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Rommel in a sentence | rommel example sentences

  1. Rommel, but what.
  2. Rommel was first and.
  3. Rommel, who had faced.
  4. Rommel? Fat Dragon asked.
  5. Rommel? the Chinese caller.

  6. Rommel, the Chinese man replied.
  7. Rommel, I hate to be the bearer of.
  8. Rommel, that it seems as though we.
  9. Rommel, the Chinese man continued.
  10. Rommel, the Chinese man said as his.
  11. Rommel, is not who I am, the man said.
  12. Rommel, the counselor said apologetically.
  13. Rommel, the Chinese man noted, pointing to.
  14. Rommel? Her voice was level and professional.
  15. Rommel, the man said in a deep voice that had a.

  16. Rommel had failed to smash the invasion on the beaches.
  17. Rommel, she said, showing the concern an older woman.
  18. Rommel, the Chinese man said in a flat monotone, I.
  19. Rommel, the sly voice with a strong Chinese accent said.
  20. Rommel, this is Officer Yancey Jones with the Atlanta Police.
  21. Rommel, he said, as if he was pleading to a jury to acquit.
  22. After the tone, Alex said, Hey, Lisa, it’s Alex Rommel in.
  23. Rommel, Marie’s voice said over the intercom, you have.
  24. Rommel was aware of the old adage that he who defends all defends none.
  25. One of the South African commanders was even duped "Rommel" because of it.

  26. But operations in Russia made it impossible to supply Rommel with adequate forces.
  27. Rommel disagreed and vehemently argued that Allied air power would disrupt Rundstedt’s plan.
  28. The necessity to send Rommel and the Afrika Corps to Mussolini’s rescue would not have arisen.
  29. Rommel intended to destroy Allied landing craft with underwater obstacles placed just off shore.
  30. In anticipation of an invasion, Rommel was assigned early in 1944 to inspect anti-invasion defences.
  31. Field Marshals von Rundstedt and Rommel repeatedly asked Hitler for more discretion but were refused.
  32. Hitler then appointed Field Marshall Rommel to inspect the defences and to take command of Army Group B.
  33. Having observed this, Rommel and his commanders were openly contemptuous of the Americans’ ability to fight.
  34. It was there at the end of the pier in the golden light of late afternoon that Caligula Rommel caught up with me.
  35. At this time there was the calamity of Rommel capturing Tobruk whilst Churchill was in Washington meeting with Roosevelt.
  36. His earliest thought was to occupy and defend the entire country, and in May 1943, appointed Rommel to command Northern Italy.
  37. This played a large part in the fuel and supply shortages Rommel had to cope with, and virtually brought a halt to his operations.
  38. Rommel appeared pessimistic, while Kesselring, optimistic, promising to hold the Allies in southern Italy for six to nine months’.
  39. Keyes who was later to be posthumously awarded the VC in an operation to take out Rommel was considered by Mayne to be arrogant and incompetent.
  40. It puzzled me hugely for men like Erich von Manstein, Hermann Hoth and Walther Wenck were better panzer commanders than the more famous (to us) Rommel.
  41. This would not be the last time that Hitler was again called upon to rescue his rash partner when Rommel and his Afrika Corps came to his aid in North Africa.
  42. In August, increasing numbers of German divisions entered the mainland of Italy as Rommel moved troops in from the north and Kesselring withdrew the units that had fought in Sicily.
  43. I, he continued with his confession as if it was expected of him, was working with the intelligence to get into the inner circle of Hitler and his men—Goering, Rommel, Himler—so I posed as a defector to the Nazis.
  44. He was always dressed in a fine, freshly pressed, brown hound's-tooth English suit with a dark brown Irish cap pulled over his snow-white curls and shading his General Erwin Rommel or, if you prefer, killer hawk's Conrad-Veidt-about-to-smother-Joan-Crawford-or-Greer-Garson face.

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