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Rigel in a sentence | rigel example sentences

  1. Rigel Woolf? Coophius inquired sarcastically.
  2. Alcor replicated himself into two and Rigel too into two.
  3. Rigel looked at his car driver and he got back into the car.
  4. Alcor turned to Rigel and said, Sorry to break the rules!.
  5. Since the hybrid still had a part of Rigel, it tried to escape again.

  6. Rigel couldn’t take his grandpa killing his mother for his treachery.
  7. Well, two of you are gonna spy here and catch Rigel, when he comes out.
  8. Garcia is a member of the Orion Crime Syndicate, sanctioned by the Rigel.
  9. The hybrid had the genes and body of Rigel, but the mind and spirits of Alcor.
  10. The second hybrid had the genes and body of Alcor and the mind and spirits of Rigel.
  11. What is it? Rigel asked slowing down, but yet with an infuriated look on his face.
  12. Strangely enough I bumped into Torald Rigel last month completely by chance in Cheapside.
  13. Belinda Weo, in charge of the Rigel end of the inquiry for the Crown, made her statements first.
  14. Rigel, Rigel Woolf is his nieto (grandson), I suppose, Alcor said sitting on the hand of the sofa.
  15. The second replica of Rigel tried to escape from them and so Alcor tied to control him by merging into him.

  16. Rigel, you are the one that need more care and vigilance, Rhonda said, We still have not got the one with the RAM.
  17. Rigel was with the rebellion after he came to know that Coophius fed his own daughter to an Ultiman to raise a hybrid, Rigel.
  18. What, whoa what? Rigel asked suspiciously unable to get what was on his mind, and realised that he was too late to defend himself.
  19. Rigel threw another look at him hoping that he can handle the situation on his own, when the driver drove the car back into their house.
  20. The boat might not have been seen were it not for the sharp barking of Rigel, who was swimming ahead of the craft, and valiantly announcing his position.
  21. Put it on the incubator and have a watch on Rigel, and place that vaccine case in the Liquid Nitrogen, Cleo said passing on the tissue into Garnet’s hand, We’re leaving to the colony.

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