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Riders in a sentence | riders example sentences

  1. II - The Riders of Rohan.
  2. The riders did not speak.
  3. The Riders seemed to sit.
  4. The Riders must have left.
  5. Church of the Rough Riders.

  6. It was indeed a Riders Hall.
  7. The riders left at a dead run.
  8. Riders hardly glanced at them.
  9. The leader of the riders, a.
  10. The Riders made straight for.
  11. Chapter 2 The Riders of Rohan.
  12. There was no sign of the Riders.
  13. Five riders waited on the beach.
  14. There riders, could they be.
  15. That left two eggs with no riders.

  16. Arise, arise, Riders of Thjoden!.
  17. The king and his Riders passed on.
  18. Here Cai began taking riders down.
  19. Suddenly there were several riders.
  20. Iago had destroyed the Wind Riders.
  21. Soon several riders came over to.
  22. Riders would appear from the west.
  23. Dragons and riders were killed off.
  24. Arise now, arise, Riders of Thjoden!.
  25. The usual riders apply to this ritual.

  26. I sent him with many Riders to Edoras.
  27. Several of the Riders cried out gladly.
  28. Forward toward him the mounted riders.
  29. As the terrible ghoulish riders began.
  30. We saw a group of riders just coming in.
  31. The sound of riders approaching from a.
  32. They then flew to the large Riders Hall.
  33. Your riders let bullets fly into the SUV.
  34. The other riders quickly came to his aid.
  35. Queenie flew directly to the Riders Hall.
  36. A good warhorse will know the riders 85.
  37. Johnny Cash--- "Ghost Riders In the Sky".
  38. Bodies of riders and horses littered the.
  39. I fired and wounded another of the riders.
  40. But he met up with Dream Riders and they.
  41. A terrifying foursome of riders swarmed in.
  42. The Riders turned about and seized their.
  43. This solicited excitement among the riders.
  44. I knew we would need riders in the future.
  45. Most of the other riders were paid by how.
  46. But without their Riders, they are nothing.
  47. In my rearview I could see the three riders.
  48. The riders cried aloud in wonder, and some.
  49. The Riders of Rohan sprang suddenly to life.
  50. Really, that’s what the Dragon Riders are.
  51. This was best discussed between riders only.
  52. They have taken the guise of riders in black.
  53. With me was a small band of six other riders.
  54. The small company of riders stopped at every.
  55. We are called the Dragon Riders of the Light.
  56. Riders kept in touch with each other thru Jake.
  57. New Riders of the Purple Sage--- "Panama Red".
  58. They were all thinking of the Riders, but no.
  59. What was it? The riders decided to investigate.
  60. The evil crimson riders are in league with her.
  61. He strained his eyes – there were four riders.
  62. This was when the two unknown riders approached.
  63. Six Blue Dragons finally managed to get riders.
  64. But the three riders ignored this unwritten rule.
  65. All coming this way with the riders in the lead.
  66. As- Salam Alaikum, said one of the riders.
  67. Morgul-lord and his Black Riders have come forth.
  68. Finally they were ready to introduce the riders.
  69. I saw three of the riders break ranks and retreat.
  70. The Riders all laughed at their response to Oreo.
  71. Without a word or cry, suddenly, the Riders halted.
  72. New Riders of the Purple Sage--- "Glendale Train".
  73. As they galloped toward the mine, several riders.
  74. You’ve done your jobs, Rob told his riders.
  75. In the meantime, see that the riders get some rest.
  76. The remaining riders fled but any momentary joy Bo.
  77. So, we protect the Riders and the Stars from dying.
  78. I have been preparing the riders for some time now.
  79. Bo heard the shouts of the riders as they charged.
  80. The dragons and their riders kept the farmers safe.
  81. The Riders won’t come after her will they? I.
  82. He’s coming here, coming with about forty riders.
  83. The big house would be kept for the riders use only.
  84. Hundreds of mounted riders rode over the open ground.
  85. She saw the tall hooded silhouettes of their riders.
  86. In the early days of snow-boarding, the riders had.
  87. The figures of fast approaching riders grew clearer.
  88. The riders said their goodbyes after the dinner break.
  89. Redbolt was back on his feet and his riders hopped on.
  90. The rest of the riders left the cave and started below.
  91. The Mound of the Riders and its cold spears lay grey.
  92. Five riders left Elannort on that crisp spring morning.
  93. I don’t want to keep anything from the other riders.
  94. We were actors in the Cosmic Play, Riders on the Storm.
  95. But the thickets offered to the Riders their last hope.
  96. Most of the other riders were paid by how much they won.
  97. Garth Brooks and Chris LeDeau, and Ghost Riders In the.
  98. The dragons and riders were uneasy, itching for a fight.
  99. Several of the Riders cried out, and crouched, holding.
  100. He called a meeting of the camp and excluded the riders.

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