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Romaine in a sentence | romaine example sentences

  1. Menu Description - Hearts of romaine topped with.
  2. I uncorked the chardonnay, tore a head of romaine into a pretty blown-glass bowl Joe had given me, and sliced up a tomato.
  3. Now, cut the chicken breasts into thin slices -- now, add the romaine lettuce and the next 4 ingredients in a large tupperware boil and toss with the remaining dressing.
  4. They shall see the holy men of the last century, Whitefield, and Wesley, Romaine, and their companions, who, in the face of bitter opposition, revived religion in the Church of England.
  5. Now, add in the cucumber, green onions, chili pepper & peanuts -- mix together, while stirring for 2 minutes -- next, remove from heat -- on a platter place in the center -- romaine lettuce -- pour the recipe on top of the lettuce.

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