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  1. The castle is riddled with.
  2. Bullet holes riddled the tenth.
  3. Guilt riddled me but then the.
  4. The old ones are riddled with holes.
  5. I was stil riddled with doubt, but the.

  6. It was riddled with big metal spikes and.
  7. Historically, China has been riddled with.
  8. Consequently, the New Testament is riddled.
  9. Here is our poor street all riddled with balls.
  10. The town wall was pitted and riddled with holes.
  11. His skin was gray and riddled with bloody sores.
  12. Every part of his body was riddled with bullets.
  13. It’s how we all are - riddled with this stuff.
  14. The walls of the cavern were riddled with holes.
  15. Blood oozed from his chest where it was riddled.

  16. A big paddle riddled with holes is a fearsome thing.
  17. What? he spat, his face riddled with puzzlement.
  18. Our world is as riddled with wars and hatred as yours.
  19. All bodies riddled with bullets from a Colt M16A2 rifle.
  20. Their minds are riddled with innumerable dissensions and.
  21. An array of bullets riddled the windows of the Enterprises.
  22. Meo vaulted to the wal s of the cabin as Batistuta riddled.
  23. The walls were riddled with bullet holes and blood spatters.
  24. Now why would a figure shrouded in mystery and riddled in.
  25. I was riddled with anxiety, fear, excitement, and joy at the.

  26. He lasted about three minutes, then fell, riddled with bullets.
  27. The city in general isn’t riddled with many high crime areas;.
  28. The document was riddled with so many DNA misinterpretations and.
  29. Even the Hebrew texts are riddled with flaws that will be easily.
  30. Perhaps the ground was riddled with lava tubes turned into rivers.
  31. His reply was as usual, flamboyant and riddled with esoteric innuendo.
  32. Easy now, Aquarius said knowing that he may soon be riddled with.
  33. That’s called non-productive work, and the economy is riddled with it.
  34. He tossed and turned in his sleep, riddled with dreams of revenge, no doubt.
  35. The few pieces of glass that remained standing were riddled with bullet holes.
  36. The graveyard at Greyfriar’s Kirk is riddled with depictions of the skul and.
  37. The place where I had been standing only moments before was riddled with bullets.
  38. What about that? Eugene says, gesturing at the car riddled with bullet holes.
  39. Millicent walked over to Alexia and her eyes were riddled with repulsion and hatred.
  40. I had already seen the fear riddled face of the woman that the zombies were devouring.
  41. Totally riddled with holes, they felt certain no one in the room could have survived.
  42. Stood in the silver tarnish of a half-moon and glanced up to a sky riddled with stars.
  43. Her steel armor was riddled with holes, through which, raw pinkish flesh could be seen.
  44. She jogs on across the scraggly, battle-weary fields riddled with tunnels far underneath.
  45. A cacophony of bullets riddled the Roller driven by Bonner with flashes of sparks all over.
  46. Five of those men went down at once, riddled by the 24 lead balls loaded in her blunderbuss.
  47. He looked at his small front garden with its badly kept flower bed and dandelion riddled lawn.
  48. The small tubular shower room was riddled with holes where the Vapex would come out in short.
  49. My conversation with NASA about the water reclaimer was boring and riddled with technical details.
  50. The moths liked it as well and it was riddled with small holes along the hem, but I didn’t mind.
  51. Bullets could have riddled the glass and metal driving home death blows to Jesus and the others in the car.
  52. Most of the monitors were now riddled with bullets and smashed, apart from one showing the helicopter area.
  53. Once more, his axes were in his hands, though now those hairy hands were riddled with swelling black veins.
  54. In my application, riddled with lies, I dumped the nectar of my hope to become someday a prestigious sorceress.
  55. In the confusion, Molly led her remaining gang skyward, only to have them riddled with bullets by the autogyro.
  56. They came on a dirt road riddled with stone and small rocks, but the wheels of the Rollers easily overcame them.
  57. Nevertheless, the community of foreigners in Havana was riddled with agents and organizations plotting rebellion.
  58. The gunners had not seen Colling yet, as he crouched behind the riddled panel that served as the bridge’s railing.
  59. The earth had been scarred and was riddled with pockmarks; years of surface mining had altered the landscape forever.
  60. Baba's brain on those pictures looked like cross sections of a big walnut, riddled with tennis ballshaped gray things.
  61. He tries to fire up the trucks but the bullets have riddled the ovens, making steam billow out of the sides and windows.
  62. Their faces were dotted with red pinch marks, and their clothes riddled with holes where the chickens had pecked at them.
  63. Bullets had found their way through the gypsum and into the concrete, while flecks of chipped paint riddled the wide doors.
  64. The design was shattered like glass, riddled with little cracks and missing pieces that had come off over uncountable washes.
  65. He turned down the corridor as Tomz instructed, looking at charred, green walls riddled with cracks, peelings and some bullet holes.
  66. But that didn’t really prove anything, did it? Some of those old English houses were simply riddled with secret passages and stuff.
  67. By the time he had riddled both men with bullet holes the bottled-boom hit the truck, exploding in liquid-fire that splashed everywhere.
  68. It was very gross when me, Mickey and our cousins first saw the deer's bullet riddled body and started wrapping it up, Michael says.
  69. A handful of combatants from her side trailed behind her, shielded from the onslaught of bullets that riddled the mechs chest to nothing.
  70. Riddled with worry and remorse, Nancy had used her last training period at the main base of the Time Patrol to pass a complete medical examination.
  71. Fortunately, this stretch of the trail held plenty of clues, riddled with peaks and cliffs, lakes and ponds that were often visible from the trail.
  72. Trent must’ve put the fragile dynamite up higher than I had imagined he could have, because the dugout was literally riddled with holes everywhere.
  73. It's a miracle that Monygham, standing on the after-hatch with the rope already round his neck, escaped being riddled through and through like a sieve.
  74. His body was riddled with TB and lung cancer when Lord Mountbatten, the last British viceroy of India, agreed that India would be divided at independence.
  75. The super hero did this for nearly twenty minutes until all of the spacecraft were knocked out of the sky and the earth was completely riddled with craters.
  76. McCarthy finally went too far when, on national television, he started claiming the US army, busy fighting the communists in Korea, was riddled with traitors.
  77. Bullets kicked up debris all around her and any second he expected to see her riddled with bullets and the life he had wanted to spend with her would be over.
  78. The French refused; they were by this stage riddled with defeatism and wanted their fleet to be used as a bargaining chip in future negotiations with the Germans.
  79. They were flesh and blood and our musketry had ripped them to pieces as we came up to them I now saw the full extent of what had happened in their torn and riddled bodies.
  80. Tony though thought this was more of an irritant and could think of nothing more than having to wait on a bunch of crude harsh people riddled with the after-effects of poverty.
  81. The top alone of the Corinthe facade suffered; the window on the first floor, and the attic window in the roof, riddled with buck-shot and biscaiens, were slowly losing their shape.
  82. We had been tripping up over the shit that they had made us carry like angle iron stakes, spiral stakes as well as water cans that were empty and had probably been riddled by bullets.
  83. Spock and Stu went over to a bullet riddled tank, and a guide instructed them about the old booby-traps and they fired off a few rounds of an AK47 with the black pyjama clad tour guides.
  84. But how may it best be encountered and overcome? My answer is, not by any simply metaphysical or philosophical process,—not by a psychology, which may be riddled by the objections of Mr.
  85. Nearing a small rectangular building of stone she paused, scanning the path behind her from beneath a pair of long black eyelashes before ducking within the building's crack riddled walls.
  86. It was a small building in boring white brick, riddled with smoked gray windows, three stories high, with a sloping, brown mansard roof complete with little rows of gabled dormers along it.
  87. They fired, and fired again, until every part of his body was riddled with bullets: his feet, legs, head and chest, and then, their pistols empty, they had quenched their thirst for revenge.
  88. Marius, still fighting, was so riddled with wounds, particularly in the head, that his countenance disappeared beneath the blood, and one would have said that his face was covered with a red kerchief.
  89. And John, Anna, Tom, and Lydia would agree not to treat it with a simple course of antibiotics, riddled with guilt over feeling grateful that something had finally come along that would kill her body.
  90. Most of the girls and boys here are riddled with diseases that are carefully concealed by the priests so that they can continue to reap profits, but it is increasingly hard to disguise the sickened state of the temple consorts.
  91. Spock looked over the desk at the devastated wall and the now bullet riddled corpses of the two mercenaries previously dispatched by Pon and wondered what had happened over the past few minutes and, as near death experience hit home, he fainted.
  92. And whenever they needed to seize a fugitive seeking shelter in the caves with which the mountains were riddled, his men would find Officer Mohammad Amin and make him swear by God that he would stay at home while they went to arrest the criminal.
  93. With a population of nearly 200 million—UP would have been the world’s sixth largest country if it had been independent—poor, overpopulated, badly governed and riddled with socio-political conflict, it was a microcosm of the larger crisis confronting the Indian state.
  94. We are swimming in Venn circles of towards and away where individual and collective consequences not only become magnified, but also are exponentially riddled with such orders of complexity that only chaos theory can begin to express the waves that cross, cancel out, magnify and compound.
  95. The Royal Mile below the castle and adjacent areas that are now the most expensive and gentrified real-estate in the old city, were at that time riddled with ancient tenements without running water or services, inhabited by poverty-stricken families the like of which I hadn’t seen since Naples.
  96. The interconnected waterways of Geyra Bay, Harless Bay, Hathor Sound, and—courtesy of the Empress Alysahndra Canal, the one real (if short) canal east of the Desnairian Mountains—Acorn Bay were one enormous maze, its flanks riddled with potential hiding spots for galleons, galleys … and privateers.
  97. Mother’s cooking was with rare exceptions poor, that good unpasteurized milk touched only by flies and bits of manure crawled with bacteria, the healthy old-time life was riddled with aches, sudden death from unknown causes, and that sweet local speech I mourn was the child of illiteracy and ignorance.
  98. Mrs Indira Gandhi was a brave and innovative woman An able adminstrator , she was adviced by all to remove her sikh body guards She made an official statement that she will sacrife her life and own blood for India and She faced death remarkably ,her body was riddled by the machine guns of the body guards.
  99. The first village we entered refused to speak to us, the elder respectfully asking us to leave which we did, two thousand paces down the road food and refreshment were laid out for us on trestles, a delegation of ten villagers said their village was riddled with traitors who informed to Teotihuacan on a regular basis.
  100. Rather than having to carry upon our shoulders the horrendous burden of the depressing story of Adam and Eve’s ‘roller coaster’ behaviour from perfection to imperfection, from hero to zero, and the subsequent predicament of life riddled with pain as a just consequence for such ‘inhuman’ impetuous and instinctive behaviour.
  1. Bruises and burns riddling her body.
  2. Nor when the riddling words of our dream.
  3. Ingrid didn’t hesitate, though, keeping the ZERO in her sight and riddling it with many bullets.
  4. No dragon can resist the fascination of riddling talk and of wasting time trying to understand it.
  5. Neither of them had a clear shot, but they were banging away at each other, riddling each other’s tree trunk with bullets and squirrel shot.
  6. And he remembered the Japanese bomber swooping over the rafts, riddling them with bullets, and yet not a single bullet had struck him, Phil, or Mac.
  7. Now seeming thrice its former size, the winged one did wend its way up to My shoulder, whence it spake this most intriguing riddling, This plane conceals a special door now locked and hidden out of view.
  8. He had applied himself to riddling out the significance of the different peals, and he had succeeded, so that this taciturn and enigmatical cloister possessed no secrets for him; the sphinx babbled all her secrets in his ear.
  1. V - Riddles in the Dark.
  2. Riddles were all he could think of.
  3. Barnes should be to engender riddles.
  4. There he went again, talking in riddles.
  5. Think of the riddles they both knew, for.
  6. You are talking in riddles, he protested.
  7. Books of riddles, tongue twisters and silly rhymes.
  8. This eternal reading of riddles was too much for me.
  9. Jesus spoke in parables, riddles, mysteries that would.
  10. Of course all these riddles relate to me, although the.
  11. Enough with the damn riddles! I yelled to no one.
  12. Riddles are an ideal method of modeling key wisdom in plain.
  13. Captain Riddles came over the loud speaker and announced that.
  14. There would be plenty of time to solve the Code’s riddles later.
  15. He wished Olin would cease talking in what appeared to be riddles.
  16. They talked in riddles and symbolism and everything meant something.
  17. Why? Alex was still confused, and the talk in riddles left him.
  18. Bilbo accepted the challenge; and they asked one another many riddles.
  19. Knew what! he exclaimed, wanting her to stop speaking in riddles.
  20. But these ordinary aboveground everyday sort of riddles were tiring for him.
  21. In the evening he read again, or joined his aunts, solving riddles for them.
  22. And the comics you said you loved so much? The riddles were on the same page.
  23. It's terrible what mysteries there are! Too many riddles weigh men down on earth.
  24. Protection? Protection from what?! Gods blast it all, stop speaking in riddles!.
  25. But the real upshot of the business was that the number of riddles to be solved was augmented.
  26. What were the hidden riddles of the Brotherhood’s demise? The facts were stubbornly vague things.
  27. I don't know how else to be clear, as otherwise I should have to write the whole story in riddles.
  28. All these questions filled Charlie's mind as he disliked like riddles or questions left unanswered.
  29. As you’ll see throughout this book, I am indeed the one identified by the signs and riddles of the.
  30. Four shillings, sir?—four shillings for this remarkable collection of riddles with the et caeteras.
  31. Not even the sun, newly emboldened by dissipated storm clouds, could shine enough light on such riddles.
  32. So far can I go back with a bag full of conclusions, a cluster of answers to riddles? I doubt it, but maybe.
  33. They are not riddles or puzzles, merely steps to the next possible resting place for this revered piece of history.
  34. In my brain, on inquiry, were fixed quite firmly things like this,--obviously answers to what once had been riddles.
  35. Answer me this, without embarrassment or reflecting deeply what thou wilt answer, for they are no riddles I put to thee.
  36. Spilkins, a young Slender of the neighborhood, who was reckless with his pocket-money and felt his want of memory for riddles.
  37. Balin in particular insisted on having the Gollum story, riddles and all, told all over again, with the ring in its proper place.
  38. What he had initially tried to discount as nonsensical mutterings and charming riddles were beginning to hold a strange resonance.
  39. His riddles were about as challenging as a table-tennis match he had once had with a wizard’s apprentice named Blind Gregory.
  40. The only interaction was made up of mutual glances which expressed nothing but riddles, as they came out of the language of the spirit.
  41. Morse stood there in puzzlement, more in awe that this was his offspring than that a seer from 500 years ago was giving him riddles to solve.
  42. The riddles have no meaning except to tell the audience what the nibelungs are, what the giants are, what the gods are, and what has happened before.
  43. It was a day of surprises, a day that solved past riddles and suggested new ones, a day of startling revelations, and still more hopeless perplexity.
  44. He does not tell it simply, but in the form of riddles which he orders himself to guess, staking his head (one does not know why) that he will guess right.
  45. Trumbull allowed the flower to fall alarmingly into strings of heart-shaped leaves—a book of riddles! No less than five hundred printed in a beautiful red.
  46. And then he noticed that his two daughters, who had a high-spirited habit of asking riddles at meals, were laughing over them rather more noisily than perhaps they should.
  47. Barnes asked a riddle, at ten o'clock in the morning, asked me, a person long since callous to riddles and at no time since six years old particularly appreciative of them.
  48. As his final act of charity, he would give Nostradamus a chance to publish the prophecies, as long as he could unscramble Scaliger‘s riddles and at the same time confess his horrible sins.
  49. Barnes's spirits were too rare and precious, I felt, not to be welcomed; and having failed in answers I desperately ransacked my memory in search of questions, so that I could ask riddles too.
  50. The light of a far distant star is in pangs, the emissions on the moon’s surface riddles it in shadows, white light ricochets over icy bits of universe, a thin curtain between body and celestial being revealed.
  51. He replied: They are like the punning riddles which are asked at feasts or the children's puzzle about the eunuch aiming at the bat, with what he hit him, as they say in the puzzle, and upon what the bat was sitting.
  52. Tempests, because sensual lust is a tempest—worse than a tempest! Beauty is a terrible and awful thing! It is terrible because it has not been fathomed and never can be fathomed, for God sets us nothing but riddles.
  53. Nikko wasn’t sure what conclusion to draw from the lesson – there was no doubt it had been a lesson – but he had learned enough from the Keeper in his brief experience to know that such riddles should not be ignored.
  54. As the wolves carried on with their bleak yowls and laments in the distance, all he could think about, besides his very chilling encounter of course, were the strikingly frank answers to riddles he still did not yet realize.
  55. I didn’t understand what she meant, and frankly I didn’t care, my mind was full to the brim with pointless, useless riddles, and it would be nice, for once, to have had one simple statement that made crystal clear sense.
  56. Both verse and prose, as well as pictures, plays, and music, are constructed so that they must be guessed like riddles, and this process of guessing again affords pleasure and gives a semblance of the feeling received from art.
  57. It like riddles, praps it does, does it? He was anxious to appear friendly, at any rate for the moment, and until he found out more about the sword and the hobbit, whether he was quite alone really, whether he was good to eat, and whether Gollum was really hungry.
  58. In his last years it occurred to him to substitute riddles for the numbers so that the prize could be shared by all of those who guessed it, but the system turned out to be so complicated and was open to so much suspicion that he gave it up after the second attempt.
  59. For you see no one point precisely; not one distinct feature is revealed; no nose, eyes, ears, or mouth; no face; he has none, proper; nothing but that one broad firmament of a forehead, pleated with riddles; dumbly lowering with the doom of boats, and ships, and men.
  60. He's full of riddles; I wonder what he goes into the after hold for, every night, as Dough-Boy tells me he suspects; what's that for, I should like to know? Who's made appointments with him in the hold? Ain't that queer, now? But there's no telling, it's the old game—Here goes for a snooze.
  61. This is what I call being good: being nice and coming and living here,—there are birds here as there are in the Rue Plumet,—living with us, quitting that hole of a Rue de l'Homme Arme, not giving us riddles to guess, being like all the rest of the world, dining with us, breakfasting with us, being my father.
  62. Of the manner and extent to which he took our trumps into custody, and came out with mean little cards at the ends of hands, before which the glory of our Kings and Queens was utterly abased, I say nothing; nor, of the feeling that I had, respecting his looking upon us personally in the light of three very obvious and poor riddles that he had found out long ago.
  63. But, sir, I would not condescend to make the observation here, had he not, after heaping upon us, during the whole of his administration, every injury and insult in his power, at the close of it placed us in a ludicrous situation by imposing on us an obligation, in a grave and serious concern to the nation, of expounding his equivoques, and unriddling his riddles.
  64. It was a People's Course, the lecture on the Pyramids, and Jo rather wondered at the choice of such a subject for such an audience, but took it for granted that some great social evil would be remedied or some great want supplied by unfolding the glories of the Pharaohs to an audience whose thoughts were busy with the price of coal and flour, and whose lives were spent in trying to solve harder riddles than that of the Sphinx.
  65. In our former art only the expression of feelings natural to people of a certain exceptional position was considered worthy of being transmitted by art, and even then only on condition that these feelings were transmitted in a most refined manner, incomprehensible to the majority of men; all the immense realm of folk-art, and children's art—jests, proverbs, riddles, songs, dances, children's games, and mimicry—was not esteemed a domain worthy of art.
  66. As a boy he used to practise throwing stones at things, until rabbits and squirrels, and even birds, got out of his way as quick as lightning if they saw him stoop; and even grownup he had still spent a deal of his time at quoits, dartthrowing, shooting at the wand, bowls, ninepins and other quiet games of the aiming and throwing sort-indeed he could do lots of things, besides blowing smoke-rings, asking riddles and cooking, that I haven't had time to tell you about.
  67. I never shall forgive him! And why, if you please, has Aglaya had an attack of nerves for these last three days? Why has she all but quarrelled with her sisters, even with Alexandra—whom she respects so much that she always kisses her hands as though she were her mother? What are all these riddles of hers that we have to guess? What has Gavrila Ardalionovitch to do with it? Why did she take upon herself to champion him this morning, and burst into tears over it? Why is there an allusion to that cursed ‘poor knight’ in the anonymous letter? And why did I rush off to him just now like a lunatic, and drag him back here? I do believe I’ve gone mad at last.

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1. So I read the riddle.
2. I won't record the riddle.
3. Shall I ask you a riddle?
4. Shadow stil fitted the riddle.
5. And Svidrigailov was a riddle.
6. Riddle has told me everything.
7. There's an easy riddle for you.
8. And Svidrigaïlov was a riddle.
9. There’s nothing like a riddle.
10. He did not omit a single riddle.
11. Hath she found out the riddle yet?
12. They could not the riddle understand.
13. Barnes had thought of another riddle.
14. What’s the rest of the riddle?
15. The riddle here contains several images.
16. Bob Riddle was on the other side of Crenshaw.
17. No riddle this time, Locke said out loud.
18. It just made Riddle laugh all that much harder.
19. He solved him the riddle and it said, Aphrodite.
20. Surely before long the riddle would become obvious.
21. Here's one to the riddle of Schrödinger's Cake.
22. He put this riddle into two or three different ways.
23. He wondered again at the riddle of those empty huts.
24. What bothered him most was the riddle left by Rowenna.
25. What is this? A riddle? I just dont want the money.
26. But Zachster has the answer to this riddle in the bones.
27. How many eyes does Lord Bloodraven have? the riddle ran.
28. How many eyes does Lord Bloodraven have? the riddle went.
29. He raised his eyes and — at once he guessed the riddle.
30. The words of the riddle kept jangling about in his head:.
31. He ignored him and considered the last line of the riddle.
32. He had found, she felt, the solution to the Eternal riddle.
33. What’s the riddle of the Seven Stars? Roelle asked.
34. Riddle me this, riddle me that: Asking the right questions.
35. Riddle, how did things go between Iran and the Russians?
36. Eventually Fortune concluded that a riddle with no answer was.
37. Say, I did some research and I have the answer to that riddle.
38. Alex was puzzled by the mysterious riddle of a comment, and he.
39. That means that you have set Aglaya a riddle! said Adelaida.
40. The toll keeper nodded and said You answered the riddle true.
41. He looked at her as if seeking an answer to the riddle of the sound.
42. Oedipus encounters the Sphinx, who asks him its riddle, but Oedipus.
43. Kepler also solves another riddle that truly got Newtonians unstuck.
44. Riddle turned to Crenshaw and said, My secretary has flown out too.
45. His chest puffing up in pride as he answered the toll keepers riddle.
46. With the discovery of solution to the riddle of this ancient Book, it.
47. He wanted this over so he could rest and decipher the Goddess’ riddle.
48. Hold it up, and then Boromir will understand the remainder of his riddle.
49. He puffed his chest out in pride once more having beat the trol s riddle.
50. Stillwell said, Mary, I have to get in touch with Bob Riddle at the NSA.
51. Any moment now she thought, they'll see me and riddle my body with bullets.
52. It is a prismatic riddle in a single symbolic word that points to several.
53. Riddle: Used as a test of wit; a mystifying, misleading, or puzzling question.
54. Stillwell gave Mary a message to encode that would tell Bob Riddle that they.
55. I’d like to solve the riddle that is Christian Grey sooner rather than later.
56. Visola quickly intercepted them, using her rifle to riddle them full of bullets.
57. Bob Riddle was going over the final arrangements with Anderson and Stillwell in.
58. Who is she… really?! It was not unlike a riddle, so often repeated in his mind.
59. He returned thoughtful and confused; the riddle lay heavier than ever on his soul.
60. Riddle gave a smile in return to the grin Kurt had on his face and said, Not a.
61. She turned as the door opened and Riddle walked in with Victor Panin close behind.
62. To solve the riddle of existence, you may begin using some critical thinking skills.
63. And, as for himself, well, Ralph was a riddle and should remain so for the time being.
64. Solving the riddle of the treasure from the mural pictures wouldn’t be easy for him.
65. I’m sure he was lying to you in that last riddle, when he said he wasn’t a fish.
66. What was she hiding? What was her secret? She was a stubborn riddle that he had to solve.
67. The riddle that lodged in Stratoss mind was not caused by her coming back late at night.
68. No rough stuff, tell her the King and Marcus request her presence and help with a riddle.
69. Silas went to the far wall, the one with the refrigerator magnet letters under the riddle.
70. The mystery of Bit-Yakin was a mystery no longer, nor the riddle of Bit- Yakin's servants.
71. At last he felt he was getting some of the expressions in the riddle to have some meaning.
72. Senta added to the riddle, Not just a cruiser; there's too much debris for just one ship.
73. He was talking to himself, but Gollum thought it was a riddle, and he was frightfully upset.
74. Fixated on solving the riddle of what had happened to the planet’s previous inhabitants, Dr.
75. Then why-But this riddle was swallowed up in a renewed fear for the safety of Ashley and Frank.
76. She is the Lost Star of the riddle and without her, I cannot fulfill my vow to the Dragon Horde.
77. In the familiar story, Oedipus ascends the throne as a result of solving the riddle of the Sphinx.
78. Him that has understanding–The wise; the righteous; they that understand this riddle and its many.
79. You will though—because I’ve solved the riddle of what your children being river things means.
80. With the reference to her Lascorii nature, the Elf had another bothersome riddle she wanted resolved.
81. Merdon looked it through once more and said, This is it! This letter is not a poem, code or riddle.
82. Mary, I’m going to have to teach you a code to use so that we can communicate with Riddle at the NSA.
83. He was reminded of an old riddle his mischievous cousin Samuel liked to put to his friends in synagogue.
84. Chantry studied his mentor closely, but got nowhere in terms of solving the riddle of Elon’s stoic face.
85. The use of the Low-Low-High interval holds the answer to solving this riddle; it is explained in Chapter 9.
86. The riddle of the universe can be solved only by knowledge of the Greatest Mathematician through intuition.
87. It wasn't until that same nurse caught me staring at the picture of my lost love that the riddle was solved.
88. But what on earth did she mean? I assure you it is a real riddle to me—to me, and to others, too! Prince S.
89. So to gain time Gollum challenged Bilbo to the Riddle-game, saying that if he asked a riddle which Bilbo could not.
90. She had unraveled the riddle of the signpost at the wishing well and he wanted to show her that he could be clever, too.
91. Was this the answer to the frightening riddle of Tara’s silence? As if answering the question in her mind Gerald spoke.
92. Then Morse told the children how he and his new friends had solved part of the riddle from the organ while they were sleeping.
93. Provided with a clue to the riddle, Conan pushed back the thick red lips, and grunted as he stared down at teeth filed to points.
94. The riddle is whether a computer that can verify a solution in a certain time frame can also find a solution in a certain time frame.
95. There are clues to its riddle in books, one of which is in the library of the Palace and under the tutelage of the former Queen Witch.
96. Little did he know that this book held between its covers the key to his origin—the answer to the strange riddle of his strange life.
97. Evraign joined them adding to the pile and within minutes all of them were engaged in a lively debate over the meanings of the Star Riddle.
98. Around the time of the riddle lottery, Aureliano Segundo began waking up with a knot in his throat, as if he were repressing a desire to weep.
99. I guess that it was hands, because the riddle then becomes easier, and also because, as I read the marks, he was carried to this point by an Orc.
100. Even though they do not yet know you are my daughter, they know you are a capable detective and they don’t want you to decipher the riddle before they do.

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