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  1. Boon Romances in her lunch break.
  2. In the old romances therewas no.
  3. Bit of a worry that, reading romances.
  4. All the old romances turned dust-worthy.
  5. His days of frivolous romances were over.
  6. And then, of course, there were romances.
  7. This never was one of the great romances.
  8. Darrell - Most of your books have been romances.
  9. Haywood wrote Romances in the French Manner; Mr.
  10. So does Time ruthlessly destroy his own romances.
  11. And, although xlviiin the old romances the half-.
  12. Whatever what is, they are both shipboard romances.
  13. You know, this is how these office romances begin.
  14. That is the way it is in the romances; but not in life.
  15. Manyare obviously later in origin; such are the romances.
  16. He loves women but never considers any of his romances serious.
  17. The reason that there are millions of romances on bookshelves (and.
  18. Assonance of alternate lines is the usual rime of the romances, as in:.
  19. The Romances aremore sober in tone and less fantastic,—and it should be.
  20. It is not likely that a man will be making romances about the thing he eats.
  21. But I used to read hot romances and great murder mysteries and autobiographies.
  22. In the romances of chivalry love is either a mere animalism or a fantastic idolatry.
  23. In the romances the conditional oftenreplaces the future, usually to fit the assonance.
  24. Old romances produce that effect when rubbed against the imagination of cook-shop woman.
  25. He is nothing more than a crazy representative of the sentiments of the chivalry romances.
  26. In the six romances included in this collection the lyrical quality 255predominates above the.
  27. Herder'stranslation of some of the Cid romances and theSchlegel brothers' metrical version of.
  28. A few of the romances were printed in the Cancionero general of 1511, and more in loose sheets.
  29. And the most passionate and impossible romances rose before Darya Alexandrovna’s imagination.
  30. The romances, as usually printed, are in octosyllabic lines,with a fixed accent on the seventh.
  31. Footnote 24: (return) In the old romances and in the medieval epic, á could assonate with á-a.
  32. Some one has said that the poetry of Spain, with theexception of the romances and the drama of.
  33. Uproar in the hive; the vocal-mothers were all in a flutter; Madame de Genlis had made romances.
  34. Forever cursed to be the third wheel on the blossoming countless romances Adrinius must have had.
  35. He started to imagine himself writing articles critical of society instead of tear-jerking romances.
  36. The only burgeoning romances taking place were the ones between Joel & Kathy and Falcon & Henrietta.
  37. I know the historical romances I read are trite escapist fare, dear, I said, but I enjoy them.
  38. Jo had never tried this style before, contenting herself with very mild romances for The Spread Eagle.
  39. And my romances never break off in the middle; this one, like the others, I will carry out to the end.
  40. Instead I spent my time reading romances, which, however, later gave me a taste for serious literature.
  41. Sometimes they had made day-dreams and woven whole romances together—generally cheerful and amusing ones.
  42. This author has already won much renown by previous romances founded on interesting epochs of Egyptian history.
  43. For the next four hundred years his adventures, real and supposed, form the staple of the heroic romances of Spain.
  44. The extraordinary influence of the romances of chivalry in his day is quite enough to account for the genesis of the book.
  45. I wrote Tragedies in Verse and Noble Epicks, Romances in the French Style and Maxims modell’d upon La Rochefoucauld’s.
  46. In the Second Part it is the spirit rather than the incidents of the chivalry romances that is the subject of the burlesque.
  47. She had problems with her relations with men, having a few failed marriages and some not so great romances with a few other guys.
  48. He shows plainly enough, too, that "Don Quixote" and the demolition of the chivalry romances was not the work that lay next his heart.
  49. Although we barely had our intimate time together since our arrival from Los Angeles because of Nathan, our romances were still great.
  50. Footnote 23: (return) The romances viejos were originally in lines of approximatelysixteen syllables, and every line then had assonance.
  51. Compared with the pitiful puppet romances of to-day, this genuine piece of throbbing fiction seems to be in distinctly another class.
  52. It is plain that he had at one time an intention of dealing with the pastoral romances as he had dealt with the books of chivalry, and but for.
  53. There are some things that happened in Blur that I want to address, as many people have questioned the ‘instant’ romances that took place in the story.
  54. Peace settled on the house in the afternoon when mother read her romances Romantzo and Theesavros sent out from Athens as journals printed on cheap paper.
  55. I knew there were smugglers, but I thought that since the capture of Algiers, and the destruction of the regency, pirates existed only in the romances of Cooper and Captain Marryat.
  56. But why did she look at him so oddly? And why did they were fluttering just like the eyes of girls in romances he had read, fluttering with her hands shake as they fingered her lace handkerchief.
  57. Your history is quite a romance, and the world, which delights in romances in yellow covers, strangely mistrusts those which are bound in living parchment, even though they be gilded like yourself.
  58. All the gothic horror stories seen in movies, all gothic romances and ghost stories have ancient castles: they all tell tales of evil undead spirits who are hell-bent upon corrupting living people.
  59. The Work went smoothly enough for a Time, since I was as able with my Pen as any Grub Street Scribbler, purveying their Romances, like so many Cups of rich, sweet Chocolate, to their greedy Readers.
  60. Except for the romances which she had read, and which made the affected lady peep through the ogress at times, in a very queer way, the idea would never have occurred to any one to say of her, That is a woman.
  61. She wondered whether this was how E-mail romances got started — hadn’t there been a film about that? She could see herself inventing the long blonde hair and the 36/22/36 figure she had wanted as a teenager.
  62. I have had an idea, ever since you have been better, of simply planting her at your bedside, but it is only in romances that young girls are brought to the bedsides of handsome young wounded men who interest them.
  63. He has his wits disordered by his devoted reading of chivalric romances and sets out in search of knightly adventures with his companion, Sancho Panza, whose short, fat appearance contrasts with that of Don Quixote.
  64. This Madame Thenardier was a sandy-complexioned woman, thin and angular—the type of the soldier's wife in all its unpleasantness; and what was odd, with a languishing air, which she owed to her perusal of romances.
  65. The frequent mention in the course of this poem of romances once enjoying a European celebrity but now consigned to oblivion, will impress the reader with the transitory nature of merely mediocre literary reputation.
  66. Like everything else in these romances, it is a gross exaggeration of the real sentiment of chivalry, but its peculiar extravagance is probably due to the influence of those masters of hyperbole, the Provencal poets.
  67. Later on, when her hair, arranged in a romantically drooping fashion, began to grow gray, when the Magaera began to be developed from the Pamela, the female Thenardier was nothing but a coarse, vicious woman, who had dabbled in stupid romances.
  68. Don Quixote, a Spanish gentleman, has his head turned as a result of excessive reading of romances, and, attended by his fat, vulgar squire, Sancho Panza, scours Spain, righting wrongs and rescuing fair damsels, in the fashion of the knights of old.
  69. Enchantments of the sort travestied in those of Dulcinea and the Trifaldi and the cave of Montesinos play a leading part in the later and inferior romances, and another distinguishing feature is caricatured in Don Quixote's blind adoration of Dulcinea.
  70. Most of the books were locked up behind glass doors; but there was one bookcase left open containing everything that could be needed in the way of elementary works, and several volumes of light literature, poetry, biography, travels, a few romances, &c.
  71. Some idea of the prodigious development of this branch of literature in the sixteenth century may be obtained from the scrutiny of Chapter VII, if the reader bears in mind that only a portion of the romances belonging to by far the largest group are enumerated.
  72. Don't laugh at the spinsters, dear girls, for often very tender, tragic romances are hidden away in the hearts that beat so quietly under the sober gowns, and many silent sacrifices of youth, health, ambition, love itself, make the faded faces beautiful in God's sight.
  73. Candace says not a day goes by, that Beau doesn’t bring her flowers or some kind of gift of love, not only as a means of atonement but because he feels he cheated her out of a proper romance by the way he acted back in college, and so he romances her on a daily basis.
  74. If there are telephones and telescopes, poems, romances, theatres, ballets, symphonies, operas, picture-galleries, and so forth, on the other hand the life of the workingman has not been bettered by all this; for all of them, by the same unlucky chance, are inaccessible to him.
  75. From the time when the Amadises and Palmerins began to grow popular down to the very end of the century, there is a steady stream of invective, from men whose character and position lend weight to their words, against the romances of chivalry and the infatuation of their readers.
  76. I can no longer pursue amusements which are oil to the fire of amorous sensuality,—the reading of romances and the most of poetry, listening to music, attendance at theatres and balls,—amusements that once seemed to me elevated and refining, but which I now see to be injurious.
  77. How many romances start not only by a chance meeting, but then by further happy coincidences, such as the sharing of an interest, the reciprocal appreciation of each other's unique beauty, the mundane practicalities of geography and working hours that allow for regular meetings, etcetera.
  78. Hence visions, suppositions, conjectures, outlines of romances, a desire for adventures, fantastic constructions, edifices built wholly in the inner obscurity of the mind, sombre and secret abodes where the passions immediately find a lodgement as soon as the open gate permits them to enter.
  79. By keeping Dulcinea in the background, and making her a vague shadowy being of whose very existence we are left in doubt, he invests Don Quixote's worship of her virtues and charms with an additional extravagance, and gives still more point to the caricature of the sentiment and language of the romances.
  80. Spanish literature has of late given us a variety of novels and romances, all of which are in their way so good that we must believe that there is a new generation of writers in Spain who are discarding the worn-out forms and traditions, and are putting fresh life and energy into works which will give pleasure to the whole world of readers.
  81. Here, then, was a company whose spectacular growth was one of the great romances of American business, a company that was without doubt the largest retail enterprise in America and perhaps in the world, that had an uninterrupted record of earnings and dividends for many years—and yet was selling for less than its net current assets alone.
  82. There was a ripe mystery about it, a hint of bedrooms upstairs more beautiful and cool than other bedrooms, of gay and radiant activities taking place through its corridors and of romances that were not musty and laid away already in lavender but fresh and breathing and redolent of this year’s shining motor cars and of dances whose flowers were scarcely withered.
  83. I scribbl’d my Romances, and nurtur’d my Beloveds, for I knew, after so many Losses, that Love is the closest we know of Heaven in this Weary World, and we must love the Human ere we may know the Divine! I liv’d for Lancelot, Belinda, my two Mothers, and the Merry Men; to tend my Garden, breed my Horses, feed my Turtledoves, scamper with my Dogs, and write my Books.
  84. It is possible to study out how many beetles there are in the world, to view the spots on the sun, to write romances and operas, without suffering; but it is impossible, without self-sacrifice, to instruct people in their true happiness, which consists solely in renunciation of self and the service of others, and to give strong expression to this doctrine, without self-sacrifice.
  85. These myths and fables were so powerful during the Dark Ages of Europe, during a time when more murder, mayhem ,and human abominations were committed in secret and openly… by all the knights and Barons and Kings of Europe: that the peasants of that Age blanked out all of the human misery and horror they had suffered, and only kept the fairytale Romances and Epics alive in their cultural memories.
  86. My range of pieces was the usual one—waltzes, galops, “romances,” “arrangements,” etcetera; all of them of the class of delightful compositions of which any one with a little healthy taste could point out a selection among the better class works contained in any volume of music and say, “These are what you ought NOT to play, seeing that anything worse, less tasteful, and more silly has never yet been included in any collection of music,”—but which (probably for that very reason) are to be found on the piano of every Russian lady.
  87. When one remembers all those novels and their lust-kindling descriptions of love, from the most refined to the grossest, with which the literature of our society overflows; if one only remembers all those pictures and statues representing women's naked bodies, and all sorts of abominations which are reproduced in illustrations and advertisements; if one only remembers all the filthy operas and operettas, songs, and romances with which our world teems, involuntarily it seems as if existing art had but one definite aim,—to disseminate vice as widely as possible.
  88. Next he asked me some questions about YOU; saying that he had heard of you as a man of good principle, and that since he was unwilling to remain your debtor, would a sum of five hundred roubles repay you for all you had done for me? To this I replied that your services to myself had been such as could never be requited with money; whereupon, he exclaimed that I was talking rubbish and nonsense; that evidently I was still young enough to read poetry; that romances of this kind were the undoing of young girls, that books only corrupted morality, and that, for his part, he could not abide them.
  89. It seems to us that every thing would go to destruction, and that all his wisdom would be rattled out of him in the cart, and that all those grand picturesque images which he bears about in his breast would be soiled in the manure; but we have become so inured to this, that it does not strike us as strange that our servitor of science—that is to say, the servant and teacher of the truth—by making other people do for him that which he might do for himself, passes half his time in dainty eating, in smoking, in talking, in free and easy gossip, in reading the newspapers and romances, and in visiting the theatres.
  90. Thus it undoubtedly appeared, that, just as all those cunning devices of the human mind, newspapers, theatres, concerts, visits, balls, cards, journals, romances, are nothing else than expedients for maintaining the spiritual life of man outside his natural conditions of labor for others,—just so all the hygienic and medical devices of the human mind for the preparation of food, drink, lodging, ventilation, heating, clothing, medicine, water, massage, gymnastics, electric, and other means of healing,—all these clever devices are merely an expedient to sustain the bodily life of man removed from its natural conditions of labor.
  91. But the question ought to have been put thus,—as it would have to be put to a learned rabbi who had studied all the Talmud, and knew the exact number of letters in the Holy Scripture, and all the subtleties of his science:—What can I do, who, from unlucky circumstances, have lost my best years in study instead of accommodating myself to labour,—in learning the French language, the piano, grammar, geography, law, poetry; in reading novels, romances, philosophical theories, and in performing military exercises? what can I do, who have passed the best years of my life in idle occupations, depraving the soul? what can I do, notwithstanding these unlucky conditions of the past, in order to requite those men, who, during all this time, have fed and clothed me, and who still continue to feed and to clothe me?
  92. To cut the matter short—for we can't go on talking for another thirty years as people have done for the last thirty—I ask you which you prefer: the slow way, which consists in the composition of socialistic romances and the academic ordering of the destinies of humanity a thousand years hence, while despotism will swallow the savoury morsels which would almost fly into your mouths of themselves if you'd take a little trouble; or do you, whatever it may imply, prefer a quicker way which will at last untie your hands, and will let humanity make its own social organisation in freedom and in action, not on paper? They shout 'a hundred million heads'; that may be only a metaphor; but why be afraid of it if, with the slow day-dream on paper, despotism in the course of some hundred years will devour not a hundred but five hundred million heads? Take note too that an incurable invalid will not be cured whatever prescriptions are written for him on paper.
  93. As for me, what was my Response to the News that I might soon be Mistress of Lymeworth? I’faith, I scarcely believ’d it! ’Twas a Fairy Tale, a Dream, a Fable from a Book of French Romances! First, as a Bastard—and a female one at that—how might I inherit the Estate settl’d upon Lord Bellars by his Father? Then, what Reason had I to believe that Lymeworth was unencumber’d by Debts and Mortgages! Why some of the greatest Houses in all of England were as heavy with Mortgages as their Chestnut Trees were heavy with Chestnuts! I presum’d, therefore, that Lord Bellars had left his Affairs in great Disarray, o’erspent mightily upon this aborted Renovation of Lymeworth, and was in Debt to his Architect, his Landscape Gardener, all his Builders, Painters, and Plasterers, not to mention his Banker, and e’en his Lawyer! In London he had liv’d high; at Lymeworth e’en his Expences for his Horses, Grooms, and Stables—not to mention his Hounds—must be hundreds of Pounds a Year, nay thousands.
  94. The question for me, as for the rabbi, should stand thus: “What am I, who have spent, owing to the misfortune of my surroundings, the year’s best fitted for study in the acquisition of grammar, geography, judicial science, poetry, novels and romances, the French language, pianoforte playing, philosophical theories, and military exercises, instead of inuring myself to labor; what am I, who have passed the best years of my life in idle occupations which are corrupting to the soul,—what am I to do in defiance of these unfortunate conditions of the past, in order that I may requite those people who during the whole time have fed and clothed, yes, and who even now continue to feed and clothe me?” Had the question then stood as it stands before me now, after I have repented,—“What am I, so corrupt a man, to do?” the answer would have been easy: “To strive, first of all, to support myself honestly; that is, to learn not to live upon others; and while I am learning, and when I have learned this, to render aid on all possible occasions to the people, with my hands, and my feet, and my brain, and my heart, and with every thing to which the people should present a claim.
  95. Of the romances she preferred,.
  1. Friends, you think l am romancing; not so.
  2. In the pit made of concrete & missed romancing.
  3. It was as if she was romancing me into to giving her blood a taste.
  4. Imagination, or wishful thinking? I don't need to assume he's romancing me.
  5. Psychology lures even most serious people into romancing, and quite unconsciously.
  6. The captain had been romancing when he told Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch she had been dressing herself up.
  7. It’s a stage that is best passed through as quickly as possible or you can get stuck in romancing and not ever move beyond it.
  8. Since being bowled over by his uncle's determined romancing, Rafferty’s ‘Auntie’ Claire had transferred her ambitions to her children.
  9. Rather than try again, Hinckley vowed to renew his pursuit of Foster by imitating Travis Bickle’s strategy for romancing women: political assassination.
  10. In the meantime we may as well settle down to a thoroughly American literary atmosphere, relieved here and there by bits of nebulous romancing which pass for idealistic production.
  11. He only touched again, lightly and ironically, on “romancing” and “psychology,” and in an appropriate place quoted, “Jupiter, you are angry, therefore you are wrong,” which provoked a burst of approving laughter in the audience, for Ippolit Kirillovitch was by no means like Jupiter.
  1. And she wasn’t a one-night stand, he’d romanced her for several months at least and would probably have carried on if she hadn’t gone and got pregnant.

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4. He is the master of romance.
6. This shows love and romance.
7. She was addicted to romance.
8. Is it a romance story?
9. What happened to romance? It.
10. Canto the First of this romance.
11. We hardly had time for romance.
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18. Though of romance therein I fail.
19. Trouble is, we still want romance.
20. The days of love and of romance!.
21. Romance is for times of happiness.
22. Their romance had been wonderful.
23. Some old moves for a new romance.
24. Same old moves for a new romance.
25. It is all about the romance factor.
26. Romance in the private parts of it.
27. Romance was definitely in the air.
28. In the area of romance, I, Torie.
29. All kinds of teenage romance stuff.
30. The question is not about romance.
31. You know, the romance of the place.
32. The coloring of romance it wore,'.
33. Allow for more romance in your life.
34. On some of that magazine romance.
35. Wight's Romance of Abelard & Heloise.
36. Only it wasn't romance that I desired.
37. Still, romance in marriage should be.
38. Deeper than Skin (Historical Romance).
39. Serious romance is in the air for them.
40. He poured over a box of romance novels.
41. This day ended my romance with my husband.
42. I felt like I was in a fairytale romance.
43. There isn’t a rag of romance about it.
44. She was heavily addicted to trashy romance.
45. Sometimes in romance, tradition is the best.
46. What a wonder of romance we have witnessed.
47. Still cherish when romance begins to pall?
48. Let the emotions of love, romance and sex.
49. This month there is more romance in the air.
50. However, there is romance in the year ahead.
51. We didn't know he was interested in romance.
52. I am reproached with having woven a romance.
53. Spring romance! the caption beneath it read.
54. Chase, this is gonna be a whirlwind romance.
55. But we had romance and dreams and we did not.
56. The cashier had her nose in the romance novel.
57. Another romance, said the militia officer.
58. As the parent of the romance languages, Latin.
59. But for all the loveliness and the romance of.
60. Romance novels and movies play to our feelings.
61. The prosecutor is charmed with his own romance.
62. Now romance is more important in your love life.
63. The night is the time for romance, he said.
64. Her sense of romance did not include the kitchen.
65. All her books come with a strong shot of romance.
66. Feed your soul with love, so your soul can romance.
67. Skinner on speaking terms with romance and failed.
68. The heart is often shut by romance against social.
69. You’ll have plenty of time for real romance then.
70. Not necessarily out of romance but more friendship.
71. On the 7th Mercury enters your 7th house of romance.
72. She hopes to write more romance books in the future.
73. The door of love opens romance in manifested images.
74. It was a whirlwind ride, a rough-and-tumble romance.
75. Rose: Christ and His Church; love; courtship, romance.
76. The problem was in all the romance of thinking about.
77. All legends and tales of Romance have tragic endings.
78. And we'd have a top-seller, a romance others dream of.
79. Though still missing was your yes to our romance.
80. He had given his all to romance, he had come up short.
81. They made my romance with Lizzie seem much less solid.
82. Foreign travel can lead to romance during this period.
83. Two, in romance novels the heroine is always in danger.
84. I read literature mostly, but no romance or Westerns.
85. But do you know who rescued her? It is quite a romance.
86. Carton and I were entranced by the romance of the thing.
87. Who said romance was dead? she whispers horrified.
88. I'm into love, romance, tenderness, peace and happiness.
89. And those looking for romance are more likely to find it.
90. Somehow, we balanced mathematics and romance within the.
91. Romance is much happier, but nevertheless still unstable.
92. Romance is what You want, but Is this a time of romance?
93. And, if they’re lucky, a little romance in the process.
94. Then, her mind still running on her romance, she resumed.
95. I know what you’re thinking; that romance was in the air.
96. Here are some ways to kick the romance volume up a notch:.
97. This was an odd time to start a partnership, or a romance.
98. Maybe it was open season for short-term romance after all.
99. It's not enough to just start out with a sizzling romance.
100. She has also published Porter House, a paranormal romance.

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