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Rns in a sentence | rns example sentences

  1. RNS is the official market news.
  2. RNS is like general news but on steroids.
  3. Oh look an RNS saying we’ve changed strategy.
  4. I would urge all my readers to read their RNS since day 1.
  5. Here are a few ways to use the RNS which can be found on the internet on sites like ADVFN.

  6. Conversely, if a share suddenly takes off to the moon during the day and there is no RNS, chances are a rumour has hit the market; something like a false takeover story.
  7. In fact they do the opposite, they are cautious buyers of their own stock because not only do they know where all the bad news is and are constantly dealing with it, they are also locked into the stock they buy because they have to send out a negative RNS release when they come to take profits and that’s a most uncomfortable thing.

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