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Roger in a sentence

Roger sat next to her.
Roger rose to his feet.
Roger Lloyd it is then.
But Roger will be okay.
Roger did as he was told.
Toby and I thanked Roger.
Then there is Roger, a.

Roger could not make out.
Roger thought for a while.
Roger was a cautious man.
Roger Two, this is Three.
He was called Roger Winter.
Uncle Roger turned to Leesa.
Roger is with him because.
Roger, can you do that?
Roger was not in the office.
Roger smiled in a shy manner.
At bow he had Roger Morris.
What is it? asked Roger.
That left only Joe and Roger.
Tell me now if this is Roger.
Roger bluntly told her: No.
Roger on the flare, China Boy.
She loves me, said Roger.
Roger was the one who asked it.
Roger picked up straight away.
And this is Roger Rehnquist.
Sergeant Gore pushed Roger to.
Roger loves that kind of stuff.
Roger II had to have an address.
When Roger explained away Mick.
He admits it, NCR 40 Roger said.
Roger text’d back: ‘At the.
Roger smiled at the suggestion:.
Warren gave Roger a gentle but.
Roger shook hands with both men.
Roger put down his glass of wine.
Roger that, Puller had said.
Is that okay? said Roger Cook.
I’m with you, Roger, ready to.

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