance between the powerful and powerless, you need to eliminate both imbalances so there is no such thing as power or powerlessness.
85. All it needs is reversing the status quo, and turning the shit corruption of society upside down… all it takes is throwing out every corrupt normality you don’t.
86. What kind of information might be most effective in reversing the cascade of new members into the crowd? I think the answer will be obvious after a little reflection.
87. That is, instead of the price level following a random walk, the inflation rate did so (the statistical persistence parameter rose from 0 to 1, before reversing after 1980).
88. In this way, by reversing the basis of all legality, the masses of Europeans had their freedoms, rights and privileges reduced from a thousand – to one… the one written.
89. In order to do this: they have to destroy all human love and poison the living people they corrupt with as much hate as possible by reversing all natural urges to love into hate.
90. As we drove, I could feel my northward progress reversing itself—all the miles I’d toiled to gain, lost in less than an hour—and yet to be in that car was a kind of heaven.
91. But his surge of gritty determination refused to let him even contemplate reversing his hard won decision and so, with a muttered prayer, he stepped forward into the hurtling roar.
92. Rommel’s Afrika Corps had come to the aid of Italy in North Africa which had the effect of reversing all the previous year's British gains; and the catastrophe at Singapore was looming.
93. By reversing the process of constructing experience (which is basically what our brains do), meditation brings us into contact with the true nature of reality as it already and always exists.
94. They try to poison everything that is GOOD and turn it into the most foul evil possible by reversing the direction and intent and motive and result and consequences of everything that is GOOD.
95. As a working definition, a rule of thumb might be that you want to see no more than two or three bars on your time frame outside the breakout level and then strong momentum reversing the move.
96. On the other side of the floor, backup alarms sounded as forklift operators drove back and forth with pallets stacked with cartons, wheeling, reversing, and placing the cartons high up on shelves.
97. As a tool for reversing what had happened with the Blight Zone, it was brilliant, but also predicated on Sam’s not snitching—on a loyalty Nicky should have known from the fanzines didn’t exist.
98. Fripon reversing your results, and now, Uncle Ken amending results and as well apologising to a student? Who gave monkey banana? I mean, these achievements are simply incredible and unheard of in this campus.
99. Because of this possibility, many traders shortcut the Evening Star and Morning Star patterns by buying on the signal that the third candle is reversing intraday instead of waiting for the close to confirm it.
100. After successfully reversing the fate of several companies (Chicago Gas and the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific), Flower took charge of Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company; as revenues increased, so went the stock price.
1. Reversed: Here is an ab.
2. The Queen of Clubs reversed.
3. Some have reversed the Bible.
4. Sells, of course, are reversed.
5. I reversed out of her driveway.
6. He reversed back off his drive.
7. Reversed: The nightmare is over.
8. Then the positions are reversed.
9. Nigel pulled out, reversed down.
10. Reversed: He who hesitates is lost.
11. But this time, things were reversed.
12. This trend reversed in 2007–2008.
13. After that the Alphabets are reversed.
14. Our positions are completely reversed.
15. Reversed: Your thoughts are in turmoil.
16. Nevertheless, the reversed thesis by S.
17. Livesy is a cover-up of reversed evil.
18. Reversed psychic attack is very common.
19. Hopefully, this trend will be reversed.
20. This had to be covered up and reversed.
21. A date had been inadvertently reversed.
22. He would rather see the thing reversed.
23. We have reversed his reasoning as well.
24. Al of a sudden, the system was reversed.
25. This is almost exactly where it reversed.
26. Reversed: The heavy load you have carried.
27. But her bad season couldn’t be reversed.
28. It serves as a warning and can be reversed.
29. Repeat this exercise with the legs reversed.
30. Reversed: You are aimless and going nowhere.
31. But his bad season couldn’t be reversed:.
32. She reversed back over them, stabbing them.
33. Circle each reversed letter within the word.
34. The undead reversed the truth about both wars.
35. Once again, sells are the same, just reversed.
36. The Belmarsh charge reversed and became a rout.
37. This LTP is reversed back to the basal state.
38. Reversed: The reversed Page of Wands can be a.
39. This relationship cannot be reversed, however.
40. It cannot be reversed, side stepped or rushed.
41. So the decision of the speaker was reversed; Mr.
42. How Truth was REVERSED and misperceived as lies.
43. The Ace of Spades reversed, that's the violence.
44. Also when the spell is reversed, you lose your.
45. Its order of priorities are completely reversed.
46. Reversed: Here we have vanity and self indulgence.
47. Reversed: There is an over-indulging of something.
48. The transport slowed and reversed before stopping.
49. They will be reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.
50. Strange to say, their roles seemed to be reversed.
51. A reflection in a mirror, an image reversed of me.
52. I said bluntly, Averon never reversed it from me.
53. These types of condition can be reversed by surgery.
54. Reversed: There is always a rainbow after the storm.
55. With the standard 'port, the situation is reversed.
56. Then, the window closed and the sedan reversed away.
57. Reversed: There is a lack of motivation and laziness.
58. The truth hurts: hurt is truth reversed: truth hurts.
59. The perception of what terror is; is being reversed.
60. He has reversed his trend and is healing remarkably.
61. He tapped the reversed King of Pentacles in the sixth.
62. The situation was reversed for once in the car today.
63. And how lies were reversed and misperceived as Truth.
64. Furthermore, look at verse 10:5 (notice the reversed.
65. Reversed: The reversed Queen of Wands intimates easily.
66. Underperformance is a data point that can be reversed.
67. But all this is reversed in the case of the unjust man.
68. He stopped the car and reversed back to the side road.
69. It seems that our fortunes have reversed, he said.
70. The pilot reversed the engines and a backwash of black.
71. Then the QQQ reversed and went up for two weeks straight.
72. You’d have done the same if the situation was reversed.
73. Reversed: There is a shortness of cash and financial loss.
74. What Are the Trading Rules for Buys (Sells Are Reversed)?
75. But it is of infinite duration; it will never be reversed.
76. Scotty reversed the clip, then forwarded it in slow motion.
77. I slowly reversed the Toyota, stopped and then turned the.
78. On a small flat stone, inscribe your enemy's name reversed.
79. Had I not lost the Ring, our positions might be reversed.
80. Reversed: Money or thoughts of money are dominating factors.
81. It would be the same for you if the roles were reversed.
82. Waving at the couple, he reversed back a few yards, coaxed.
83. Why are the numbers on a calculator and a phone reversed?
84. The byte values of IP addresses are reversed in the in-addr.
85. Reversed: There may be fear about the outcome of a situation.
86. It cannot be reversed in exactly the same order it happened.
87. The engineer saw it, shut the regulator, and reversed steam.
88. Reversed: She is someone who is unpredictable and suspicious.
89. He reversed out of the car port and then hit the accelerator.
90. He knew that if the roles were reversed he would definitely.
91. He would do the same for Harry if the situation was reversed.
92. Then KCG kind of reversed, and you will see some other levels.
93. Smiling, he started the engine and reversed back, trying hard.
94. If our positions were reversed, you would have done it for me.
95. In a case in Colorado, it seems these roles have been reversed.
96. Once reversed, that relationship has moved ever farther apart.
97. Reversed: You may experience difficulties in your relationship.
98. He also noticed the current had reversed, and with a vengeance.
99. What Are the Trading Rules for Sell Fades (Buys Are Reversed)?
100. Once the tide reversed, we followed the river down to the port.
1. We must rise after reverses.
2. The countdown reverses and begins.
3. It reverses the essence of cosmology.
4. The dynamic of reflection reverses images.
5. The countdown reverses and begins counting up.
6. This function reverses the contents of the string.
7. The law reverses its effort when what is opposite is made.
8. The underlying market often thereafter reverses direction.
9. If the Supreme Court reverses, it comes back for another trial.
11. I need to know when the market reverses, said Tom pointedly.
12. I walk her to the door and watch as she reverses out of the drive.
13. The next day trades high, then reverses to close under the old highs.
14. He starts the engine and reverses out of his space in the parking lot.
15. Even better, the process instantly reverses once the medication is stopped.
16. ADX declines when a trend reverses or when a market enters a trading range.
17. Price sometimes overshoots, reverses, hesitates, often it just goes nowhere.
18. A signal that reverses only 50% of the time is no better than a random guess.
19. If your situation reverses, remember to help those you can and pay it forward.
20. They hold losing trades for fear of missing out if and when the market reverses.
21. The new trend continues under price once again reverses and finds confirmation.
22. That is what brainwashing does to you: it reverses your perception of the truth.
23. The bullish reverses more than 60% of the time, and the bearish reverses about 80%.
24. Recall that the zones are those spots on the chart where the market repeatedly reverses.
25. On a pullback you can also try a reversal long on a gap fill that reverses back over 27.
26. Zones, as you recall, are those spots on the chart where the market repeatedly reverses.
27. As soon as we enter at a high price the stock reverses and we are out with a large loss.
28. Trend reversal: An established trend ends, and reverses into a trend in the opposite direction.
29. It reverses up to the gas-station so skillfully and quickly, I have to admire the pilots ability.
30. Here we have a bearish strong trend that then reverses sharply and becomes a bullish strong trend.
31. The setup reverses a few hours later, setting up an exit signal at 10,880 for a gain of 51 points.
32. The stop order triggers and then the price trend reverses, so that you need not have sold out at all.
33. The example shown in the following screenshot reverses the replication of the virtual machine, VM01:.
34. The stop order triggers and then the price trend reverses, so that you should not have bought in at all.
35. Support and resistance levels are the price levels where the price action either stops or reverses itself.
36. We approach the shore, the pilot reverses the plane, and the floats are smoothly beached on the sandy shore.
37. The general market averages need to be checked every day, since reverses in trends can begin on any given few.
38. Sharon nods her head and drives towards the cliffs, seeing the cave she turns the car around and reverses into it.
39. Every 10,000 years our magnetic core reverses at the poles and leaves the planet without protection from the sun.
40. In the figure, the solid line shows that the stop order to sell does execute in the event that the trend reverses.
41. We are always going to see small changes up and down, as the market pulls back or reverses in a longer term trend.
42. This is because the structure of civilization itself is intrinsically evil and reverses the perception of actual truth.
43. First the market has moved higher, buyers are still buying into the trend, but then the price reverses, and moves lower.
44. Third, if we have an existing position and the trend reverses against us, then we have been given a clear signal to exit.
45. This notation reverses the order of the object names, starting with the RDN on the left and the domain name on the right.
46. The volume is falling, which a good sign, and in due course, the market stops, and reverses higher, posting a pivot low.
47. And when the uptrend reverses, our stop order triggers and closes out our position for a total profit of about 450 points.
48. Although there are no guarantees, it's not surprising if a stock reverses direction when it pierces the upper or lower band.
49. He reverses and changes despair into hope, and He provides the spiritual and psychological power to live a victorious life.
50. A squeal of brakes tells him that he has missed whoever is coming and with no more thought reverses right out into the road.
51. How about hang on to winners too long only to see your unrealized gains evaporate as the position reverses? You are not alone.
52. The market immediately reverses against them and bounces higher locking them instantly into a losing position, which then worsens.
53. It was turned into an evil, racist Satanic cult that twists and reverses all the true GOOD ancient teachings of the Old Testament.
54. The stock opens at one price, heads either higher or lower, reverses to the opposite direction, and then ends up closing unchanged.
55. In coastal areas, whether of an ocean or an inland sea or lake, there will usually be a wind pattern that reverses from day to night.
56. This takes place when the price action reverses and crosses above the horizontal line created by the third brick back in the series.
57. In its terminal stage, which can last a lifetime, DS reverses craftsperson and tool – we had become the droidbot extension for IT.
58. As you have seen before, when a down gap occurs, the price usually continues downward on Day 1 but quickly reverses and begins rising.
59. The market usually reverses quickly, and once the newbie traders say that they are stopped out of the short trade, we cover our longs.
60. When the uptrend reverses, this order will close the current long position and open a new short position for the balance of $1-per-point.
61. A retreating army that suddenly reverses its retreat into an attack can take the winning army by surprise and turn a rout into a victory.
62. The senior commanders from the Pacific theatre, who had not been informed of those reverses before, looked in unison at Spaatz with dismay.
63. My Andy makes short work of launching the boat; he reverses the trailer into the water, which bubbles and gurgles as the trailer submerges.
64. When that potential loss has increased to an unacceptable level, the risk of holding (and hoping the stock reverses direction) is too great.
65. If it keeps going, they are in the right trade, and if it reverses again, they recognize it and switch stop rather than quit and feel abused.
66. The result of all of this selling pressure is that the market finally reverses and downside momentum develops as selling leads to more selling.
67. A trailing stop order to sell is often used by long trend followers as an exit mechanism, to exit a position when the upward price trend reverses.
68. What he’d never believed, in the beginning at least, despite whatever reverses he might encounter along the way, was that he could actually lose.
69. This was not ROVI or HOLX or AET or SGEN or BIG—all similar (uptick rule, stops going down, reverses) plays but better, where I followed the desk.
70. In each case, the end of the trend is easily located because price reverses and the trend line is stopped by the opposite movement in the candlestick.
71. Yes, but that’s no solution, countered the Prime Minister, it simply reverses the problem, and puts the boot onto the other foot, so to speak.
72. The opinion of all the commercial men was that, under the reverses which had successively weighed down Morrel, it was impossible for him to remain solvent.
73. Finally the market reverses back to where they first entered their position, and they exit, relieved to have been able to close out with just a small loss.
74. Nikita knew that the other members of the Praesidium were going to try to find scapegoats for these reverses, while promoting their own personal interests.
75. The market pauses and reverses higher but the volume is falling, and in addition we see a second hanging man candle, suggesting more weakness in the market.
76. Stop losses and trailing stops protect you from the big drop where the trend never reverses and you just lose more and more money waiting for it to come back.
77. A short-term moving average as a stop or a percentage trailing stop will keep you in a trade until it reverses all the way back and through your moving stop loss.
78. However, you’ll obviously have to accept a smaller profit or larger loss if this method is used and the trend reverses, taking out the lower or secondary stop levels.
79. That is why it deserves to be totally DESTROYED… unless it wakes up and REVERSES its evil ways and learns how to LOVE, the entire human species is DOOMED to EXTINCTION.
80. It never reverses on a dime for many reasons, not least because just like a supertanker it has momentum, and therefore takes time to respond, once the brakes are applied.
81. And at a place where the potential difference doesn’t exist, the train comes to a halt and when the potential difference reverses, the train moves in opposite direction.
82. For a short entry, the market trades above a clearly defined resistance area, but immediately reverses on the same or the following bar and closes back under the resistance.
83. As the market moves higher to the top of the third wave, their position has a potential profit, before it reverses lower, back to the level at which they entered the market.
84. It is also worth considering that if you are stopped out by an intraday move that reverses on close, it may make sense to reenter the position with a stop under the new extreme.
85. When the boat's engine is in the water, Andy starts it, reverses off the trailer, and then the little boat begins cheerfully chugging across the glass-like surface of Lake Kenai.
86. In this new interpretation of the scenario, when the downtrend reverses and the stop order to buy executes, it closes the existing short position rather than opening a new long position.
87. Finally the market continues higher in our house until it reaches the ceiling of the second floor, where the price resistance proves to be too strong, and the market reverses at this level.
88. To generalize, when the price comes back to an SMA that has shown significance (or any of the 50-, 100-, or 20-day SMAs) and then reverses, it can be a trade entry signal, either long or short.
89. As losses mount and equity shrinks, a loser grows desperate and converts outright positions into spreads, doubles up on losing positions, reverses and trades in the opposite direction, and so on.
90. If the market trends strongly, the Parabolic stop level will trail behind, but if the market reverses or goes flat, the acceleration factor will usually force a trend change indication very quickly.
91. The objective is to join the trend using a stop order, to maintain the position by trailing the stop order manually or automatically, and to exit the position using a stop order when the trend reverses.
92. The point is it is only because undead evil orchestrates and reverses the perception of what is true and untrue that the most insane madman in Austria is later hailed as the wisest philosopher of that time.
93. Equally in the future, if the market reverses to test this region, once again we can say with confidence that there is a strong platform of support, which will take some extreme volumes to penetrate and break.
94. Thus, in the event Corporation suffered serious financial reverses, the subordinates could be junior in payment not only to these senior notes, but also to other senior notes that might be issued in the future.
95. But of course it would be best if such extremities could be avoided, for the provinces will suffer severely, and the reverses that may be expected in the early part of the campaign will produce a bad impression.
96. The 12 Biggest Business Problems You Cannot Solve: Are All Really Mental experiencing a hard time and yet is still able to bounce back from disappointment, poor performance or simple bad luck and reverses the trend.
97. During the 1918 reverses suffered by the Turks on various fronts large numbers of mules were captured and sent to the veterinary bases to be reconditioned, sorted, and shod, for issue to various units in need of them.
98. The Warm Alarmists want us to make these concessions soon, because when the sun cycle reverses and the earth’s temperature begins to drop, they want to be able to say it was due to our reduction in use of fossil fuels.
99. Optionz Traderz: Just like in trend trading, you might want to exit on a stop when the trend reverses, or you might have a time exit, where you exit after the event catalyst has passed and you presume that the move has already happened.
100. King of France, who was formidable still in spite of his recent reverses; and it was necessary, therefore, to have recourse to some profitable scheme, which was a matter of great difficulty in the impoverished condition of exhausted Italy.

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