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Romeo in a sentence | romeo example sentences

  1. Romeo came back that night.
  2. Romeo is the perfect gentleman.
  3. Easy there Romeo, he said.
  4. Romeo is missing and Juliet is dead.
  5. Except for the Romeo and Juliet thing.
  6. Understood, Papa Romeo Six, out!’’.
  7. That's your cue to move along, Romeo.
  8. Romeo and Juliet are the perfect example.
  9. How would Juliette refer to Romeo? My date.
  10. Romeo got out of the stylish car feeling pleased.
  11. But Damien was her own living and breathing Romeo.
  12. I know, flirt with the big mouth Romeo over there.
  13. Smooth move, Romeo; make a date two freakin’ weeks.
  14. I only told him as we came along that he was like Romeo.
  15. So the duke he told him all about who Romeo was and who.
  16. Drop dead Romeo, she said as I leaned over for a kiss.
  17. Romeo had our suite filled with a trail of blue and red rose.
  18. But I want a better life Romeo, a life where we aren’t.
  19. She looked at me and said, Why are you worried, Romeo is.
  20. Girl are you ok because Romeo was just in here and he was.
  21. Romeo had built a reliable business relationship with the girls.
  22. Romeo and she said she didn’t know and that she was sorry for.
  23. The voice was singing the Wedding-night Song from Romeo and Juliet.
  24. The news of Aaron landing the role of Romeo doesn’t help with my.
  25. Some real Romeo and Juliet shit was how Quan had described it.
  26. Aya, only now noticing that he was dressed up, said, "Hot date, Romeo?".
  27. I only told him as we came along that he was like Romeo … and proved it.
  28. Juliet was, and said he was used to being Romeo, so the king could be Juliet.
  29. He could have been a much different person--okay, still a Romeo, but not a criminal.
  30. I read The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy, and Romeo and Juliet and Julius--.
  31. Papa Romeo Six, be advised that an ammo carrying party from the airfield is here, over!.
  32. Oh yaara, they’ll probably give you half what I'm offering, Romeo shook his head.
  33. I can fit them in those, but the problem is how to get them off the Romeo and into the crates.
  34. Radioing ROMEO to report a chase made everyone respond to join the fun and it was dangerous too.
  35. During the early evening, Romeo had arranged the cars that the girls needed for their latest job.
  36. A few months later, when he needed a lift in Pretoria, I volunteered to pick him up in old ROMEO 4.
  37. The result of which would be a polite query from the radio control (called ROMEO) if you need any help.
  38. A love story, a disaster movie, and a tragedy the like that hasn’t been seen since Romeo and Juliet.
  39. It is a Romeo and Juliet story that causes people to argue the positive and negative message in within.
  40. Ingrid headed for the door and peeked out, seeing the coast was clear, she slipped away back to the Romeo.
  41. Thereafter the numbers meant nothing in terms of seniority for I was always ROMEO 4 and never fourth in command.
  42. Preeti asked where the other car was, to which Romeo confidently pulled out a picture with the location address on it.
  43. Romeo Khan had agreed to swap the pictures on the ID from Kimmy to Rani and have it ready by the end of the afternoon.
  44. All Flying Squad call signs started with ROMEO something with the Colonel being ROMEO 1 and the Major logically ROMEO 2.
  45. He had on a ragged smoking jacket, a pair of shapeless old Romeo slippers, his ordinary business waistcoat and trousers.
  46. That sub out there, the Romeo class, is the biggest they have and that can, theoretically, only carry 2 conventional missiles.
  47. Not all states have adopted "Romeo and Juliet" laws, and such laws operate differently in many of the states which have adopted them.
  48. Thus ROMEO had a few anxious minutes confirming the whereabouts of those elite units whilst we contained the situation and hunted Strydom.
  49. They arrived at a junk yard where Romeo arrived in a bright red (it was more shocking red) 1960’s style convertible, brand spanking new.
  50. Romeo Khan was a character and a half, he specialized in export and import, this is the story he told to pass as a respectable citizen.
  51. From one of its tubes the Romeo shot another live torpedo, which followed its programmed course, and exploded 20 meters below the hull of the motionless US1.
  52. Another time, during a rain storm, a ROMEO call sign attended to a robbery in progress which is as serious as it gets for there are no such thing as unarmed robbers.
  53. Following the Rhodesian principles a fireforce type of unit consisting of members of the elite paratroopers was created called Romeo Mike for the Afrikaans words Reaksie Mag.
  54. I wish everything which is bad to those gate guards calling themselves policemen when we were not around! We took their names and spread it via ROMEO as cowards for everyone to hear.
  55. A few detectives heard about the fun and joined us in their unmarked cars and we made sure they understood that the chase will be dealt with through ROMEO and they will be on our frequencies.
  56. Taking advantage of the visit of the famous pianist Romeo Lussich, who played a cycle of Mozart sonatas as soon as the city had recovered from mourning the death of General Ignacio María, Dr.
  57. In some places, Romeo and Juliet laws reduce the level of punishment for the offense - imposing only probation or a fine, or eliminating the requirement to register as a sex offender, for example.
  58. A picture of the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet hung there and beside it was a picture of the two murdered princes in the Tower which Aunt Julia had worked in red, blue and brown wools when she was a girl.
  59. To address sexual relations in which all participants are below the age of consent, or which involve an offender close in age to the minor, some states have enacted what have been called Romeo and Juliet laws.
  60. You can do your Romeo stuff with Dad, lose everything you are entitled to, and then see how long Melanie stays with you when you’re delivering pizzas to make ends meet and while she’s applying for food stamps.
  61. I can still see that Dog Unit car spinning off with the crew reporting to ROMEO that unfortunately their windscreen was shot out and they will kick it out before continuing with the chase which they did within seconds.
  62. This had even proved easier for him than for Romeo; Romeo was obliged to scale a wall, Marius had only to use a little force on one of the bars of the decrepit gate which vacillated in its rusty recess, after the fashion of old people's teeth.
  63. Why does he send to one who is a buonaroba, a bay where all men ride, a maid of honour with a scandalous girlhood, a lordling to woo for him? He was himself a lord of language and had made himself a coistrel gentleman and he had written Romeo and Juliet.
  64. Faye, on the other hand, was a sweet, innocent young woman trapped in a marriage with this Romeo but whose mean streak was cleverly concealed by her Southern-belle demeanour; though this conflicted with Elizabeth Bascomb’s vivid depiction of the charming, granddaughter-like figure, Feltus realized that Lady Ashburn was somewhat more clever in her observations and interaction with the suspect.
  65. That is what Romeo and Juliet, Isolde and Tristan, and all of the other thousands of identical myths and legends and true stories of star-crossed lovers, tragedies, sorrow, pain suffering, unhappiness misery, loneliness is all about: for thousands of years has been the main message by the undead is: Life is supposed to be horrible and miserable and filled with suffering: not a happy healthy life filled with love and FUN and joy and kindness.
  66. Here, as part of the group’s activity, Roger indulges his literary curiosity with a visit to Juliet’s house (for Romeo and Juliet supposedly lived in Verona), and Lucille satisfies her musical itch by going to the opera at the city’s majestic “Arena”, a centuries-old Roman amphitheater with a gigantic stage that lends itself to the massive numbers of persons and animals in the production of “Aida”, a frequent summer presentation.
  67. The reader has probably understood that Eponine, having recognized through the gate, the inhabitant of that Rue Plumet whither Magnon had sent her, had begun by keeping the ruffians away from the Rue Plumet, and had then conducted Marius thither, and that, after many days spent in ecstasy before that gate, Marius, drawn on by that force which draws the iron to the magnet and a lover towards the stones of which is built the house of her whom he loves, had finally entered Cosette's garden as Romeo entered the garden of Juliet.

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